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Thread: Who's next?

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No, but I wish I did! I love that smell!

Next bites their nails.
No I have four or five clippers that I try to use before my nails get so long that I start breaking them. That usually happens when they get about 1/8 inch long. I like them between 1/32 and 1/16 inch long, but if I cut them too short I have trouble picking up pieces of paper from the floor.

Next again forgot to do something today that should have been done yesterday.
I haven't forgotten to do them, but right now I should either be painting the kitchen or putting together a new bookcase (both of which i should have done yesterday)

The next person is wondering who I am, and how I managed to get over 4000 posts
Naw, I remember you: you used to be accompanied by a large feline in your roll playing days.

Next has red shoe-strings in at least one pair of their shoes.
Nope, no red shoe strings.

Next has no idea who I am.
I don't remember you as I've only been here for a year but I'm glad to make your aquaintence and glad to see Val back!

Next is annoyed about something (I hope not).
Actually, I am a bit... Just found out that my wife's car needs a new gear box... Not so much annoyed as depressed I guess.

The next person wishes they weighed a little less
Only a bit. I just had a baby four months ago, and I only have 6 pounds to go to get back to where I was, so I am fairly happy. I will be hiking the Grand Canyon from rim to rim in four months, so I have been preparing.

Next gets nervous when he/she sees the police.
No, I have gun-locks on all my firearms; I wear my seat belt; I don't drive under the influence; my fingers aren't sticky; and I keep my nose clean. Wiggle Smilie

Next wishes it was summer, or at least spring.
Give me those warmer days and long summer evenings.

The next person has already had a sore throat this year
Indeed I have, and I past it on to my 4 month old =(...poor little guy.

Next is still paying off Christmas.
Nope. I manage to Scrooge my way out every year.

Next is celebrating Winter-een-mas?

Nope, we were supposed to get snow last night, but I awoke to cold sunshine and dry ground.

Next is going to celebrate Groundhogs' Day on Saturday. That's when the groundhogs crawl out of their winter dens and if the sun is shining enough that they can see their shadows, we will have another six weeks of winter. The most famous of these weather predicting groundhogs is Puxatony Phil, out of Puxatony Pennsylvania. Add six weeks to 02 February and you will get quite close to 21 March the Spring Equinox. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
No, never pay much attention to it. What happens with the weather, happens.

Next has had a long day and is very tired.
Not yet, my day has just started and the rain has cleared, the sun is shining, and my sister and I are going to go for a walk in the nice fresh Arizona air.

Next makes sure to do some sort of physical activity every day, such as walking, hiking, running, etc.
Naw, getting in and out of my wheelchair is about the most physical activity I get.

Next hasn't yet learned to drive a car, or a golfball even. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I've been driving cars for 39 years now but can't drive a golf ball anywhere.

Next is a huge sports fan.
Considering Socker and HAndballl I amSmile Smilie
Next is a new member at PT
With 20004 posts I can hardly be considered a newcomer. I missed seeing when it rolled over to twenty grand.

Next wishes their dishes could wash themselves.
I have the impression that most of our dishes do wash themselves, at least without my doing. I suspects my Redhood though, she gets things done! Bad! Smilie Good and Evil Smilie Angel Smilie Angel Smilie Good and Evil SmilieBad! Smilie

Next is often surprised being told that he/she wishes to do things he/she hadn't a clue of before the teller told.
Don't think so, but I had trouble wading through the question, so I may be wrong. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next hasn't a care in the world, until they quit day-dreaming and come back down to earth.
Afraid not at the moment.... I'm getting behind with my annual research report, but am only able to put in half days at work because I'm having to use my wife's car until I can find a new one. Also, we've had several members of staff leave/retire in the past few months, so I'm struggling to get enough crew to get both our patrol and research boats to sea at the same time.

The next person is wearing something blue
Aye a blue sweatshirt.

Next is lucky enough not to own anything apparel-wise with a Nike Swoosh upon it.
Hmmm...I can't think of anything. I may have a pair of sneakers, but I usually wear Saucony...they have good shoes for trail running.

