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Thread: Who's next?

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Yep, I was the typical American adolescent. I had braces from the time I was 10 to 12 1/2. Of course, my sister has never had braces and the dentist used her teeth to make a mold of the "perfect bite." Hmph! Not fair! But, I can't complain because my teeth are pretty darn straight now. Oh, and I got a letter so I could chew gum in grade school -- it was supposed to help with the soreness Smile Smilie.

The next person loves Pink Floyd!
????????whats that?????????
Next Peson chewed gum today
Nope, curse these braces!

The next person took a walk in thr rain recently.
Yes I did and also had a fun time trying to catch my puppy in the rain. We were on flood watch yesterday and the day before.

Next person has made at least 700 posts/replies on PT
Nope, but I'm well on my way.

The next person has a pet fish.

Robin'wood said (in reply to a comment about the band Pink Floyd):
????????whats that?????????

Ooooo...Robinwood...don't let Val here you say that! Seriously though, you don't know who the band, Pink Floyd, is?! Ugh!

I did... have a fish.

Um.... *runs away and hides in a corner* "Don't hurt me"

But seriously I dont, but then again I dont really have the chance to hear new bands because of homework, My dad/sisters and their Greenday, and the act that I never really have time.(I am a big procrastinator and that is the only reason I am not doing my homework right now. Paranoid Smilie )

Next person is a firend of gollums
Hey hey, I never knew who Pink Floyd were until I joined PT. It's just some weirdo band, Robin. Uncultured and uneducated. Beethoven is MUCH better. *upperclass snort*

No, I don't have a pet fish. But I have millions and millions of birds. Not just those silly budgies. I'm talking about turquesans, quails, zebrafinches, DUCKS and CHICKENS. And we live on a tiny little city section. Well, for New Zealand. Not a postage stamp English lawn. And we have four rabbits. But no fish. We used to!!! But they kept dying, and the cat next door ate some.

Next thinks Beethoven is NOT better than Pink Floyd. *sharpens axe*
Well I think you are lucky because it is me again.... I think I am addicted

I have heard beethovan and not Pink Floyd so i hawve to go with beethovan
um... nevermind I have heard Pink Floyd but didn't know the band name I have decided to say they are both equal and stay on the goodside of Val and Loni
next person is annoyed at me because of my explinations*please dont hurt me*
That'd be me. *Sets down crossbow*

The next person has read The Symphony Of Ages by Elizabeth Haydon.
Nope. Never heard of it either!

Hey hey, I never knew who Pink Floyd were until I joined PT. It's just some weirdo band, Robin. Uncultured and uneducated.

Uncultured and uneducated indeed! *starts sharpening his sword so that Looni won't feel a thing when her head will be cut*

The next person has read and likes Isaac Asimov. (And if you don't, I have got my sharp sword for you!)
I have heard of him, does that count? *hides under chair*

Next is Vee.
No! Its me!

The next person would rather stay up and read a good book than go to sleep.
You got me. Read Smilie
but now I would rather be on PT

Next person is lord aragorn86
No it's Maymarion and I have bow and arrow, as was an archer - pretty good too. Goes with the name don't you think.

The next person believes in Faeries

Of course you will - WON'T YOU. They do put spells on non-believers
Of course I do... (ask other personality don't I???
Yes I do
same here on archery but back to the subject.

Next person collects LOTR's Items (not movies or books)
Not really.... I've a few maps from my Roleplaying days, but none of the movie paraphenalia etc.

Next person can see a telegraph pole or street lamp if they look out of their window
Not really but I can see A stop sign.

Next person has graduated from college.
Yep, I graduated from Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA, and I have one more semester left at my current school before I have my MA in Literature. Hooray! =)

The next person hates school.
No, I don't HATE school. I just dislike some subjects. BUT... I get good marks in my tests, so it's OKAY. And it'll get me qualifications for university. (I'd much rather have lived in JAne Austen's - times. You want education, you get it. No pressure. I'd get lots!! But only the stuff I WANTED, of course.)


Next is someone who has never heard of Jane Austen. (You uneducated thing, you)
Have but cant recall her at the time. We have a test coming up on WW1 and I am not looking forward to it. But am studying really hard.

next person is a female
Yep that's me!

Next is someone who likes to daydream.

Next is a dwarve
No, just a man!

The next person would rather eat ready-made cookies than bake some and eat!
If my mom was here she would be able to tell me how to bake them and then I would. But she's on holiday, and I'm not prepared to use her kitchen while she's away. Besides, I still don't know how to bake cookies. Pity. And shame on me. So yeah, you got me.

Next is at work.
In college. So, you're wrong.

The next person hates washing dishes!
That probably applies to any of us....

I'd say next is Robin.
No. Its Batman!

The next person knows how to swim.
I do.

next got up before 6:00 am their time this morning
Yup! It's an hour later than usual though.

The next person perfers dogs to cats.
No cats are way better but that may have to do with my grandmother having 11 cats.

next persons username starts with a L
Oh yes me is femme

The next has wind chimes at the front and back door for good luck
Nope only at back door

Next Likes Harry potter better than Harry Potty
Down with Harry potter!! you are wrong, wrong. I do NOT like Harry Potter. Hairy Pothead is more like it. I used to like Harry Potter more than any other book ever. But that was YEARS ago. Like... three years ago.

Next is male.
Go Harry Pothead!!!!!!!
sorry got carried away.
Next agrees with Loni and me
Look away!

The next person is knee deep in knowledge
Nope - not now - done all my knowledge stuff.

The next is due a dentist appointment
No. My teeth are in a perfect condition, thank you.

The next person hasn't had a bath for a long time.
Quite true actully.......I take showers....haven't had a bath in over a year.

Next never uses soap.

Well, I should.... but nah, I just use the squirty little liquid stuff when I wash my hands and that's it. SAD. If my Mum makes me I do. (FOUND OUT!!!!)

Next agrees with me on this: if you're going to take the trouble to show operas in English, why don't you actually sing so we can understand the words?
Oh yes indeed!.....Wait......I've never been to one.........nevermind.

Next is not me.

You silly bunny, you haven't seen an opera. They're cool. I saw 'Don Giovanni' when I was a little little bunny. He ws EEEEW. And I fell asleep. And of course that meant I missed the coolest bit when he goes to hell. And I woke up when they were taking their bows and I was like "How did Don Giovanni get his shirt off?" He's the bad dude, by the way. HE's EEEW.

Next thinks Stonehelm should've seen an opera.
Sure (whatever you want Loni I really dont care if he does or not)

Next has visited a beach this year
Ewww... I can't stand the beach, too many people.

The next person believes in the paranormal.
Yup, i think

Next is curious about something
Yeah. I'm curious as to whether my mate will get lots out of the camp I've persuaded her to go to which will leave $3 in her bank account if she saves for a couple of months. She's better. It's the coolest camp ever, and she sure won't come to any camp I suggest again if she spent all that oney on it and it's dumb. But it's only $117, that's good value for a Totara Springs camp.

Next is someone who has never been on a camp in their life. (Not campING, a camp)
Wrong,Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.
planty of camps.
next has had a best friend move away in their life
No, but my best friend has.

Next eats in the shower!!! Long live Cosmo Kramer!
Paranoid Smilie Um, no. How can you eat while taking a shower? And if you're not taking a shower, why go and eat in the shower?


Next has just had breakfast. (and not in the shower, I hope)
No. I skipped breakfast today.

The next person wants to tear his/her hair out!
No, but I'm thinking of cutting it.

The next person has at least heard of Roger Zelazny.
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