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Thread: Who's next?

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Sure do Smile Smilie Sorry your country didnt win last nigth Big Laugh Smilie
Next likes horror movies ( I dont )
I might watch a classic horror movie once in a while, but I won't watch the modern slasher movies, as I don't feel they have any social redeeming value. I include the 'Screams', 'Nightmares', and 'Friday the Thirteenths' on my list I won't watch as well as Hitchcock's 'Psycho'.

Next would rather watch anime in lieu of a horror movie.
yup. i don't watch horror movies that much.

is eagerly waiting for a movie to come out
well....i was really waiting for DaVinci Code...which I've seen and love! But I'm more looking forward to the next seasons of Lost and Grey's Anatomy...Summer programming sucks here! absolutely NOTHING on! lol

Next had a bad day
like me...Very Sad Smilie
Sorry you had a bad day, Lem-O !

Mine was not too bad so my reply has to be "no"

Next person (now that I have mentioned it) will fancy a nice warm cuppa - something! Wiggle Smilie
seeing it's i'd rather have something ICE COLD. like an Ice Cap from Tim Hortons. (YUM) Big Smile Smilie

the next person had a good stress free sleep

Well, its like 5:37 am in the morning and I'm not an early bird... so I should say that I have had no trouble not falling to sleep.

The next person has never had a moth drown itself in the ice cream soda he/she had just bought.
Yeah, it wasn't a moth it was a fly... euuuk!

Next has had a really weird nightmare within the past week?
ya...but I have a good reason for it. Someone broke into a nearby home, so now I'm paranoid about burglars...and having strange nightmares....Shocked Elf Smilie

Next is...Grondy
nope..its me Big Smile Smilie

Next person is completely obsessed with legolas
Next likes celtic musicSmile Smilie
some i do like, the ole scottish stuff can be pretty good

Next is Mellon??? again

next person is in the middle of a good book
OooOO - That I am, Tubby!

'Eric' (Pratchett). One of his shorter works, but a nice easy read & quite entertaining!

Next will be (going out on a limb here...)

Elessar Loss’helin ..?
aye, it is Loss, you are good at this Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next is Lass again (im going out on a limb now)
Ahh.. I couldn't resist!! hee hee

Next is... NOT Loss!?!

I'll go one better, next is... definately Male
Last time I looked... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next likes doughnuts, but shouldn't eat them.
hence the name "tubby". lol. no im kidding. i love dougnuts, and i can eat them. (meaning i don't have to particularly watch what i eat Big Smile Smilie.)
next... uh....

wears glasses and or contacts
'fraid not, Tubby - perfect eyesight :o)

Next person is under the age of 21...
...not even seventeen yet... but i will be in two months.Birthday Smile Smilie

is a major hockey fan
Not a major hockey fan...i guess a fan...i know what's going on when they're chasing down the puck! lol...and come on...I am Canadian! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next has blonde hair.
I am blonde but when I put gel in my hair it magically turns brown, so most people know me with brown hair. I don't really know which I prefer.

Next is in a weird mood like me.
Next lives in a town's called the town of Markham.


LOVES chocolate In Love Smilie
NO...not makes me sick

Next has seen the show 'king of queens'
No neverSmile Smilie
Next lives in a flat
Why yes I do: my husband and I stay in a one-bedroom flat on the third floor, it's a bit small, but it has a nice view of the Hottentots Holland mountains and it's home! Happy Elf Smilie

Next likes driving through the countryside.
Oh yes, there is such lovely things to seeSmile Smilie
Next is the owner of a sword
No, not a sword, but ten of them. Happy Elf Smilie

Next doesn't have to polish their shoes, because none they own require polishing.
Well...I wear days a year...even in the chilly canadian But, I don't polish shoes...I'm sure some of the boots I have (for when I'm forced to wear them) could use a polishing sometime...o well! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next has seen Mission Impossible 3
no iv not

next likes watching films
I love watching films! Especially at the cinemas; I used to go almost every week back when I was in college, but gone are those days...

Next has a very untidy workspace/desk.
hahahaha...let's not answer that. Wink Smilie


is an active reader
Some days...I write a lot more than I read though.

Next has sandals on
Nope, soft chuka boots: I have to protect my feet from dings as I can't feel when they get wounded and because they often swell, they heal slowly.

Next never wears sox with their sandals.
nope...looks cheesy and is reallly uncomfortable.

Next likes wearing (very) high heels.
oh not me
Next have had a good conversation with someone Smile Smilie
Yes and I just love a good, long, in-depth conversation - though I haven't had any of those as recently as I would like. It's amazing how we busy our lives with a multitude of unimportant things and then miss out on so many potentially profound experiences (including good conversations).

Next has some kind of pet (cat, dog, whatever) that always brightens their day.
Nope, I don't Tin’viel Very Sad Smilie

But I have many other things in my life, including my son, that do make me happy Smile Smilie

Next person have some great plans for this weekend... & will share Wiggle Smilie
i am planning to go to the Millenium Stadium (in Cardiff, in Wales) on Sunday for a day trip, so im looking forward to that.

Next has had a trapped nerve in their back, ive got a trapped nerve there now and it hurts Sad Smilie
I don't think back is constantly in pain, but that's because I have bad posture and I sleep on a futon couch....i need to invest in a new bed!

Next will be celebrating their nations birthday sometime within the next week.

Happy Canada Day on Saturday!!!!
Nope Smile Smiliein Noway we celebrate our national day May 17thSmile Smilie
Next has recently been on a boat trip
Nah, but who knows? Maybe we'll go to the Rhine sometime during our stay here in Germany.

Next has just been out for a meal.
no actually i havn't. i like staying home and taking long naps. food doesn't appeal to me anymore unless it's layed out in from of me.


is obsessed with something and drives other people nuts
haha....totally! lol I'm so obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons right now, I talk about it all the time and it drives everyone around me crazy. I do have quite a few friends that know exactly what I'm talking about, but the majority laugh and call me a nerd! Elf Confused Smilie

Next has recently fallen asleep in a public place
nope, schools been out for a while so all the public places ive been im having a good time there

next just got out of school
HaSmile Smilie about 18 years ago Smile Smilie
Next is thirstySmile Smilie
I am actually, although i have drank alot today (no im not a alcoholic mind) alot of water to take my medication, so im kinda flying high at the minute wooooooooo, anyone heard of Tramadol???


Next has heard of Tramadol
Sorry, Elessar, never hear of it. But I hope it makes you feel better soon!

Next loves to go swimming on a hot day!

next has a pool
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