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Thread: Who's next?

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Not even a Hot Wheels. Orc Sad Smilie

Next won't be going to the Summer Olympics either.
You are 100% right. I'd rather spend my time watching it on TV! Big Smile Smilie

Next likes to be outdoors.
Only when the weather is mild, like in the 70s (’F) and not raining.

Next has never been mountain climbing, nor on a small hillock even.
I've never been Mountain Climbing but I do pass a hillock every now and again, as I do live on an extremely big one Orc Smiling Smilie

Next is Grondy?
WRONG! It's me! Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Next is Grondy
Now your guess is correct, it was I.

Next had fun today, in between the necessary mundane tasks that just had to be completed.
That would be a negative as we had the TAKS (Texas Assesement of Knowledge and Skills) Math portion. Thursday we have the science portion, and Friday we have the History portion. And alas, I was not able to miss the one class I was hoping to........

Next wishes this dreaded Presidential race would end (Especially between Barock Question Smilie Obama and Hillary Clinton)
Amen brother, and I don't really care which one of them wins; I'm just sick and tired of the constant flap over their horse-race. All I want is the current occupant to be out of there. But we must not talk politics here for that is against P-T's Rule Two.

Next is just about ready to plant peas in their garden.
No, my grandmother only plants tulips (I think...) as we don't have a garden anymore! Sad Smilie

As for the above post of mine I am terribly sorry, I forgot that rule and I hope it will never happen again, sir Grondy! Police Smilie

Next is buying something for Mother's day , or getting something in certain cases
No, my mother has been gone for a few years now; however her picture along side my father is just above my computer, so they jog my memory quite often.

Back at who's next.

If where you live Mothers' Day is celebrated this year on Sunday 11 May, then Next is buying something for their mother and/or if she also is a mother, is expecting a little appreciatiion on that day.
well, Mother's Day is past, but I went all cliche and got my mom carnations.

Don't know if she was expecting that though...

Next is annoyed at a friend, knows she/he shouldn't be, but is still annoyed anyways.
No, so far not this month.

Next has bought a new swimsuit for this summer's outings.
Nope, not me either.

Next didn't watch the Indianapolis 500 race today, or even know about it.
Nope I still didn't.

Next won't be me, but it might be you.
Absolutely correct. It isn't you and its me. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

Next wishes to visit Switzerland one day.
Once upon a time, but no longer; though I would not mind returning to Spain for the fourth time.

Next has not learned to drive automobiles, self-propelled harvesters, or golf balls.
Absolutly............................ correct.

Next has a university degree or is following one.
yep Iv just finished my first year at university havent got my results yet though

next has a birthday present to buy soon
Yes, for my grandson who will be sixteen next month.

Next has decided on this year's vacation trip.

Next likes to listen to oldies
I sure do!

Next one likes cookies with milk!
Who doesn't?

Next has never had cake in a bowl with milk on top and eaten with a spoon?
No, but I am now writing that one down on my 'things to do before I die' list!

Next has already eaten three times today!
Yes, I have.

Next has yet to see the new Indiana Jones movie.
True dear Grondmaster Smile Smilie
Next is Rafael
Nope, just me. Elf Winking Smilie

Next won't be Mellon.
You are most correct Grondy... Loss has returned, I only seem to be really busy as the holidays come up Orc Smiling Smilie

Next could remember how many European countries there are... (A pity Portugal went out in the Euro cup, but now they are out, I'll be cheering on Holland Orc Grinning Smilie )
No, I don't think I can count or name them all and some of them have changed their names too. Then there are a couple, three very tiny ones and the Balkans are split how now? I used to could though. Africa is where I really fall down; though most of the '-istans have got my number too’was easier when we had the USSR.

Next know how much tea they could drink in a cubic fortnight.
Nope. But i do drink about 2-3 cups a day. Smile Smilie

Next is planning to get married soon
No thank you! Been there; done that! I'm still happy without a "She Who Must Be Obeyed". Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next has a new swimsuit for the Summer.
Nope....i can't swim.

Next wishes he could live in a cottage in the mountains.
I did, back in the good old days, but my current physical condition makes it a non-starter.

Shouldn't you learn how to swim in case global warming raises the sea level above your ears?
Aye, I must admit that i thought about it (:hahahaSmile Smilie but i will never be able to swim forever or find edible food in the sea what's the use? Wouldn't it be better to buy a boat? Dunce Smilie

Next is not afraid of death.
Naw, according to Terry Prachett, he's a nice old guy; and according to Neil Gaiman, she's a kind young lady.

Next plans on watching a fireworks display Friday night.
Nope, haven't plan anything for friday night, then i seldom do so.

Next is watching the Tour de France
I watched for a few minutes yesterday, but felt like playing Neverwinter Nights: Infinite Dungeons instead. I just heard a Spanish team member got caught for doping; I had hoped we had finally gotten past that stuff.

Next doesn't understand the "double switch" as used by managers in National League Baseball when replacing a pitcher, such that another position player bats in the pitcher's spot and the new pitcher bats further down in the batting order. I don't, for I am a fan of the American League where they have the designated hitter who bats in place of the pitcher; though I think the other leagues rule leads to a better game; Small ball is more fun to watch even though home runs are exciting.
Uhhh. You're right. I didn't even bother reading after the second line of italics as I couldn't understand a word.

Next is a fan of Lance Armstrong
Was once upon a time when the world was young.

Next, like me had bar-b-qued kabobs for dinner yesterday They were great, even though the smoke kept invading my apartment, because my grandson, daughter, and her boyfriend wouldn't keep my door shut.
Nope. Had something unremarkable that i can't recall.

Next has dyed their hair recently (like within the past week)
Nope, the white and brown, with the occasional red and black red hairs on my face and head are 'au naturale'.

Next has all their teeth, except for the ones absconded by the Toothfairy.
Oh yeha. Still all safe and sound and cavity-free!
Next has the bad habit of biting their fingernails
Nope. But i used to bite pens.

Next watches TV a lot
Seldom more than an hour or two a night, nless there is a good movie.

Next won't be me, because they like brussel sprouts.
Yes i like them.

Next like vegetables as much as meat
Yes I do, not much more but a bit more.

Next will be the person who makes the following post.
Who else could it be Smile Smilie

Next hates the too-hot weather as much as I do.
Yes I do.

Next likes to sleep with their body warm and their face cold, or at least cool.
I don't usually care about these details as long as i'm under a blanket! Elk Grinning Smilie

Next likes a cool cold bath before going to sleep
A shower of any temperature is a sleep necessity for me.

Next is an expert photographer. I recently bought a new camera and am learning how to use it)
Nope i'm an amateur photographer. I have a decent 5mp camera and like to take shot of sceneries.Orc Grinning Smilie

Next likes mountains
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