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Thread: Who's next?

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Yes me.

@Grondy:What is it?

Next has tried to sleep last night but never managed it.
Actually, no, I did manage to sleep for 2 hours.

Next person has eaten too much today, as I have. Dead Smilie
No, I am off food lately; hopefully they will get my meds straightened out soon.

Unlimited Hydroplane Races.

Next sings in the shower.
Only sometimes. If I'm in the house by myself. And the cat isn't in the bathroom with me.

Next wishes they were a prince/princess or king/queen.

Oh yes Anarya you said it.I am targeting being Arwen for a long time.

Next will eat cotton candy today
Not on my menu today, but would be good.

Next was/will be third in line sometime today.
Unlikely as I don't think I'll be in any queues today... I'll look out for it though!

Next saw the sun rise this morning

Next is eating Bluebird chippies right now!
No, not a big chip/crisp eater. Had ice cream and now it's bedtime and I'm hoping I can sleep with the new oxygen machine on.

Next has chocolate as their favorite ice cream flavor.
Not really, but I do like chocolate Big Smile Smilie

Next remembers me Wink Smilie

Reckon I do Thorin.

Next wishes it would rain and get it obver with.

No, no, no more rain!!! Holding out for spring!


Next plans on naming their next pet after a Tolkien character


Now I say calenthang

Next is wondering where Darous' question was Big Smile Smilie

Yes I amindecision

Next was trying very hard to sleep last night but just couldn't

Nah! Doesn't take me really long to fall asleep!


Next would like to try meditation sometime 

Depends on what kind, but I would go with a no.


Next has a long 'to-do' list this weekend.

That I certainly do! It includes everything from researching for a paper on ancient Roman public infrastructure to making hummus. Though I believe those are the only two things on the list that are Mediterranean in origin.

Next was late for something yesterday.

Thankfully I was on time for everything although once in a while time isn't my friend.


Next has recently done something stupid and wondered 'what was I thinking?!?"

Indeed! How I wish i could go back and change that!!


Next is planning a trip abroad soon!

Yes I am.An Europe tour maybe


Next has recently cried tears of joy

Yes, when my 7 year old made gave me a picture he had made for me at daycare today. It was very colorful, with a smiling butterfly and lots of flowers.  He said it reminded him of me! 


Next is someone who has whistled in the face of danger!

I have whistled many times in the face of Danger.

In 2005 I was with my 2 children in Egypt, trying to cross the boarder in to Gaza, where my husband was at that time and my job with USAID.

I had Israeli soldiers screaming in our face, pointing guns at us. They were refusing us entrance. But were very aggressive and scary.

We were never allowed in.


Then again in 2007 i crossed the King Hussein Bridge to the west bank.

Sitting on a beautiful day in the center of Ramallah, there was a small garden in the middle of the rotary and the people were all doing their daily things. Laundry hanging out windows, children playing football, ppl shopping for fresh produce.

Then this load rumble could be felt, felt to me like an earth quake. Windows began to close, kids ran inside, shop owners trying to close. Fear was in the air. And I sat there with 2 friends of mine who are much younger than me and are from Syria.

We watched as 3 military tanks rolled in blocking 3 of the streets that came into the rotary and garden,

BOOM BOOM BOOM...they were randomly shooting at buildings for no reason!!!!

There was only one way to go.

Runnnnn up hill of the remaining  cobble street way.

I personally have never ran so far so fast. I ran till the the explosions could not be felt in my bones and the screams were far.

i knew holding up an American passport would NOT stop them, so i was left to run.

Beside the day my husband was killed, that was the scariest most danger filled day of my life


NEXT IS:::has any book, Song or Piece of Art made a impact on your life?

Yes, the song "Worlds Apart" by Jars of Clay.


Next, same question.

Estel you move me with your experience...that is so unjust.But we always aspire to better the wrongs in our lives whether we succeed or not.

And the answer is May it be by Enya.It's given me peace and hope and the strength to take a step whenever I required it,even now.

Next has eaten a whole cake at some point of their life(I have not tried yet)

Thankfully "no".  Can't imagine consuming that much sweets in one sitting.


Next makes it a goal to reread The Lord of the Rings trilogy at least once a year.  I do, and right now I'm on the third book.  Aragorn has just completed the Paths of the Dead with his companions. (And why didn't the movie include Elrond's sons and the Rangers at this point? Just a thought.)

Once a year??? It's more like once per month! Very Big Grin Smilie


Next is looking forward to Christmas this year

Actually I am this year Smile Smilie

Next will tell us what book she/he is reading at the moment

Actually I'm reading three books together..a Haruki Murakami called After the quake,the second volume of S.Maugham's short stories and re-reading Unfinished Tales.


Next is going for a road trip this monthSmile Smilie

Nope. November is exams months for us Smile Smilie


Next has the soundtracks of LOTR

Indeed I have all of them Smile Smilie

Next is looking forward to X-mas

Definitely.....all I'm asking for is the 3-pt hardcover editions of Histories of Middle Earth. So excited.


Next read the Hobbit first of all Tolkien works.

Yes. I read it in 5th grade for a book report, and read it 2 more times before i finally started LotR


Next decorated their their dwelling this season

Not Yet, it's still too early for me!


Next, is having a party on Christmas

Yes as alwaysSmile Smilie

Next has a sore throat

Haha! Good call! I do, and it sucks! I hate living with people who can't use an AC. There is no inbetween, it's either burning hot or freezing cold.

Next loves the movie A Christmas Story.

Of course! I watch every year on TBS, when they have the 24 hour marathon. Best Christmas movie ever, hands down.


Next still hasn't wrapped the presents (or see the wrapped presents under the tree)

Well I'm sure all of us are done with the wrapping by now haha.

Next is going for a movie marathon next week(I am so....)

Not me, but I am going on my summer holidays, which is almost as good!

Last movie marathon was the whole LOTR EE with a few friends... 12 hours through the night, lots of coffee, lots of sugar, and lots of orcs.

Next is dreading that PJ might seriously **** up the Hobbit.

"Next is dreading that PJ might seriously **** up the Hobbit. "


Of this, I have little doubt.


NB Umm.. is the (****) family friendly? Worries me naught but just wondered... It's a serious question. Where does "friendly" and "unfriendly" start or end or overlap here?


NB Umm.. is the (****) family friendly? 

Yes, it's fine! As long as there are no actual swearwords mentioned, the kids can have as much fun saying 'stars' as they want. Smile Smilie

Oh, and in this game, you're supposed to post another question to the person next to keep it going.

(Thanks Fornad)


Next we'll have a White Council.


(I hope I'm getting this!)




Orwell I'm sorry but I didn't get the question?

Next is wondering how on earth they are going to wait till the next Christmas release of The Hobbit-1?

Actually No! Time is really flying by, and we're already at the end of April! Not long left till the movie is out Smile Smilie


Next is feeling cold

Yes I feel very cold. I don't know why.

The next one is very happy that Thorin has post at this almost forgotten thread.

No, i am not happy.... I'm outrageously excited indecision


Next has never posted in this wonderful thread before.

Yes, and I hope I understand it!

Next is going to eat something really sweet tomorrow!

Not really! We really watch how much sugar we take in my Family, as we are hereditary prone to diabetes.


Next has been to the sea side in the last 3 months

3 months...... I haven't been to the beach in over 3 years.


Next has been to some sort of athletic event in the past week

Well, do you count my Taekwondo classes as athletic events? If so, then I've been to three this week, and if not, then no, but I'll be competing in an all-city multi-school Taekwondo competition next week!

I hope I get what's going on on this thread.

Next has made at least 5 times more posts than I.

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