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Thread: Who's next?

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Cheesey has a new game going, Grondy is back.. place is pleasantly busy Smile Smilie

The next person will tell me where on earth they most want to visit.
Scotland, Ireland or New Zealand.

Next has been to any of the places where LOTR was filmed.
Not specifically but I have been to the general areas, like Hobbiton for instance which was filmed in Matamata, I lived there for a while, was too expensive to go to there, specially considering all the sets were gone.

Next (like me) will love to live in Ireland for a while.
Very much.

Next drinks pop (or soda, or soft drinks or whatever you call it) for breakfast.

Next drinks apple juice at breakfast.
No. It's either tea, orange, blackcurrant or red fruits juice!

Next likes 3 doors down
I've never listened to them. Are they any good?

Next listens to the Beatles quite a lot. (like me Tongue Smilie )
No, but I'm always glad to hear them if they're on the radio or something. They're favorites from long ago, now.

Next loves a good thunderstorm like we're having here right now.

Next is too much of a chicken to answer my question on 'The Person Below'.
Not chicken, just practical; thus my answer there.

Next shampooed their hair this morning.
nope, last night

next will be Sian
Right again. Are you psychic about other things as well? Smile Smilie

Next has had dreams that have come true.
Hope not, though there was this blonde...

Next is Fornac?

Next is me!

Next has once broken something important/expensive by mistake, hidden the remains, and told no one about it.
Yeah I once lost a two way radio (supplied by my employer) and didn't know it was missing till I got home, I retraced my steps and there it was lying on the bottom of a drain covered in about 2 feet of water. After a few days in the hot water cupboard it was evident it was never going to run again so I bought a whole new one(cost me about $200) and replaced the new attachments with the old to make it look worn.

Next has watched Avatar more than 5 times (Just starting my 5th viewing now)
No, just once.

Next has recently watched the The Color of Magic?
Not yet but now that you mention it I may Big Smile Smilie

Have you read the War of the Jewels? Is it worth buying??
I have neither read nor can give you a review. But, I'll ask the same question as I wasn't very helpful Happy Elf Smilie.

Next knows if 'War of the Jewels' is worth buying? Or worth borrowing from a friend?
I don't know, but the following link to Amazon provides customer reviews of The War of the Jewels, which is Vol. 11 of The History of Middle Earth.

Next like me, has never bothered reading more than a few volumes of The History of Middle Earth.
I haven't read them all, but eventually I would like to. Take them one by one Happy Elf Smilie.

Next is Grondy? And at his usual 11pm (GMT+1) time to post? That's usually when I see him post, in English time Happy Elf Smilie.
Ayeyup! That's me.

Next is going to the movies or will watch a DVD tonight.
I knew it Elf With a Big Grin Smilie.

I am actually going to see Robin Hood later on, and try and see another, if I can decide Big Laugh Smilie.

Next is listening to the radio, and if you are, what is on?
No, TV is keeping me company while I sew.

Next is feeling very sleepy right now.
No, locally it is only three o'clock in the afternoon and I'm wide awake.

Next had a sandwich and/or soup for lunch.
I had a cheese sandwhich for lunch.

Below had a ham pizza for breakfast.
Nope, a bowl of delicious, home-cooked........ cereal. (cold)

Next has spent too much time recently doing a hobby
Unless you consider studying for finals a hobby.... No.

Next plays frisbee. A lot.

Next plays the Digdereedoo.
Yes, I have one, but have yet to master circular breathing.

Next is hoping the rain will stop for a while. Sunshine is fine.
Its dead sunny here Ha Ha Ha Smilie

And you are a legend for owning a digdereedoo. Big Smile Smilie

Next is in the middle of a blizzard
Nope, no snow, and I haven't been to Dairy Queen for quite a while.

Next can arch their eyebrows, but can't wiggle their ears. Wiggle Smilie
Yeah, sort of. I can barely wiggle my ears.

Next wishes they had a Blizzard right now
mmmm, sure! A Wendy's frosty would be better but a Blizzard would be good too!

Next likes strawberry shortcake.

Next wouldn't turn down a nice slice of lasagna either.

Next aint Garfield.
Nope, but I am starting to look like him.

Next is snuggling their kitty cat.
Nope, but I was playing with my dog earlier. My cat usually sleeps on my bed, though.

Next is the youngest member of the site (I have no idea who that would be)
I think I am probably the youngest active, and possibly youngest. And my cat was sleeping on my bed last night.

Next has a fish called Ackbar.
No, no fish here called anything. Maybe there are some in the freezer...

next is wearing a garment that is striped.
Yeah. Socks, but all of my t-shirts have stripes on them.

Next has a polkadotted tie.
No, but I used to wear some wide ones that were quite psychedelic. A few of us then at the office back then would try to out-do each other in the wildness of out ties. The only polka dotted ties I ever remember, were bow ties and I only wore a plain black one with a tux when my ex-sister-in-law got married. Orc Grinning Smilie

Next never eats hot cereal for breakfast.
Oh, Oh, that would be me!!! I still have nightmares of sitting at the kitchen table staring at my hot cereal going cold. My mother was determined that I would eat it and I was determined that I would not! Fortunately for me, I had to go to school eventually. Wink Smilie

Next watched the 2010 season finale of Grey's Anatomy.

Next has seen the 2010 Series finale of 'Ashes to Ashes'
It was amazing.
No, I don't watch much TV anymore. Once in a while I have watched the NCIS TV series.

Next watched or will watch a sports game on TV this weekend.
No, its not football (American) season. All the other sports bore me too easily.

Next will watch the Soccer (football) World Cup in South Africa
I will be watching it. (I just had to do a poster for england as my english homework aswell)

Next supports a team that isn't England for the 2010 World Cup
No, I support only England.

Next thinks the tie at which the World Cup matches will be played is ridiculous
I think ties in any sport are ridiculous, but so are shootouts at the end of the regulation futbol/soccer time period, which have sometimes been used to resolve a tie.

Next Is going to bed early tonight to make-up the loss of sleep last night.
I've been having a lot of nights with less than enough sleep but I don't know if I'll get to bed early tonight or not. I don't plan things like that Smile Smilie

Next is enjoying the greenness of the summer season..
dat has to b me...i love the lushness of summer b4 da rains

next is watchin the entire Roland Garros final and supporting nadal
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