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Thread: Who's next?

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yeah i find it refreshing even if it's cold

Next like spring better than all the other seasons
Spring is the better season, may it last for 9 months a year!

Next are enjoying Handball championships!
Ahh, no. That is to say I didn't know there was such a thing. Orc Grinning Smilie

Next Is preparing for a long winter.
The winter may come later these years, but with lots of snow. Last year the heavy snowfall came late January, some more in February and the last in March. There was about 150 cm deep snow on my lawn at most. Snowman Smilie Elf Smilie Snowman Smilie

Next is enjoying much of the wintertime indoors!

nope. sorry but its summer time here. its so hot that i always feel sleepy in class whilethe teachers speak and it is difficult to concentrate. We're being roasted alive here friend.

Next wants to tour the seven wonders of the modern world (whatever they are)
Um, yeah, why not..... not sure what they are though either?? I teehee

By the way, it's really hot here too, even though it rained last night and is still kinda cloudy.

Next can't open their eyes under water unless wearing goggles - like me.
Absolutly right

strange. it was raining hard here too yeaterday. Shocked Smilie

Next is a great fan of Bon Jovi (like me)
Never heard of him.

Next is a technically-minded person with a lot of energy, but has nothing to spend it on. Like myself!
Not really; I've too many thumbs on each hand! I'm a Bon Jovi -fan though!

Next has been visiting (like I did yesterday) a silver mine!
Nope, I owned stock in one once upon a time, but as it was water-filled I never visited it.

Next will go to the movies this weekend.

Yeah Smile Smilie I thought of seeing Eragon though I 've seen it downloadedSmile Smilie
Next knows the lyrics of their favourite song
I don't even know what my favorite song is, I like quite a few. But yes, Iknow the lyrics of some songs.

Next will be going to a Prolife rally in the near future.
Not if there are any chance to avoid it!

Next is making snow-people tomorrow! Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie
So you're prochoice then?

Next has nothing to do today.
If doing nothing means watching TV or reading; I'm doing nothing today, and intend to continue with such business the rest of the evening.

Teacher: "What are you doing, Tom?"
Tom: " I'm doing nothing, sir."
Teacher: "Well, what are you doing, Harry?"
Harry: "I'm helping Tom, sir" Very Big Grin Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie

Next is watching Handball matches today!

Sure am Smile Smilie I have already seen my oldest daughter play today (they won )
Next likes to play in the snow
I most certainly do not like to play in the snow! I would like snow to appear in quite another place, and I'm told it will not happen before pigs do fly and the un-named place freezes.

Next does not envy children snow-play! Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle SmilieSnowman Smilie Snowman Smilie
perfectly right!!! They can even drown themselves in ot for all i care.

Next has played Fifa 2007
No, is that a modern spin-off of Final Fantasy 7?

Next has played the above game.
yes, too many times!, tho i enjoyd every time, and gained more from it each time i played it!

next has an AMAZINGLY short attention span, but enjoys such a qaulity in themselves, like myself
nope, if interested i can lose myself in it...

Next has listened to yellow by coldplay
yup, one of my favorite songs!

Next has heard of the Gypsy Kings or heard some of their stuff ( my favorite song is Volare!)

Next has listened to and likes Heaven from Brian Adams.
Sure I've heard it ..Bryan Adam has a beautiful voice (and face and body..shall I continue? )
Next had chicken for dinner (not you Rafael....I know you do not eat any kind of birds ...funnylaughSmile Smilie
Nope, Sweedish meatballs.

Next slept in this morning for their alarm didn't go off.
Hm...well...ehm. I wish I had that excuse, but unfortunately, I don't...and I still slept in. It was nice, though, and the professor didn't even ask for an explanation, so...ehe

Next person is putting off something they really shouldn't, but, well my excuse is that it's just so darn cold outside...
yep but because of rain.

Next never bothers about doing exercises for good health
Being a person not with an overweight, but a considerable underheight, I better start training right away.

Next has always a bad conscience due to lack of exercises!
Nah, Rafael I do not bother reallySmile Smilie
Next likes to visit historic places
Yes I really do. Spending four hours in the White Tower of London, were next to nothing to me.Strolling around in Knossos was amazing. Walking through Colosseum and the Palatine in Rome was all to short. But as some former actor , now a politican said: "I'll be back!"

Next regrets that some places urgent to our culture no longer are available to common people due to fanatics.
Yes, that assigning of "Off Limits" to Peter Jackson's birthplace just because of Virumor's exuberant fandom seems a pity to me. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next wishes Monday was already here.
oh no. this is more my mindset...

next wishes it were friday again...
Nah ,It's great to relax on the weekend but again I'm glad that's Monday tomorow
Next has a busy week ahead
That is right! At work, as in family-life might give some positive stress this week.

Next is looking forward to visiting Eastern Europe this spring!
Sadly, no...My prospects are a long tedious job to earn money so I can attend University next fall....I just hope it doesn't turn out to be fast food again...I think I'd go crazy. Wary Smilie

Next is Gud daedheloth! (he's the only one I can see online right now...) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Nope Smile Smilie It's just me
Next likes to play Scrabble
naw i reli lyke reversi

next lykes reversi also
Nope, I've never played Reversi and dislike scrabble, probably because my ex always whumped my butt when she conned me into playing it.

Do you ever play Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders (Shutes and Ladders) or Parcheesi?
( I believe you put the wrong question Sir ..this is Who's next....)but I forgive youBig Laugh Smilie

I often play these games with my children ..They are so much fun and it is nice to sit around the table and talk while doing soSmile Smilie
Next is visiting family/friends today ?
I don't plan to, although I know that two sisters are visiting their mom today!

Next is feeling sorry for Grondy being teased by a friend today!
Naw, Grondy feels sorry for everyone that we can't view the recent posts in these threads in the same window while we compose answers. After I write an answer, I often forget which thread I am replying in and then guess at the wrong one. I either have to guess, to have two windows or tabs open in the same thread, or post my answer and then edit the new question. I have often back paged before adding the question and lost my answer. Hopefully when we get the new Forum program we won't have this back-arrow problem.

Now then, it I remember correctly this is the Whose Next thread. So.....

Next has the memory of that critter with the long nose called the’oh yes’the Oliphaunt.
I often forget which thread I am replying in and then guess at the wrong one.

I often do that too Grondy Smile Smilie But to answer your Who's next ...I'm must say sisters remember almost everything though ..(they are twins ..and maybe they help each other..)
Next is working this weekend
Fortunately I wont be working at all! Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Next loves reading
Hitting bull's eye, Nin. I'm reading a lot and I spread my interest all over. I do have a small library, but I also collect some humour magazines. (Mad and Cracked from '70 - 75)

Next is reading every night in bed!
"Who ME?' Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Yes I read nightly in bed, though I haven't read 'Spy vs Spy' nor seen Alfred E. Neuman for many a year.

Next doesn't have a bet on the Superbowl tomorrow, or even give a damn about the game between the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts. Orc Grinning Smilie
Nope. I'm just watching the first bit to see if my uncle's commercial makes it on! watch for the doritos commercial with the rock climber!

Next utterly loaths colds (i have one, and because of it I haven't been out or accomplished anything all day!)
Sure ..I don't like being illSmile Smilie
Next likes to look at old pictures
Yeah, sometimes.

Next has more than seven siblings. 8
Nah..i have 3 older sisters Smile Smilie
Next is having SPRINGROLLS with salad and rice for dinner
Oh, that sounds lovely. Unfortunately, no...I missed dinner entirely- the cafeteria closed on me. I had cereal... Orc Smiling Smilie

Next is a hopeless packrat...
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