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Thread: Who's next?

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I don't go to school but I'm not to fond of working during the weekends while my family are enjoying their spare time .Today I*m on a double shift (15 hours)
Next hopes their soccer team will win tonight
No, but my Seattle Seahawks American football team just fumbled with two minutes to go in a tied game and rather than kicking the winning field goal for the win, they allowed the Arizona Cardinals to do it instead. Exploding Head Smilie

And now a few minutes later my Seattle Mariners baseball team just lost to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays by a score of 9 to 2. We blew any chance of a play-off spot this season earlier this month. Come on you Los Angeles Angels: it is up to you to knock the New York Yankees out of the play-offs if the Boston Red Sox don't do it.

Next has no idea what task they will tackle when they get home from school or work tomorrow afternoon.
exactly apart from attending my universitys freshers week thing tomorrow i have no idea what else i will do

next wishes the weather would improve
No Cool Smilie The weather is still hot and sunny it rains during the night but who cares we are asleep anywaySmile Smilie
Next has lots of penpalsSmile Smilie
Only via this forum. Happy Elf Smilie

Next doesn't like liver and onions.
I like the onions part! Something my mom cooked with regularity when I was growing up but I never got used to it.

Next has a sweet tooth.
Definitely. Love chocolate!

Next can recite the Lay of Leithian.
Next has been swimming
Yes, but since the seventies when my in-laws had thier home on Hayden Lake in Idaho, back when my legs still worked.

Next didn't do it!
Yup, hands was me I did it....I did it.....but I'm not sorry.....hehehehe Very Big Grin Smilie

Next has a runny nose - yuk
A little, I was eating a spicy snack mix and spicy food has that effect on me.

Next loves scented candles.
I have a bunch but seldom bother lighting one; I think the foul my air cleanerm makeing it harder to clean.

Next is never bothered by fruit flies (I just found a bunch around my kitchen sink. They often come in on bananas, but I haven't had any fresh fruit or vegetables for a quite a few days. Go figure.)
Not true , I also have a problem with them
Next knows what their great great grand father name was
I only know the name of my maternal grandfather's maternal grandfather and grandmother: Andrew "Uncle Andy" and Elizabeth Beck whose daughter Lottie married my great grandfather George Shriner and they all came to Oregon/Washington Territory via the Oregon Trail in covered wagons after the War between the States. The other sets of great-great grand parents as well as three sets of my great grandparents are unknown to me other than my maternal grandmother's father was a Scottish Cameron.

Next doesn't remember where she put it, or even that it was lost?
Correct. I don't even know what it is!

Next, do you llike to sleep under lots of blankets or only a light sheet?
I'm hot all the time, have a light quilt and HAVE to have my feet and legs out of the cover most of the time. The window is open all the time - Winter and Summer.

The next has just worked overtime Very Mad Smilie
Yupp, I actually have and I'm feeling very tired but I nedeed to check on you guys at PT before I go to bedSmile Smilie
Next can't wait to the weekend begins
Yup, 'cause that's when I can again watch another batch of Dr. Who broadcasts via KBTC, CBUT, BBC America, and the Sci-Fi channel. Both Tom Baker and the new doctors.

Next slept in this morning and had to rush to get out of the house on time.
No .I didn't
Next is wearing a ring of some sort of membershio
Only the one around my collar representing the dirty neck club. Elk Grinning Smilie (I at first misspelled the imoticon as "elkring" and it didn't turn turn out correctly. :elfgrin:

Next has never chewed tobacco.
True Sir..
Next likes to go fishing and prepares it later for dinner
i have never been fishing and so dont know if would like it or not

next has a birthday to go to soon
That sounds like a very enjoyable thing to do but I never have. Son and husband are the fishermen here and they've brought home fish to cook. When Grandpa was younger they all took a trip to Alaske and brought back a huge box of salmon which lasted us a long time.

Next likes to wear sandals.
Haven't worn sandals for years, but if my feet didn't swell I think they would stay cooler in sandals in the summer.

Once upon a time I have caught, cleaned, fried, and eaten the fish lakeside.

Next likes to eat hot cereal for breakfast on cold mornings.
no way, jose!

Next can multitask quite well.
Nope, not me. My son has told me I can't repeatedly. Smile Smilie

Golden_Red, I think we answered the same question at the same time so I'm going to also answer the one you asked: My daughter will be 25 in November and we will proabably take her out and that will be the next birthday I attend.

