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Thread: Who's next?

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yes Dead Smilie .. unfortunately my company doesnt believe in the maxim .. all work and no play makes jack a dull boy !! sigh

Next is going to stop wondering which company i work for as soon as they read this .. hehe
To true, not enough hints. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next never has to worry about defragging their hard drives. I have to do it on my built-in DELL 20 Gb drive, but not my Iomega 200 Gb USB drive. It takes many hours, for there is some program that accesses the drive every five minutes and it takes four minutes to subsequently check the files for errors before resuming the defragging. My cable modem has no switch so I must leave Explorer and my AVG firewall activated; everything else except the defragger are shut down according to the cont-alt-delete window. If I shut off Explorer in that window, the computer shuts down too.
Nope. I never worry about that.

Next prefers tea to coffee
Oh yes, very much.

Next went to Midnight Mass for Christmas. My family did, and have been for several years; it's so beautiful. I was fortunate, and got the honor of being one of the servers.
My family did, and have been for several years; it's so beautiful. I was fortunate, and got the honor of being one of the servers.

I'm happy for you Smile Smilie
I have never attended one
Next has been eating a lot today
That is quite the problem, eating a lot to often.

Next is visiting family!
Not today
Next likes to build/make snowmen
Yes,but very small ones, using snow we scraped from the fridge! Snowman Smilie Angel Smilie Snowman Smilie

Next can drive 10 miles to play in the snow, but do not need it in herhis driveway?
i wish .. ill most likely have to fly a couple of thousand miles to play in the snow !!

Next is thinking what to wear for this years new year party !!
no i'm reading an article on man

Next is looking forward eagerly for new year's party.
This new year party will be a quiet one, with family, we might launch some fireworks though!

Btw: I'll look close to Man U's matches as always.

Next wishes to prohibit private fireworks ?
The safe and sane fireworks are all right; however around here the Native Americans are allowed to sell the good stuff to anyone who comes on the reservations and then instead of setting them off there, they sneak home with them and set them off where it is illegal, like outside my window at 1 o'clock in the morning. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next would rather drink coffee, tea, or soda pop rather than hard liquor, wine, or beer.
Depending on the situations. Sometimes coffee or tea are preferably. Never drunk driving.

Next is waiting for relatives coming home for New Year's Eve!
Nope. i spent new year with my brother drinking beer and watching The Bourne Supremacy on the PC.

Next is saving money to buy something he/she really likes
Not reallySmile Smilie
Next has tried to play Guitar Hero (Playstation)
Um, no.

Next doesn't know what they want to do this year.
I do not plan the year ahead. I've planned some trips abroad though. Some days with my Mellon and her eldest daugher.

Next has booked for summer holidays in the Southern part of Norway!

Some days with my Mellon and her eldest daugher.

I know that Mellon's daughter belongs to PT, but you're her husband?

Next didn't stay up until midnight New Year's Eve.
We had a nice early breakfast with a daughter of mine and her family. No lingering in bed that day!

BTW! Mell is my daughter! Her son, my grandson Ereinion is a PT-member.

Next should find reason and opportunity to visit Norway!
I would love to, not just Norway, but other European countries as well. My mom has been to Norway before though, went when she was 18 I think.

Next has never been to Minnesota.
Sadly not! Was a sailor a couple of years so I have ported Galveston,Texas and up to Trois Rivieres in Canada. Minnesota is on my dream-list. Some of my family emigrated to US and I reckon their off-spring still lives there.

Next feels that year 2007 has started well!
Not quite sure, nothing has really happened yet.

Next thinks that 2006 was a great year.

Oh Yeah.
i got my Sc results which were pretty good, came out first in my college for the SC. The whole year i was first in my class. WE played lot of football matches at school and lost but few. HAd nice time at school with friend and buggered all the teachers we worked with. Was pretty cool!!! Dunce Smilie Dunce Smilie Very Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Elk Grinning Smilie Elk Grinning Smilie

Next is getting married this year
i should hope not!!!!! i'm rather a bit young for that, even though mum was my age when she tied the knot....

Next is drawing!
Not so much drawing as drodling. I like to let my pen, pencil or whatever is at hand fly around and figurs on a paper while I'm partipating in a meeting, 'phone-conference and so on. Sometimes I come up with things I like and do more speculative results of them.

