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Thread: Who's next?

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That's debatable. Everyone's like "Loni, you have green eyes" "Loni, you have blue eyes" and I got annoyed, and looked in the mirror. Well, no wonder they said that. I have a little green ring, and then a little blue ring. HOT!!! (note I did NOT say "That's hot" which is what that silly WOB Paris Hilton says, and I just found out she says that, cause I was in a cabin at Camp with a couple of FASHION SLAVES. And one of them was the niece of PJ, and she's ridden Shadowfax and all.)

Next wants to ride Shadowfax.
No. I would rather ride a Ferrari!

The next person is stressed.
OH YEAH!!!!!!!!
I am really stressed right now because I went to a program too high up for me because I dont want to put effort into it and so i am not having the best of grades.

Next is out of school and doesnt have to worry about homework from school anymore.
Nope. I'm beginning to get worried about the exams, actually. Super Scared Smilie

Next has recently been on holiday to a warm country/region.
Then I suppose I am on permanent vacation, because I live in a warm and sunny climate. Lucky me!

Next has been known to enjoy a nice Spanish olive every now and then...
No, unless south american olives count! After all... i used to live there so i must of eaten one at least once...

Next doesn't live in southern England
you got that right.

Next has/had something to go to tonight.
Uh.... No. Not really, no. Uh-uh. (Can you tell when loni's thinking of something to say?)
But!!! On Saturday I'm seeing a stage show of the Hobbi!!! And I hope they spent all their money on the acting, cause OMIGOSH the costumes are horrendous. Bilbo's is cool. But GANDALF? THE GOBLINS???? THE TROLLS???? The goblins are knobbly spheres with legs. And the trolls are normal size dudes with weird masks on. BUT ANYWAY!!!

Next gets real confused about Greenwich mean time. (I don't, NEw Zealand is exactly righ tacross the world from England. THat means 12 hours difference. Chance the pm to am and there you go.)
I don't get confused about Coordinated Universal Time (UTC = GMT) except when one throws in daylight savings time, which spanners the works. And Loni could also become confused when NZ again shifts to daylight savings time on 02 October. To keep from being confused, I use The World Clock - Time Zones.

Next will be someone who no longer wears Argyle sox.
errrrrm, I don't think soooo???

(since Loni's post the Hobbit stage show has been canceled, not enough sales by all accounts, so i dear say poor old Loni's gonna miss out Sad Smilie )

next has just got home from work/school and is enjoying some feet up time.
No, I am actually in class now.

Next is... Robbin/wood.
Nope nope, bet nobody expecting me popping in Smile Smilie

Um... I guess Vee
Me not Robbin or Vee - Waving Hello Smilie Andrea - although I don't know you - hope to speak to you again

The next will sing in the bath/shower
Yes, I do.

The next person has never successfully committed suicide.
Never actully attempted.....

But next is Vee

I don't think so. Paranoid Smilie

Next is Vee.
Nooooo it's meeeeee

The next will be 40+ (in age)

ps Good luck to all of you who will be taking your exams - I know how stressed you can be both my daughters have been throught thier exams in the last few years, I had 4 years of an exam stressed house - both got their 'A' levels - Just remember to B R E A T H and don't panic and remember STRESSED is DESSERTS spelt backwards and desserts are nice Waving Hello Smilie
That's me, so we have a winner in Maydmarion. Happy Elf Smilie

(Why do I want the type "MadMarion"? Does it have anything to do with the name of the hero type in the movie about the little guy who wanted to become a wizard, and had to protect a baby from the wicked witch of the upstairs-downstairs, on his way to becoming one?)

Next will remember the name of the movie I was trying to obfuscate. Elk Grinning Smilie
*Wheeeew, question passes right over Rue's oblivious head*

Next person has the answer to Grondy's question.
Sounds a bit like "Willow" can't remember the name of the main charactor, who was a dwarf, I know he had a series in the early 90's called "wizard". But Val Kilmer was in willow as the unlikely antihero who helped save the day.

Next remembers their first passionate kiss
No, I can't actually. Is it really that long ago?

(Why do I want the type "MadMarion"? Does it have anything to do with the name of the hero type in the movie about the little guy who wanted to become a wizard

I think you'll find that character was called Mad Martigan, Grondy.... And what a great film.

The next person always remembers Michael Jackson as being white.
No. I quite remember him in the old days when he was with Jackson 5.