Next has never lost their keys.
Oh yes.....the most recent was a few weeks minute they were on the chair then they weren't. I spent weeks trying to find them with no luck. Then, whilst in Scotland in a place called 'Morag's Fairy Glen' (oh I so love the fairies Smile Smilie) in a place called Dunoon my daughter calls me and says she's found them....on the dinning room table under a place mat.....who said the fairies don't play tricks Very Mad Smilie Big Laugh Smilie

Next believes in the Fairies
I don't believe in them but they are adorable , specially Clover at PT
Next is going abroad next month
Nope, but I'll bet Mellon is. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next wants to carve a Jack 'O Lantern this year.
Erm, a what? Sorry? Let me know what it is and I'll answer when I can.

The next CAN keep a secret
Yes Smile SmilieI can
Next is drinking a cup of tea
No a pint.

Jack 'O Lantern = a carved pumpkin with a scary face for Halloween.

Next make fudge that doesn't sugar and is chewy.
I do have a nice recipe for fudge that I got from my friend Angie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next likes to wear flannel shirts.
No special preferences in favour of flannel, but nothing against it either.

Next has developed a ridiculous rash on their back.
Er no...phew!

Next can type using the QWERTY method with more than 1 or 2 fingers

Thank you Grondy on the Jack thingy
No , I can't ..I'm not even sure what you mean .
Next was/is a nerd at school
(nothing negative aboute it just the word maybe)
In high (prep) school I was third in my class, so I guess I was a little nerdy.

Next likes to take long walks on fine Autumn days.
Sure do Grondmaster ,while looking at all the beautiful coulours on the leafes
Next collect stamps
Not by choice. Husband has an obsession with saving every stamp from every piece of mail that comes in the house no matter how usless or how many we already have. There are wads of them in every available receptacle and I don't dare toss them out.

Next keeps a well stocked larder in case of emergencies.
I have many cans of chunky types of soup and a manual can-opener, but probably not enough jugs of potable water, diet colas, or bakery goods. I do have a crank-up radio and a good LED lantern and an extra blanket for when the power goes out for three or four days again. Also a rotary telephone so I can call out on my land-line if it is just a power failure, but my computer draws too much power to use off my back-up battery pack.

Next has never experienced an earthquake first hand.
Thankfully i havent

next likes to go swimming
Sure do , I try to go swimming in the local swimmingpool ebvery week with my friend from work or with my kids on Fridays
Next is feeling really happy today
Yes....woop woop woop - I just booked a holiday to Egypt for Oct 2008 so have less than a year to annoy people with me getting excited about going - booked a 7 night Nile cruise and a 7 night stay in Luxor wheeeeeeee Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next has just or thinking about booking a holiday
I've already done that ..Me and my hubbie are going to Scotland in November (Glasgow) So finally I'm going to visit the Country I love so much
Next believe in Angels
My mind doesn't, but my heart does, I'm open to the possibility.

Next sometimes find they have donned mis-matched sox.
I don't recall having had that happen but it might have...

Next has never had a tranquilized horse fall on them.
Nor even one with all its faculties. That doesn't sound like fun unless it were a two hand high horse.

Next has already bought their Halloween candy;or are already dying to don their Halloween costume for going trick-or-treating, or to a Halloween Party.
No - I don't do Halloween...not for any reason or anything and I'm not doing an early bar's just something I never did...don't even know why - maybe it scares me Super Scared Smilie I've never stopped my girls partying at Halloween. My daughter, Kirsty is going to San Diego next Mon and will be going to a Halloween party and is really looking forward to it.

Next doesn't do Halloween either

Oh, Mellon QWERTY is the top line of the keyboard - when you type you're supposed to keep your 4 fingers of one hand homed on ASDF and the other on JKL; with the little finger on the A typing the QAZ1...then next finger will type WSX2 so on and so forth....each finger has a special key to type - does this make sence Wink Smilie anyway that's how I learned how to type - using all my fingers - and passed my exams in typing....oh thumbs press the space bar Smile Smilie
Our kids dress up for Halloween but they don't celebrate it like they do in the USA
Thanks for the explanation MaydmarionSmile Smilie
No, but I'm holding an unopened box of 'Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans' (made by Jelly Belly) whose flavor guide lists seven yucky flavors out of twenty. Those should prove to leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth. (I found them lastr winter at the bottom of in my Christmas stocking.)

Next likes the taste of earwax.
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