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Thread: Who's next?

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nope, for the first time I can remember although it is supposed to snow tomorrow...I hate winter....

Next would want to go to Antartica.
Never!!! I like the ambient temperature to be between 30’ and 85’F (-1’ and 29’C)

Next has always lived in the same house, village, town, or city.
nope....used to live in Toronto now i live in Markham, but i moveed wen i was like 3 so it feels like forever.

next has an obesession that drives everone crazy Wink Smilie

next has been in a band
As a roadie, when sitting on a bus for hours was fun..

Next is doing some serious haircutting in near future!
Nope, but I got my ears lowered last week. One of my three or four trips per year to the barbershop. Got my beard trimmed then too. Made me look ten years younger, but it felt like the temperature outside Snowman Smilie dropped ten degrees. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next has lost some weight in anticipation of gaining it back again come Yuletide.
yup, i'm now down to 110 pounds, around 51 Kg i conversion skills are horrid. I figure i usually gain abotu 10 pounds but if i work out after gorging i should be able to keep most of it off. =D

Next loves peppermint ice cream and thinks it should be available year-round rather than just the holdiays when its usually too cold to want to eat it.
uh...not peppermint in particular. but i LOVE icecream. I Love You Smilie i eat it even in winter. i enjoy it in winter as well.

next is going to buy ice age 2 on dvd
I'm not, but I'm sure one of my siblings will.

Next has at least 8 inches of snow on the ground.
It snowed all day yesterday Jumping Flame Smilie
I live in Norway and this time of the year it should have been lot of snow but instead it's like a beautiful autumn day with leaves all aroundHappy Elf Smilie
Next is playing poker tonightSmile Smilie
Nope, don't even know how... Wink Smilie

Is imaptient for the weather to let loose whatever it's glowering over thier heads and get it over with!
actually, ya, I's gloomy, and half raining...but not really raining...stupid rain/not rain.

Next likes video games.
Yes, and every other game; poker included. Don't always know how the rules go, but always intending to win though!

I have told the Lord; as no children have to play in front of my garage; snow can be enjoyed two miles from my home. Fewer people will get hurt that way! I'm sure He'll take Action!!! Angel Smilie

Next is asking, begging, ya praying for a snowfree winter. Snowman Smilie Elk Grinning Smilie Snowman Smilie
Nope I do not Happy Elf Smilie
Next is an Adventurer
Not really, but almost. The Pineapple Express has been dumping rain on us for the second time this month; last week we had major flooding of our rivers here in Washington State. I'm not bothered with that, for I'm on high ground away from any creek or river. I would rather this rain be snow in the Cascades and Olympic Mountains so it would add to the snow-pack there for next Summer's water and electricity, as well as the migration of our endangered Salmon. We had 2 inches of rain here between 4 AM and 5 PM Friday and Mount Rainier National Park is closed for the first time since 1980 because they just had 18 inches of rain in 36 hours which swamped roads and bridges and cut power and sewer lines. Much more better if that was coming down as snow up there. This year we can blame it on El Nino and its daddy, Global Warming.

Next will/has watched TV for more than two hours tonight.
Yes after reading for a while I find it also relaxing with the tellyHappy Elf Smilie
Next likes to travel
yess i do...but can't Sad Smilie

next wants to watch Eragon in theatre

atleast read the book, it's SOOOOO good Deal Smilie
OMG!!! YES!! I just read Eragon and Eldest and I LOVE THEM!!!! Christopher Paolini is a great author, and I'm so happy they're making it into a game and movie...congrats, the kid is a genius! (I don't know if I can say that, i think he's a year older than me [I'm 21]). Elf With a Big Grin Smilie YAY DAGRONS!

Next got to vote in the last week or so.
Not me, too young (16), and there is no one worth voting for. Shaking Head Smilie A shame, isn't it?

Next has read the Prydain Chronicles, by Lloyd Alexander.

I just read Eragon and Eldest

Very Sad Smilie I'm trying to convince my mom to let me read 'em. Deal Smilie
nope, 'fraid not.

Next wants pumpkin pie!
Yeah! Pumpkin pie!
hey everyone Smile Smilie
I missed you all so much!

Next is arwy trying to hug me to death
'Fraid not, I'm not hugging anyone at the moment. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next has never even heard of Lloyd Alexander's Prydain Chronicles. I have the five volume set, my favorite charachter is Fflewddur Fflam who fancied himself a bard and who had trouble keeping himself in harp-strings, for one was sure to break anytime he embelished his first person stories with a falsehood.
True Sir Grondy Smile Smilie I have not heard of them
Next likes to exchange books with friends/family
Oh yes, always! I'm actually building a small library of my own, just for that purpose!

