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Thread: Who's next?

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Actually, I have tried meditation.
The thing is, you're supposed to clear your mind in order to meditate... I was never very good at that. I can't just sit there without thinking about something!

Next has seen the movie "Fern Gully, the Last Rainforest."
Nope ,I have notSmile Smilie
Next likes tap-dancing
Tap-dancing may be fun watching stageways!

Next are a virtous tap-dancer!
I'm virtuous, but neither a virtuous tap dancer nor virtual one.

Next can't dance and thinks it's too wet to plow.
i definitely cannot dance, unless dirty dancing counts and i have never even been near a plow in my life so i wouldn't know if it was too wet or not.

Next has painted a 2' x 3' landscape in tempura paint and wants to give me some pointers for mine. =P
No, I have never made a painting as large as that, though I have done some counted cross-stitches almost that large. I'm not qualified to give advice on the artistic endeavours of others. If asked, 'How do you like it?' I'd answer truthfully if I did and lie through my teeth if I didn't.

Next never listens to anything but music on the radio.
Not true .I often listen to the news as well
Next doesn't type very well
Boy do you havae that right!! I tried to take both typing and shorthand in college (many long years ago) but was doing so poorly my grade average was in the basement so i dropped them. I just can't type without looking at the keys! And now I use more than two fingers but am still too slow to do online chat and keep hitting the 'a' key when I don't want to :-)

Next often practises meditation
Nope I never do
Next is living in America
Ayup, that's me. I live on the Left Coast or as we used to say, before Alaska and Hawaii became states, "in the upper left hand corner".

Next has all their teeth.
yup, never even had a cavity. although i do have braces at the moment which totally blows.

Next has used Adobe Illustrator. (i'm doing the tutorials for it right now and i find it quite useful.)
Nope, just the Reader.

Next also had their mail (snail variety) delivered quite late today. Mine was two-three hours late; my regular carrier must be off today.
I don't know when mine was delivered, the box is a mile away and I didn't go for it.

Next has sold things on eBay
yup, just sold a car on there.

Next knows what the perfect proportion for beauty is! (i'm watching a movie an aesthetics)
Silly really, But I think the beauty is inside not outsideSmile Smilie
Next is working this weekend
That depends on the meaning of is.

Next already knows what's on the otherside of the mountain; while the bear actually had to travel there to see what he could see.
Well, depending on what you call a mountain, and which mountain you're talking about, I'll just say that on the other side of the mountains to the west, is Grondy.

Next is looking forward to Spring.
I really do! And believe me, Spring has entered my home.

Next is prepared to endure rain and wind this spring, before the winter has passed.
No, not really. I mean, we are not expected to get any soon.

Next is looking for a job to do over the summer.

no I'm not.I'm a student at the moment Big Smile Smilie next is bored
I'm seldom bored, I have all sorts of things I could be doing instead of posting here, but I like reading what you young people have to say.

Next doesn't like to get up in the morning.
Nope, don't like to get up unless something really cool is going to happen that day.

Next loves to write.
I do, but nothing comes to mind at the moment, alot of writer's block, it'll come to me hopefully.........

Next has had toast today???

(Taken me a while to think of that question, who'd have thought having writer's block on a question for this, typical.............)

Next is wondering, like myself, why the roleplaying guild has been completely dead for over a week!?
I think everone have been very busy these days ..that's all .THEY'LL BE BACK Smile Smilie
What did you have for lunch today ?
Actually, I haven't had lunch yet, being as it isn't actually lunchtime here yet, although there is always room for food...I've only drank my breakfast this morning...oops, only coffee, hehe!Good Morning Smilie

Next is quite proficient at ice skating(wish I was-I have two left feet)

((Hi Arwy!!!!!))
yup been skating since i was 6 (hullo L! I'm heading down ur way in about 2 weeks =) )

Next is having a anniversary soon.
Not an anniversary in the normal sense.

