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Thread: Who's next?

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hmm....can't say its one of my favorites...nothing wrong with it, just not something I'd listen to voluntarily.

Next is felling flustered.
I'm sure you mean frustrated ..and NO I'm not Smile Smiliefeeling pretty good actually Happy Elf Smilie
Next really get "into " the book while reading it !!!
Flustered = to be confused, nervous, and excited.

When I find any book that I can't put down, I am really into it. LotR fit in that catagory the first few times I read it: it was a real barn burner (page turner). Every few books I find one that I can't put down, suddenly the sun has come up, and I may as well finish it before I get up to make my breakfast.

Next never listens to talk radio.
I do when I'm looking for traffic reports, but not usually other than that. I think I should though.

Next has never worn a suit.
Not trueSmile Smilie
Next likes to make others laugh
I try.

Next has a toothache
No thank God :happyelf :
Next has got a parking ticket

Next has just woken up
Oh no! First day back at work after three weeks vacation! It's been a busy day!

Next; started herhis holidays today!
Nope, i only have a month left before i start school again tho, *sigh*. But this is my last year of high school, tg!!!!!

Next has a sunburn.
Nope just a nice tan
Next likes to travel by train
Nah, I prefer planes. Or cars.

Next hears traffic noises.
not at the moment...maybe sometime today, but not right now! Happy Elf Smilie

Next has a nice tall glass of cold water to keep them company today
Green tea~lemonade from Starbucks originally, but the ice-melting action has transformed it like a bad superhero in to thy beloved H2O.

The next's hands are cramping from spending too much time typing at a computer.
Very Sad Smilie
yes you got it,i've been typing for hours!next will go on vacation in 2 days
Nope, but hopefully within the next couple of months.

Next loves caramel coated ice-cream.
yup, acutally i just love ice cream and candy :P

Next had pizza for lunch.
nah...i had curry...>.<

next has an exam mee Sad Smilie
NOPE! School hasn't started yet for meh...yay for now....

Next likes to mosh... rock concerts on my mind...wonder why?
No...I don't....I"m scared of people!

Next is being annoyed by a barrage of flies!
Nope, I just took my yearly shower Orc Smiling Smilie

The next likes plaid.
I have a couple tartan ties and a winter neck-scarf.

Next doesn't drink orange juice or milk dirctly from the refrigerated container.
oh lie! lol....I do it ALL the time...not orange juice though, but definately with milk!

Next is watching baseball or watched baseball today
Nope, don't like baseball Very Big Grin Smilie

Next is wondering where to eat dinner tomorrow
Let's see, tomorrow is Saturday, which normally means I'll be eating at home. Trying to save money so don't eat out much.

Next is wondering why Lemaly changed her avatar? And who it is?
well....I know exactly why I changed my avatar! lol. and who it is....would you like to know?!?! it's from the comic book ElfQuest by Wendy and Richard Pini (aka WaRP). her name is Brill, and she's an aquatic elf. I picked up my first copy of the comic about a month ago, and fell in love with the art. the storylines are great, and it completely satisfies my fetish for elves....I have a lot of fetishes! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie I've always been a fan of those with beautifully pointed ears, perfect facial attributes, and everything else that comes with being elfish. Oh, currently Brill is my favorite female character...also, I highly suggest picking up a copy of the comic if you like elves, it's so beautiful! Definately check out the site in the link above! WOOT ELVES!!!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

next likes elves! Happy Elf Smilie
I give the eldar due homage, though I must concede I have never knowingly met one of the elder folk. However since there are about as many facets to 'love' as there are stars in the sky in some way I'm sure I love elves. I admire the loyal and steadfast friendship exhibited by Beleg Strongbow. Admiration can be interpreted as a degree of love, so it might be said I love Beleg. Yet, there are elves for whom I can find no place in my heart for love of any shape to take any form; one example might be E’l’ Though, as a whole, I must say I love elves! Happy Elf Smilie

The next believes that Prince Kheldar is amazing and dually understands of whom I am typing.
No, I don't know Silk, for I haven't read David Eddings's books.

Next didn't get enough sleep last night.
True true Sir Grondy Smile Smilie It was to hot and my back is killing me these days..
Next is definatly buying an ice-cream today
I've already bought and eaten icecream yesterday! It was a chocolate-plus-Kit Kat icecream, yummy!

Next prefers coffee over tea
no tea all the way, PG Tips, gooooorrrrgeous!!!