Next knows they should be incredibly tired, but it hasn't hit quite yet...
Not, me. I'm actually tired right now, but I can't understand why. Sleeping Smilie

Next is in tenth grade.

I'm actually building a small library of my own,

Same here. Read Smilie Snowman Smilie

I have the five volume set,

Do you know there is a sixth book, called the Foundling? It's kinda like a prelude, tells the stories of Flewdurr, and of Dalbain, among others. The Prydain Chronicles would make awesome movies if done right and faithfully.
Nope Smile Smilie But my oldest child does
Next have hurt themselves while attending school or at work
yup, broke my wrist at school in 4th grade...wasn't fun *tackles tiger and isn't gonna let her go til she calls her*

Next loves working out!
no,no I really dont like working out.It makes me tired Boring SmilieNext has sent more than 200 posts.(thats my 200 post)
Congrats on your 200 Ninerl Pary Smilie Yes I have done a few more Smile Smilie
Next likes the JAMES BOND movies
Congrats on your 200 Ninerl Pary Smilie Yes I have done a few more Smile Smilie
Me too. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I used to like the James 007 Bond movies, until they came out with the first Casino Royale, which was a 1967 star-filled spoof where the title and a few character names were the only things similar to Ian Fleming's book. I think the last of the movies I've seen was the one with the lady cello player. I'll probably watch this new one, if I hear reviews that it conforms more to Fleming's plot.

Next has read all of Patrick O'Brian's 'Aubrey/Maturin' sea series. I haven't read any as of yet, but own all the 'Horatio Hornblower' books and have read them at least twice.

I have never even heared of the series. Sorry. I'm sort of enveloped in my own- The Dark Tower: Stephen King.

The next person wonders what a sunset would look like on the moon.
Not reallySmile Smilie
Next likes a good conversation
If there are three other people to carry the load and I can just listen and interject a pertinent comment now and then.

Next has really been looking forward to this weekend.

Hi Crystle, welcome back!)
yes I really had a great day
Yes so far; however, it depends whether Wasington State Uni can beat the Uni of Washington this afternoon. The game won't start for another hour as it is now just past 2:30 PM locally.

Next enjoys school/work/whatever this year.
I enjoyed the 30+ hours of classroom for Driver's Ed. I'm not being sarcastic either.

Next hates potatoes.
But I do enjoy in many variations. First of all I like french fried, potato chips and in my country we make Aqua Vita; a schnapps we enjoy at several occasions. Alcoholic Smilie I mean to say that to me potatoes are more than just mashed food. Snowman Smilie

Next enjoys nostalgic programs on TV.
Well, I always enjoy watching Mrs.In Love SmiliePeal. - The Advengers

Next didn't have to watch their team lose today like I did. Orc Sad Smilie
No, I didn't, cause I didn't watch TV at all.

Next has a nosebleed.
No fortunately I dont!next is singing now
Nope, Alas i'm in the library right now so i can't Sad Smilie

Next Is eating Ice-cream!
Not at 3 o'clock in the afternoon: 'Twould spoil my dinner; though I do have a new container of vanilla in my freezer.

Next will watch 'Heroes' tonight to learn if they saved the cheerleader.

Speaking of television, I tried again to watch 'Prime Suspect 7: The Final Act' starring Helen Mirren, last night on Masterpiece Theatre and couldn't take any more after she had the argument with her sister and niece. She turned even me away; though come to think of it, I gave up watching her shows after the first couple of them. I decided there was enough bad stuff in the world that I need not subject it upon myself via a TV program. How-some-ever: I would like to know if it was Penny who killed her friend; she was my prime suspect after the first hour of the program.
OMG! I totally just got finished watching it! LOVED IT! Heroes rules! Promise, won't ruin any plot lines!

Next owns a cat.
YesSmile Smilie A black one named BATMANCat Smilie
Next has began buying X-mas gifts
Never! Not until after our Thanksgiving Day holiday this Thurday when we in the US of America pig out on turkey, stuffing, candied sweet potatoes (or yams), smashed potatoes, pumkin pie, etc. After that I'll consider thinking about presents; however, I did order my Christmas cards in July. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next also celebrates a day of thanksgiving in their country.
Yes, my country does as well, but then again, my country's the same as yours. Smile Smilie

Same question as Grondy.

Chicken Smilie Happy Thanksgiving!!! Chicken Smilie

yes my county does...but we do it in october. It's not this month.

next has seen "the order of phenix trailor" and can't wait till it comes out
NO, however I never want to see that movie. I feel that after OOTP JK Rowwling ruined the Harry potter series. the whole phrosphy thing

Next Loves the show LOST
I haven't seen much of it because I usually work those evenings (when it's on )
Next is soon going over seas to another country Smile Smilie
O man...I wish...I never get to go anywhere. We're really sucks!

Next wears glasses.
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