Mellon's mom was between 16 and 17 when she was caught in my net!

Next is joining a birthday-party this weekend!
I'm not attending a party this weekend, but I am giving one next weekend for my eldest son. He will be turning 16.

Next is wondering what is for supper, and hoping they don't have to cook it!
Attending a friends party it will be a late supper. We don't know the menu, but it use to be marvellous. So I am not going to make it myself today!

Next is sleeping to twelve o'clock Sunday "morning"!
i've been sleeping till 1 pm every day this holiday. (school starts monday euh)

next gained weight this holiday
like me Very Sad Smilie
yeah most probably as i am now amost everyday going to sleep as 4-5 am, enjoying the last of my hols. I start back on the 11th. Dunce Smilie

Next Still goes to school/college
Nope, I'm homeschooled and in the tenth grade. I start back tomorrow, on the 8th, hurrah.

Next is looking forward to starting school again.
Well, I didn't have any holiday, though during those days when there were no classes I suppose I should've studied. :P

[B]Next person prefers Merry over Pippin.[/B]
Yes, definitely. There's just something stirring about the idea of a hobbit being a key figure in the death of the Witch King. Also, Merry has a head on his shoulders, not a melon or a rock.

Next is the only person who was hoping that Sauron would win.

CMs, quick, ban whoever says yes! Elk Grinning Smilie
Of course notSmile Smilie
Next doesn't like watch TV
You know I woudn't surive without....Smile Smilie

Next one is watching TV!
lol. duh. my tv is like almost always on. same as the computer.

next person just cut their hair
About two weeks ago, yeah.

Next is a crazy lunatic who likes Sarumon better than Gandalf.
Of course I am at least a bit crazy! But not in your class, mate, I do prefer Gandalf.

Next reads mostly Fantasy literature!
Hmmmmmmm i read pracyically anything i can read so the answer is no.

Next has two sons, two daughters and got married at 18 Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
NoSmile Smilie I got married nearly 16 year ago (I'm still 37) I have 3 daughters and 1 son Smile Smilie
Next has been skiing today
no ive been at skewl Sad Smilie actually i should be doing my hw right now but i couldn't help but go on

next is like me and couldn't help go on planet tolkien even when they were suppose to do summtn else
Not quite, I'd rather be playing 'NWN: Shadows of the Undrentide'; however, first I've got to finsh working the forum and the Bowl game starts in 15 minutes. I can usually get through the forum in an hour, but I often feel the need to add my tuppence-worth which takes me a couple hours more.
Orc Grinning Smilie

Next won't watch any TV today.
I watched some tv today.

But not in your class, mate, I do prefer Gandalf.

I never in any form or content implied or said that I like Sarumon better than Gandalf. I'd take Gandalf over Sarumon any day, hence my stating 'crazy lunatic'. Shaking Head Smilie Elk Grinning Smilie

Next is of the opinion that Sauron is more powerful than Gandalf. Now, just to clarify, I am NOT of that opinion.

Next wakes up everyday after 10a.m.
No way! I would hate to do that. I get up at 6:30 a.m., or earlier, every day. Not because I have to or anything, just because I feel like I'm wasting time if I sleep past 7:00 a.m.

Next has gone to sleep at 4:30 a.m. and woken up at 6:30 a.m. without necessity, and was fine that entire day without going to bed until past 11:00 p.m.
How close can you be!!! All is right except that i woke at 7.15.

Next girlfriend/boyfriend is annoying
Yeah, we have a dance this weekend and he still hasn't figured out what we're gonna go, gah!!!!!

Next is drinking water.
Not drinking anything at the moment.

Next is of the very good opinion that smoking is bad.
I found fewer and fewer good-tasting smokes when I quit. But I doubled my weight though!

Next has started a weight-reducing program this year!
Not me! I'm trying to take some weight (will you beleive it!). Althought i'm not as thin as a wraith (being 188cm) i've got to take weight for gym purposes.

Next is a book worm
Indeed I'm Read Smilie I read every day and it is my number one thing to do during the week Smile Smilie Can't survive without itSmile Smilie
Next loves a windy daySmile Smilie
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