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Thread: Who's next?

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No, I am not.
(And try to use proper grammar on here, because I couldn't read that very well Orc Smiling Smilie )

Next is in a yellow bedroom.
No, it is ubiquitous beige.

Next hasn't worn a hat in a month of Sundays.
Nope I have not worn a hat in my entire existence.

Hey, who is the new comer Odette?
Hey, who is the new comer Odette?

You might ask her to tell us something about herself in Hello. Elf Winking Smilie
hello i am a rohirrim from edoras as you know and i would like to say sorry to Eruheran and anyone who has had trouble reading my post.and i dont get what Grondys Next question was,but here is mine.

Next who is going scuba diving this weekend
No, I used to enjoy swimming in the creek a mile from our farm, but I never wore an underwater breathing apparatus to do it. Haven't been able to swim for years.

Next eats cold cereal for breakfast.
Sometimes Smile Smilie

Next has been having very strange dreams.

Hello Odette! Welcome!
Not yet. Maybe later on. :P

Next loves tomato soup!
Yes, especially Tomato Bisque.

Next watched TV last night.
I watched football yesterday till 2 in the night.

thanks sianSmile Smilie

Next is who loves to wear unpaired socks
Not a house elf am I.

Next would tell me what does the word house elf bring to their mind.
Dobby, Harry Potter's late friend. I cried when J K Rowling killed him off.

Next watched the USA come from behind with a fluke shot to tie England in the World Cup of Futbol today.
i did.the shot broke my see Green scramble like that.

Next is dying for the release of the Eclipse movie(though i am more excited about harry potter 7)
Is Eclipse the third movie in the Twilight series? I read the first two books, but could never force myself to read the third.

Next, like Odette and me is on pins and needles waiting for Harry Potter 7; though to do the book justice they will have to make it into two movies.
In reply to Odette's, I am waiting for Eclipse rather than for HP 7 Grondy. I guess the interest has died out for me. I would rather wait for Hobbit than these two.

Wouldn't you agree?
In reply to Estel the harry potter books are way more interesting than the movies anytime.but i like the twilight books and movies too.partly because of robert pattinsonWink Smiliei think any movie is great compared to living through boring lectures in college.

i think we all agree to thisSmile Smilie

Unless, of course, one was watching Birdemic: Shock and Terror, apparently the worst movie ever made in the whole of human history.

Next has seen this movie.
did you make that movie up,fornad?i have never heard of it.sounds like lucky me.

Next who has read or seen The Motorcycle diaries(it is a modern gem)?
Not read it yet but impressed by a few passages. Might do so when I get the chance to.

Next would have celebrated their one hundred and eleventh birthday (You are eleventy-one). :P
Not yet but when arthritis acts up I sure feel like it!

Next is cheering for England to win the world cup.
i kind of was supporting england in the start but messi and company swept me off my feet(er..loyalty).though i feel terrible about Gerrard.

Next is supporting Argentina
Not anymore.

Next is supporting the Netherlands.

Does anyone know if Paul the German octopus chose between Spain and the Netherlands?
Actually, no. I have no preference whatsoever in futbol/soccer. For a while I claimed I was supporting New Zealand after they tied Italy. But since then I don't really care anymore. Supporting the upcoming HP and Hobbit movies!

Next has been rereading The Hobbit in the past month.
@Grondy:Paul says its going to be Spain.I hope Cheesy doesn't see this.

Not The Hobbit but i am re-reading the Silmarillion.

Next wants to take Iker Casillas' autographSmile Smilie
No thank you; however:

Next may take my place in line for the above autograph. Happy Elf Smilie
Ummm, who's Iker Casillas?.......

Next will be Sian (tho prolly not as she's not been around much lately)
Sorry Rho.

You don't know St Iker? He is the spanish goalkeeper.In blue.never lets a goal through.

Next is Rho posting that he has googled Casillas
I don't know who that is either...

Next will be Rho explaining how he wasn't googling anything, in any way shape or form.
What???, I wasn't Googling anything in any way, shape or form!! Wink Smilie
Next will be Gandalf
Is a tongue twister doing the rounds in this thread? Smile Smilie

sorry again gandalf.
Next is going for a Go-as-you-like party tonight(my imagination is at an all time low)Sad Smilie
Don't think so.

Next had a good night's sleep last night and got up ready for bear.
Actually no, my cellphone's battery was low and it started beeping at me at 4 in the morning. Then at 6 the kitten decided it was time for me to feed him, and pounced on my face. Cat Smiling Smilie

Next is wearing a cowboy hat. Wink Smilie
No, I have a good one made from beaver fur felt, but it is in storage as my daughter didn't think I needed to wear it here.

Next can't wait for school to start again. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Teacher Smilie
Well its the reverse for me.College disrupts my sleep patternsSmile Smilie
But when i was in school i couldn't wait for the holidays to end.

Next can spend a 100 phone messages in an evening
While not 100, I can spend 2 hours on the phone with my best friend.

Next is interested in learning a new language.
I am enrolling to learn Spanish within this year.

Next is listening to an Enrique song
No, I'm listening to Jesse Cook's "That's Right" from his album Vertigo.

Next is eating/has eaten/will have eaten ice cream today.
Nope, but now that you say that I really want some...

Next has backed over their own garbage receptacle with their car.
Yup been there, done that. Orc Grinning Smilie

Next has never gone into a room; and having arrived there, wondered why they were there. And until they left that room they couldn't remember what were they after in the first place.

This is called a senior moment and can happen to young people too, if they think of something more important as they enter the room.

Oh yes several times, I've also driven myself insane looking for my pen when it's been behind my ear the whole time, rushed up excitedly to tell someone something then completely forgotten what it was and to this day I still cannot remember my cell ph don't ask!

Next will be Cheesy...
Nope, it's just me!! About those senior moments, those happen way to often for me. Then I have to go back to what I was doing/saying, so that I can remember what I was going to do/say. It's really annoying sometimes.

Next will be Cheesy... (Original, huh?)
Well its not Cheesy yet again.

Next is preparing for an exam scheduled on monday

Next may be preparing for an exam scheduled on Monday.
Yes I am.

Next is sitting at a window romancing the rains
No, more like wishing the sky would clear up and the heat would come back. Historically, this week and last are the hottest two weeks of the year. So far it has only got to 80’F (27’C) twice. Should be in the 90's.

Next likes hot weather.
Ha ha good one Grondy.Come and stay in India for a day you will be weeping for the sun to blot out.So,DEFINITELY NOT.

Next likes neither rain nor sun
You are correct Odette. Thumbs Up Smilie With a light cloud cover, our winter nights stay cool, but not cold; and our summer days stay warm, but not hot.

Next could eat ice cream three times a day.
Probably more. Big Smile Smilie As to the previous two posts. Heat is bearable. Rain and stuffs is pretty much awesome.

Next likes cold weather.
Me me me!!!!Smile Smilie

Next is wearing off his/her fingers and minds working through an abnormally tough project paper
Happily not.

Next has never watched an unlimited hydroplane race.
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