Next is a member of the SCA.
Nope, I do not recognize the acronym, but I do have oxymoronic memberships in both the NRA and Democratic Party, which means I get unsolicited propaganda from Republican candidates and gun control advocates. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next wears contact lenses.
Nope I do not Smile Smilie
Next is from UK
Nope, U.S. My husband is from the U.K. though.

Next is over 40.

Note to Grondy -- The SCA stands for the Society of Creative Anachronisms. They are usually the people that put on Ren Faires.
Just a bit.

Note to Eruwen: Ah, that explains the necessity of your upcoming shoulder surgery. You were playing the part of a shield maiden and a grumpy old crown wearing wraith-like participant battered you with his weapon, prior to his being warned (not for the last time) that the Nurf’ Mace was the only bashing tool authorized for use in the games, and he must refrain from using his depleted uranium morningstar. Elf Winking Smilie

Next watched the Lunar Eclipse last night.
We had a partial solar eclipse a couple of weeks ago, but our last lunar eclipse was last year sorry!

The next person has found themselves luckier than they expected today
Well, 42 gave me a what I thought was a good discussion topic today, so I consider that was good luck. See Can Read But One LotR Chapter

Next has added their chapter to the above discussion.
No, I do not want to clutter up a perfectly good discussion with my silly musings...that's what the games are for!

Next is a petulant little imp, aren't ya, you cute thing?
Only in my dreams. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next didn't want to go to work/school today.
So was my 6th day this week and i'm working until Wednesday..I haven't had much EASTER Holiday..Chicken Smilie

Next is making a snowman Snowman Smilie
No, hopefully the snow is gone until next November/December. It is sunny outside, though we did have a spot of rain earlier in the day.

Next had nothing to do with Easter eggs this year: neither made, gathered, or ate the. But does wish they had a Cadbury Egg to devour.
I have had an Easter Egg, about 3 days early! Naughty me... Milky Bar Kid One too, it's just chocolate, it doesn't mean anything... *Looks around for more chocolate* Wiggle Smilie But I could so do with a Cadbury Egg at the mo, I bite the top off and lick the insides out... Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Next will tell us how they eat their Cadbury Egg
All is one sinful bite, of course! That way, you have a mouthful of yum for about three minutes while you chew the thing. A bit piggish, but very worth it.

Next is adept at the art of ventriloquism.
Not since my dummy developed a permanent case of laryngitis. Elf Winking Smilie

Next can no longer grab their ankles and walk like a Duck Smilie.
Well, I can reach/grab my ankles - though I can't say I've ever tried walking like that; and I'd rather not try cos I'd probably fall over Wiggle Smilie teehee

Next loves hiking/walking because (or partly because) it makes them feel like they could be on a journey somewhere in Middle Earth
I love it in thought but these days neither my lungs or my knees will cooperate with much walking. >sad<

Next has been very introspective today.
Thinking back on the day, I don't believe I have. Elf Winking Smilie

Next has made special plans for the weekend.
Not that I'm aware of... Maybe I should though!

Next was born on a Tuesday
No, I'm a Friday's child. according to What weekday were you born?

Next didn't know which child they were either, until they used the above link.
Nuh uh. I knew I was a mournful Wednesday's child.

Next forgot to do their laundry today, didn't you?
Nope, I don't need my laundry done today, but I did do my dishes this morning.

Did you haul the trash out the first time your mother asked you to this week, or did you make her ask multiple times?
I had my mom ask me several times, as she complained that it smelled like gasoline that me, my dad, and my brother used to wash off paint on our arms and face. I told her that it did not smell like gasoline, but to my suprise when I went to the trash it had the unmistakable smell of gas. So I reluctently took it to the dumpster.

Next has had trouble sleeping for some unknown reason.
No, I was so tired last night that I dropped off in the first half-hour and didn't wake through the night as often as I normally do. However, the night before I couldn't sleep and after tossing and turning I finally got up two hours early.

Next did something special on Sunday.
Got my SENIOR PICTURES taken!!!!!

Next remembers ME!!!!
Not entirely, but i do remember the picture. As you can tell i am somewhat new.

Next can think of a better question than mine.
Most certainly I do.frosted blue furred werewolf.

Next will not/did not have pizza for dinner today.
I more than likely will...NOT!

Next has recently gotten a new vehicle...
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