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Thread: Who's next?

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Nope. I had to google it Sad Smilie

Next likes C.W Lewis
Definitely Big Smile Smilie

Next has seen/is going to see Avatar

Next Eats Cheese
Yes, I eat cheese...

Next has done archery.
Yeah. I also failed at it.

Next has used a sword.
No, but I own a replica scimitar, I need to find a smith to clean it up a bit as its lost its finish.
Next has read Katherine Kerr's Deverry series
No, sorry, haven't heard of her..

Next likes science fiction better than fantasy..
No way, when Tolkien is there fantasy has its powerful defender.

Next likes samosas.
Yup, I do!

Next knows what samosas are
I know what they are. Did you then Thorin answer my question without knowing what they are?

Anyone know what the Elves have as their staple food??
This is a complete guess, but the only purely Elvish food that I know of is lembas, or waybread. So I'll put that forth as my answer.
As you say they are waybread aren't they? I was thinking more on the lines of bread butter jam.
I think we're stuck here; Undomiel, can you tell us the answer?
I put it forth for I don't know the answer to that. Maybe we need to start a forum on that, Sian.
Well, just to get this thread back on track...

Next likes to lay back and relax on a Sunday afternoon
Who doesn't?

Next has tried to start writing many books, but has never got very far.
Yes, I have good ideas but no talent...

Next loves animals and will tell his/her favorites.
Love animals. As any true Tolkien fan, love horses, dogs. But my favourite is something imaginary, of the world of Paolini, dragons.

Anyone know what am I speaking of??
Yes, although I haven't read the books just seen the first movie. My grandson's parents like dragons too and we bought almost anything we could find for him with a dragon theme Smile Smilie

Next prefers unicorns to dragons...
No. Dragons are way cooler.

Next prefers Dragons to Unicorns.
indeed I do Smile Smilie
Next likes to travel
Yeah, but I don't

Next is watching the Telly
No but Connagh is watching Stuart Little 2, meeeergh, that movie is so cloying It makes me want to vomit.

Next would quite happily live without TV

Next is Bored
Not bored at all, just very tired and I have to go cook dinner. No rest for me!

Next needs a hair cut.
Nope. I shave mine off so I go a long time between hair cuts.

Next knows a New Zealand band
Not at all.

Next would admit that he is of the Folk of the Mole of the Gondolindrim.
No, I'm a Hobbit...never heard o' those folk!

Next has dreamed they were in Middle Earth..
Nope, but I once dreamed I was on Myst Island, was quite disappointed when I woke up..

Next dislikes Van Halen
No idea who Van is.

And Sian, the folk of the Mole were the elves who came under Maeglin, son of Eol. They had a sable armour and a mole on their sheilds.

Next likes to daydream all day long.
Not really, I just spend most of my off hours playing video games or outside

Next has a signed something from a famous actor/singer/athlete/etc...
Not that I know of...If I did it would go on eBay!

Next person often looks up at the stars and wonders which one is Earendil...

Next will be Cheesy
I've never done that, though I have a small telescope and sometimes look at the stars with it and wonder about the sheer vastness of the Universe.
Here's a video that begins to make you understand it's true size. And when he says the 'observable' Universe at the end, think about that word. There's a lot more. Which is basically why I think that there must, simply must, be alien life out there, even if we will never come into contact with it.

Next is amazed and humbled by this too.
So Fornac, you just said 'I've never done that' and started talking about telescopes to answer 'The Next person is Cheesey'. Ok...

Next is as confused as me about this.

I know what you meant Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Not confused, two people answered the same question and 'next will be Cheesy' accidentally got skipped.

Will try again: Next will be Cheesy :orcgrin:
Yes. BTW Sian; :orcgrin: doesn't work. : orcgin: does. Smile Smilie

Next has finished a 3x3 Rubiks Cube or a 4x4 Rubiks Cube I have Big Smile Smilie
No, I tend to spend my time in other ways. If I ended up doing a rubix cube for 'fun', then I'm probably stranded on a deserted island with nothing but one on it. Even then, I would desperately look for something else to do. Big Smile Smilie

Next is anxiously awaiting the return of Grondy...
I am.

Next is happy enough because I am here.
Ha ha ha

Next would have created an object of beauty and worth
Everything from a up class kitchen, gardens, solid wood furnature, to my Children.

Next will be Sian
How did you know? Orc Grinning Smilie (Thanks Cheesy, I'll remember now!)

Next loves chocolate even more than me!
I dunno.

Next is using a computer.
Yeah, no Iphone or any other similar device for me

Next has an Iphone or similar device
Husband gave me an Ipod for Christmas and I have a cell phone....

Next has seen episodes of the original Star Trek.
No. In RS the other day, we were doing play thingys about Moral Issues. Ours was bullying. 2 Chavs beating up 3 kids because 1 was ginger, 1 was a nerd and 1 is shorter than them. I was the nerd, and to take the mick of another kid, we got a textbook about Nazis, and said it was a "Star Trek - Spock the Klingon" comic. Then, when we were being beat up, I said
"No! My Klingon Brethren will save me! The Force is With Me! Always! I have a ligth saber!" Then I swung my hands around pretending to have a sword, he whacked me and I fell over. Later, the nerd who we were annoying came up to me "Spocks a Half Vulcan Human Hybrid you Geek!". Lol.

Next finds it fun to the mick of Trekkies
I'm going to be the brave one here and say that us Yanks don't understand what mick means.. I'm guessing it means to make fun of so will say yes, although a long-time Trek fan (I remember when it premiered on TV) Star Trek parodies can be hilarious.

That's a funny story about your skit at school, too Smile Smilie Your school must be a good one.

Next dislikes cooking dinner..
Yeah. But I know how to bake cakes, swiss roll, pizza and bread. And our school is decent, apart from the teachers and most of the pupils (our form is one of the Reject forms. Sad Smilie)

Next can make atleast 2 types of Cake or Egg Fried Rice
No. Though I can cook my dinner if needed I cannot bake.

Next loves the art of cooking
Not really. I like to cook steaks and stuff, but my wife better be able to cook, or I'm gonna be a dead, bankrupt, and unhappy man....

Next likes eating food cooked by someone else
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