Next can't dance the Limbo: like under the low held horizontal pole while swaying to the music.
Ah, maybe fifteen years ago, but old age and an achy back have made it darn near impossible. But god bless you all that can do it!

(Arwy, pack a bathing suit-it's been very warm! Yay Spring!!!)

Next has been told that they resemble someone else!
I have been told that I look like Brad Pitt........ wait I told myself that.........(but everyone knows it's true Orc Smiling Smilie )...... but everytime there is a little boy with blonde hair around or on TV or something, people always say, "awwwww it's you" but although I am blonde and not as blonde as I was once, I'm not so little anymore Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

If you felt a little bit crazy one night, would you ever drive your car around and throw water balloons or snowballs at helpless people, for a laugh??? (I havn't but it would be fun methinks Orc Smiling Smilie )
man, why didn't we think of water balloons?! cory and i went out a couple of days ago and were shooting paintballs at cars, at least until that one guy started chasing us... so yup i guess i would, Loss =P

Next has been to mexico!
No I haven't ..but that seems like such a fun Country to visit
Next owns a pet
Many pets. Sometimes I think it's too many as they're a chore and an expense to care for but I love them all. I have three rabbits, six finches and a dog and help care for my daughter's four parakeets, her dog and her horse. My father in law's dog lives with us too.

Next also has a pet
Umm...not technically. My fiance's family (who I'm living with for the next few weeks) have some cats, and they love me, and they're super cute!

Next has long fingers (in their opinion), good for playing piano
Yeah, right! Short stubbies here! I play guitar, mostly acoustic, but even that is a chore to be able to extend my fingers to some of the chords...and forget power chords...

Next wants nothing more than to take a vacation.
Oh, that would be just lovely. Sadly, I don't even get a spring break at my university!

Next has had a bruise turn... teal... before. is a rock-music fan
Not really Smile Smilie I like all sort of music
Next is having PIZZA today
hehehe, yup, every day fer lunch, tis wonderful stuff.

Next is having tater tots!
I am not!!! How dare you?! Geez, Arwen, the nerve of some people... Big Laugh Smilie

Next guzzles maple syrup straight from the bottle!(Super Troopers style)
No, but I use real Vermont Maple Syrup on my pancakes and waffles.

Next likes to relax soaking in the tub rather a quick run through the shower.
I like to relax in the tub Duck Smilie
What is your typical breakfast ? (sorry I forgot the NEXT .... )
cereal with milk and a glass of orange juice

it is sunny where next is
Yes it is Smile Smilie A typical spring day Smile Smilie
Next likes to watch theatre
I haven't watched live theatre (thespians) since my Uni days, that doesn't mean I don't like it, it just means I never redeveloped the habit. I have had subscriptions the the local Symphony though.

Next would rather watch a DVD or video tape at home rather than see a movie in a theatre, but wishes there were still drive-in movies where, on Wednesday nights, you could take a whole car load of people to view the offerings for only one dollar.
Yes, I do. I wish that there were still games of kick-the-can being played in the dirt field next door. I wish that milkmen still delivered milk to your front door. I wish that no one had ever heard of terrorism or nuclear arms or cell phones and that if you had a t.v. in your house, you were rich. But time marches on...

Next is under the age of fourty and has no idea what I'm talking about.
Yes, I'm under the age of forty.
And, yes. I have no idea what you're talking about.... should I...?

Next plays a musical instrument.
I don't anymore but I used to play the trumpet (did for 9 years)I wish I could play the giutar thoughSmile Smilie
Next has had they usual spring -clean outside or inside their house/room
Not yet but I've finally washed the dishes this Spring; the sink got full and the silverware drawer got empty. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next would rather watch a Major League Baseball Spring Training game today than a one of the Great Eight NCAA Basketball games which are also being playing today, or even the Final Four Basketball Champianship being played next week.
Baseball, the greatest of games. All praise those boys of summer! I'd take baseball over basketball any old day. Basketball is just too...basketish for my tastes.

Next appreciates foreign, subtitled films from all over the world.
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