Next has listened to the Gladiator music tracks???
Only while watching the movie, but I loved the music if that's any consolation.

Next likes Tim Burton films.
I love the music off Gladiator, such a sad film.....

i do like Tim Burton films, i wonder if his next film won't be about darkness and death???

Next is planning on posting a post on Psychological Wording???
I just did Orc Grinning Smilie

TB... I caught Sleepy Hollow last night on the tele; Mr. Tim owns when it comes to films dark and interesting. I heard that he's working on a film/musical called Sweeney Todd... but who knows!

The next has seen 'The Ewok adventure'.
Nope I have not Smile Smilie
Next went to the movies last nigth
No, I watched a few mysteries on TV.

(Mellon: The Ewok Adventure is a good movie for young children, its about a boy and his younger sister who get separated from their parents on the moon Endor and how they are befriended by the Ewoks on their journey back to safety. In case you don't remember, the Ewoks are the small Fuzzy-wuzzys from The Empire Strikes Back.}

Next had a very good weekend and were raring to go when they awoke this morning.
i was totally ready to go, right up until mum informed me i had a dentist appt day started to go downhill from there however.

Next really hates it when the dentist stabs your mouth over and over again.
A short rant to confirmation. Last year was hell as far as my mouth was concerned. I was taking the best care of my mouth that I'd ever had; I even gave up carbonated beverages! When I went to the dentist for my checkup, he had the pleasure of informing me that I needed 6 inlays Very Sad Smilie I switched dentists not too long after they were all completed, (my ex-dentist and his fellows quit w/o notices and in unison.) At my first appointment with my 'new'-dentist I was asked questions concerning all the 'holes' in my mouth. Later, while I was happily (and I mean it!) getting a cavity filled w/o Novocain (it didn't hurt!), I heard my dentist commenting on what a horrid job the previous had done; how he had over drilled, cut, scarred, and what not. "Raise your hand when you feel any pain"; I recall having my hand up during entire trips to the ex-dentist and having a nurse attempt to 'comfort' me by 'holding my hand' and consequently holding my arm down... I was poked enough to satisfy even the dentist from 'The Little Shop of Horrors'.

Grondy I'm very glad to see you know of the adventure! It was a happy movie of my childhood, which I am scarce out of Orc Smiling Smilie

The next has owned (at some point) a Pez dispenser.
yeah i have

next isnt happy for some reason
because I'm really tired and would like to be back in bed

Next is on a slow computer

PS- ok, who forgot to close their 'bold' tags?!?! computer is working just fineHappy Elf Smilie
Next is in love I Love You Smilie
totally, my man's awesome, even tho he doesn't think so.

next hates spongebob squarepants marathons with a passion.
No I just switch channels; go play a game on my PC and listen to the radio; or play a game or enter music on my Commodore 128 while listening to music via the Light Classical Music channel, when I can't find anything to watch via my 500 cable channels, which is the usual case: 500 channels and still nothing worth watching!

Yes, that was me who didn't get the bold turned off; however, it wasn't forgetfulness. I must have double clicked the above B-icon, because the required [ /b] was present there at the end, followed by an errant [ b]. Still, I did forget to check my post afterwards, or my mistake wouldn't have been there for all and sundry to see. Orc Grinning Smilie

Next never eats hot cereal for breakfast.
True! How do you eat hot cereal? I eat cold cereal with milk, and hot porridge. Maybe I should try eating hot cereal...

Next reads books by Stephen King
Nah, haven't yet. But who knows?

Next has boring paperwork to do.
Next is always having fun when they're on PT
yup, and sometimes even when i'm only on IM cuz usually i'm talking to ppl from PT. =P

next loves going on picnics. ( just got back from one, it was fun!)
Indeed I do... so long as the ants aren't present Orc Smiling Smilie

Just started the dark tower series by King... weird stuff my friends. I'm glad you enjoyed it AE!

The next eats doesn't eat the core of the apple.
okay if you mean i eat the apples core, then no, i always believed that an apple tree would grow inside you Orc Smiling Smilie the pips are deathtraps Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next can turn their head to the left and see something blue, if so, what is it???
A book of Johann Sebastian Bach's Organ Music published by Dover Press, with which I have been using to enter the notes of his Six Trio Sonatas into my SIDPlayer editor in Commodore 128 Mode via Vice on my PC. I've been transcribing the scores for a brass sextet and will then play it back via Commodore 64 mode in stereo three horns to the side.

Next has had neither a Barbie doll nor a GI Joe action figure.
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