The next person had dreamt of being an executioner.
Uh, no... not really, no... but I DID have this weird dream about a guillotine. You see, me an dmy mate Nicole were in Science. And we were supposed to do a Science experiment. We had a mini-guillotine that shot bullets. (Don't ask me how guillotines shoot bullets, this one DID) And I had a great big crash mat. And I was to hold up the crash mat, and stand behind it. Nicole was to shoot the bullets into the mat, and we were to measure how far they went into the mat. And I was real scared because I was so sure they would go right through. And I was sidling around, trying to get into a safe position and then I woke up.

Next thinks of a big slicy chop-peoples-heads-of guillotine when someone says 'guillotine' not a puny little paper cutter. Like me. (The recollecting a big guillotine, not being a paper cutter).
Naw, I think of the big knife stuck to a block to cut paper like you, must be a Kiwi thing

Next is Grondy
No, wrong person!

The next has a fascination with lush greenery.

Next might be Grondy?
Still wrong.

The next person has a fixation with long hair.
Not really. I prefer long hair, but nothing so bad as a fixation.

The next person should be revising for exams rather than being here
Wheee - nope, been there, done it, got the t-shirt etc... etc...

The next has never, ever thrown up
Naw, been there and done that. Chocolate chip cookies chased by beer was the messiest though the dry heaves caused by mixing beer and whiskey on an empty stomach was probably the worst. Nothing that tired toast and lenon-lime soda couldn't help cure, or even Gimli's Famous Morning After Remedy’.

Next definitely will not be Grondy. Elk Grinning Smilie
NOPE!!! It's GRONDY!!! Hang on, I STILL haven't found a way to log in under someone else's username without their password. Hm.... does this mean that you all KNOW I'm Loni? AAAAARGH!!!!! CAUGHT RED-HANDED!!!! But my hands aren't red. THey're covered in blue and black pen.

Next thinks Loni shouldn't be writing all over her hands in blue and black pen.
And here I thought Loni was the smartest kid on her block; one who had no need of crib notes to pass tests. Oh the humanity! Another hero with feats of clay (pun intended).

Next don't know nuthing.
HEY!!! I am SOOO the smartest kid on my block. Cause HOW many kids live on my block? Alright, HOW many kids live on my block that... ANYWAY!!!! They were NOT crib notes. They were scarwls of my friend saying that 'Birdie is SILLY, doo dee doo dee doo.' They call me birdie. ANYWAY!!! And that's over top my reminders to myself to bring the score for my Group Performance to school and photocopy it for Rebecca.

Next believes me.
I'll just be Switzerland, thanks. Animated Wink Smilie

Next has no idea what I mean.
I'm guessing that you are referring to remaining neutral Tommie. But then again if you are indeed going to Switzerland, then good for you! I'll hide in your suitcase if you don't mind.

Next is someone who loves to swim.
Only in summer.

The next person doesn't care whether there be life on Mars or not.
I'd rather like them to find some, personally. Only by finding some will they really be sure of the answer whether or not it exists.

The next person has watched the LotR films more times than they have read the books, but will probably deny it
Yeah, I've watched the movies more times than I've read the book. I can spare 9 hours anyday but not few weeks! And what's there in it to deny?

The next person does not own a yatch.
I have a yatch only in my dreams...

the next person have to speak three languages
Well, English, English with a Scottich accent, English with an Irish accent - will that do.

The next won't mind MM not speaking another language
no i dont.

Next has exams coming up.
Nope, but I have a paper due on Mesmerism and Charles Brockden Brown.

The next person drinks at least 8 glasses of water a day.
That's not me, so we don't have another winner. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next's shoes have no laces that require tying.
Not at the moment, but when I put them on, yes.

Next should've been in bed long ago (Yes, me). Sleeping Smilie
Sorri Nope

Next, at the moment, is extremely happy
No. I'm extremely depressed at the moment and will be till 12th.

The next person would like to have a go at skydiving.
Ehhhhhmmm. No.

Next likes Garfield.
Yes - he's great. Did you see the movie, it's really funny.

The next is sitting with a nice glass of wine
No, didn't see the movie yet. I hope it's not going to disappoint me when I do see it, these movies tend to do so.

As to your question: No, I don't drink wine. Don't drink any alcohol, as a matter of fact.

Next is a vegetarian.
I'm sorry I'm not in fact I just had a fight with a vegetarian. She won't eat meat animals because she doesn't want to kill, but if that is the reason don't you also half kill plants! Just because they're numb and dumb! She rather not eat anything at all. (No offense to other vegetarians, that girl just grab my innocent meat and threw it away! And we don't even know each other!)

The next one is a Computer Enthusiast.
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