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Thread: Who's next?

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i wish...i might buy one though cuz i really want one!

next likes the flute and can play it
yup, that i can do...taught myself.

Next hasn't seen "Charlie and the Choco. Factory" and wants to.
Well....I haven't seen it, but there are many other movies I'd rather see first.

Next owns an MP3 player.
Next likes to take pictures
yup...although i am not very good at the moment.

next has seen War of the Worlds and read the book by H.G. Wells
Yup, I done read the book and done seen both of the movies. I think the second movie is more like the book than the first one was. All three were good, if not excellent; as was the 1938 radio program that scared the jeebies out of some people on the east coast of the U.S. one Halloween. I listen to the rebroadcast every Halloween on Public Radio.

Next isn't ambidextrous.
well.....typing I am....sometimes playing hockey I am...but not writing, or printing....Sad Smilie But my dad was very good at being ambidextrous Big Smile Smilie

next knew that there are cats that have extra fingers and can carry things in their paws.
Nope, I didn't.

The next person has a slight temperature. (Go check if you don't believe me!)
Ooooo! He's right, my temperature was 558’ K.

Next can only wear one left shoe at a time.
How did you know?

Next has a globe in their office
What's an office?

Next really knew there's no such thing as "degrees Kelvin," only Kelvins or degrees Celsius/centigrade. (Sorry, Grondy, I'm just being annoying today.)
I actually knew that.

Next has never used a floppy disk.
I've never used an 8 inch floppy, but lots of 5.25 inchers and a few 3.5 inchers which are misnamed as they don't flop, but they do have doors that flip.

Next is a scientific wisenheimer! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
well....not really....I did get pretty good marks in science...and it still fascinates me to no end...but I'm no weisenheimer...i don't think so...anyways.

Next likes taking a shower compared to taking a bath.
He he, reckon I'm late. I do tend to prefer showers nowadays. I should switch back though; baths use 40% less water, and that's with normal people who can shower in less than forty minutes (I'd never make it in the military.)

And 5.25" disks will so flop; it's just not a good idea. It's really kind of surprising it took so long to bring in that hard case, but I guess in the old days folks who needed them were expected to store them in dust covers and otherwise handle them with care (the exposed part was what always got me in trouble.)

Next enjoys The Final Cut almost as much as I do..
Hmmm...sorry, Morambar, I've never seen it. I just looked it up though, looks interesting.

Next doesn't know what an eight-track is...
Hmmm, I was just thinking of that. If anyone knows where I can get an eight track player that will let me record this Buddy Holly collection I've got I'll be eternally in your debt; I've been looking for at least a decade. FYI, for anyone interested, there's a new version of The Final Cut available with "When the Tigers Broke Free" a song that didn't make it on the first time. As far as I'm concerned, that was the last Pink Floyd album, although my buddy likes to point out that Roger had already fired Rick Wright at that point, so the honor, if it's given on the basis of the entire bands presence, really goes to The Wall, to which The Final Cut is kind of like a sequel. The last song is particularly poetic; "Two Suns in the Sunset" being the most artful description of a nuclear holocaust I've yet encountered. This followed by "And now the weather: tomorrow will be [mushroom] cloudy with scattered [fallout] showers."

Next knows why my new gmail account hasn't given me any invites to send."

Next has just bought their "back to school" supplies.

next has a dog

next has annoying parents!!!!!!
yes, I do, but I no longer live with them....but they still torment me from a distance!

Next likes the movie "Chicago"
I have never actually seen it. Though my old science teacher auditioned for it...or maybe that was oklahoma. Big Laugh Smilie

Next has never used a power tool before.
Not true , but my husband is a handyman so...
Next is a basketplayer
Technically, I am not a basketball player, but if people are playing, then I am game for jumping in. My sister, who is much taller than I, was the basketball player...but I have the reflexes Smile Smilie.

Next hates to fly.
basically not, I like the feeling of being so high above everything and looking out of the window is great, but I've always got this kinda queer feeling... I feel much better when I'm back on the ground again.

Next is a caffeine junkie.
i LOVE caffiene (although i cant spell it) i like to be hyper!

next's favorite WoT book is The Dragon Reborn
NO! i don't even know what that is!!!

Next doesn't like the Harry Potter series (or has never read them, so they have no REAL opinion on it yet.).
That is completely true.

Next didn't ride the bus to school in elementary
true, it was only a three minute walk from home...

next hasn't got an own computer.
Not true
Next cant get the homework done without listening to music
no, it that case music is rather disturbing and distracting sometimes...

next speaks three or more languages.
nope, i can speak two, English and Espanol

next is from the southern United States (like me!)
ah, NO! I'm from CANADA!!!!! WOOT WOOT! go Canada! Smile Smilie

Next likes coke better than pepsi.
I actually prefer Pepsi...but I would rather have something clear, like sprite or sierra mist.

Next lives in an apartment.

next has a mohawk (like me) ((not really))
no way...ha-ha
Next has blue eyes
yup I do, and I have to say they're are the only feature of my body that I like...Smile Smilie

Next has dyed their hair a strange colour (i.e. Purple, Orange, Bright Red, etc.).
Nope, I have never dyed it not even a normal color.

Next is a Cat person rather than a Dog person
that wouldn't be quite good for my dog... Cool Smilie

next likes writing letters.
does e-mail count? cuz if so, then yup i do. if not, then not really.

next likes Coke Zero better than reg. Coke.
never had Coke Zero, but i do like Coke Smile Smilie

next goes to/ went to a college (not university)
Nope... and I bet no one expected it'd be me! Wink Smilie

The next person likes seafood
nope hate it!

next would rather write a letter than email one
Not really. I have to pay 37 cents to mail a letter. and I think I actually have a stack of letters I never mailed. Big Laugh Smilie

Next has never water skied.(sp?)

next doesn't drink milk.
Very true....and Caudimordax, you only have to pay 37cents to mail a letter?!?!? mine's 50cents.....but i like mailing letters to my friends that are away at it's worth it....Smile Smilie

Next likes (or liked) to watch "the Outer Limits".
What's the outer limits...
And yes U.S. postage is currently at 37 cents.

Next likes Macs instead of Windows
uhhh i like them the same....

next has read DL
I have more questions than answers: what's "DL?" Dark Ones Laundry List?

And which Outer Limits are we talking about, the new one or the original (or both?)

Lone answer: The Outer Limits was a TV show contemporary with and similar to the Twilight Zone, which, like the latter, has been revived, or had been a few years back; I haven't seen any in a while. It had a famous opening: "There is nothing wrong with your television, we control the horizontal, we control the vertical, etc." with accompanying video effects.

I'll answer the question before last with "I prefer PCs to Macs, and DOS to Mac-OS or Windows (which until after 98 was really just a platform that continued to operate under DOS on PCs)" since I don't know what DL is.

Next does.
can't say I have and no, I don't know.

next loves the orbit chewing gum
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