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Thread: Who's next?

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True again Grondy..I do not like Winter..I'm always freezing
Next loves the story of Beren and Luthien
Yes, I love the story of L’thien and Beren better than the story of the Children Hurin.

Next has cleaned their garden of the dead vegetation, mulched it, or planted a winter cover crop towards readying it for planting next spring.
no sadly i havent had time at all to do anything to my garden except watch it get exteremly muddy lately , wish i had the time it definetly needs some attention

next has been to a library recently ?
Only to the Tolkien Library to vote in their Tolkien Top 100.

Next again has a yard full of leaves, even though three bags of leaves were raked, bagged, and removed from there last week
Not here but where I used to live we had piles of aspen leaves as big as Volkswagens!

Next is not redy to think about Christmas yet.
True, but I already have my Christmas cards and Christmas seals, though I still need to order Christmas postage stamps. My daughter and I have decided we will have a honey cured spiral cut ham then. Meanwhile, we been emailing each other planning our Thanksgiving dinner on 26 November. We are going to do another deep fat fried turkey for the second year in a row, but will try to remove it from the oil earlier this year as it was too dry last year.

Next made pumpkin pie out of their Jock O lantern this year. (They had earlier painted the face, rather than hollowing and carving it, which would have made the pumpkin susceptible to spoilage.)
No, I made pies from canned pumpkin and I think they were the best I've ever made so far. I put whole, undecorated pumpkins out; one on either side of the doorway, but the deer come and eat them. They ate two whole large pumpkins this year!

Next has already decorated their Christmas tree.
Nice of you to feed the dear deer, even if they are a nuisance. My three foot tall pseudo-noble fir is up, but remains undecorated, may wait another week or so.

Next has been busy making Christmas cookies and dislikes fruitcake with or without brandy or rum.
Fruitcake isn't my favorite thing but I don't hate it. I can't manage hate towards anything that has sugar in it Big Smile Smilie I was very busy the week before Christmas with baking. I filled six large boxes and a few small ones with cookies for a total of over 30 - 40 dozen and at least eight kinds.

Next person has a red nose.
Ok, that was a dumb question. I'll ask another:

Next person is looking forward to watching the Winter Olympics!

I'm never gonna give you up
never gonna let you down
never gonna run around and desert you
never gonna make you cry
never gonna say goodbye I'm not...

Next has no idea who Rick Astley is
Yup. Can you explain?

Next would also like to know who this guy is!
True that. Though, I might have an idea of who he is....

Next will sort out this predicimant
LOL, Rick Astley is a pop singer who became popular for a brief period in around 1988 with that single I just quoted called "I'm never gonna give you up" I think he had one other hit single as well but I couldn't tell you what it was.

Next wasn't even born in 1988
AHA!!! I see now myself and whoever posted before posted at the same time, so I missed theirs...but they did, in fact, explain Rick Astley WAAY better than I did, so OORSOME! XD

Yup, I wasn't even born in 1988, however I was, a year later Big Smile Smilie

Next was also born in 1989

Nope, 3 years later.

Next is very sleepy......
Yes, it's late afternoon here and I often get sleepy then. No time for a nap either, I have to get dinner started.

Next it getting lots of work done today!
Yes, and no. I was holed up with some kind of sickness, but I still helped my brother and dad build some benches.

Next is excited about the Super Bowl!!! Wohoo!
Naw, though I'm sure we could see it on sky, we don't do gridiron here, only Rugby.

next is on holiday
ha - i wish ! still got till the end of march till i go on study leave for uni and not really on holiday till June Sad Smilie

next wishes they were on holiday in a diferent country
If that holiday could become permanent I do certainly wish for it!

Next likes Earl Grey tea.
I love Earl Grey on a cold afternoon.

Next likes... Terry Pratchett's books.
I've never read any although both my son and son-in-law like them a lot.

Next person knows what a $5 milk shake tastes like..
No idea actually
Next likes to travel
Not really, When I went to the states I was terrified, everything was so different. I stood at the counter at Burger King in LAX for about 15mins before a nice lady told me I have to place my order into the Microphone , then I drove a luggage man to distraction because I was so scared my luggage was going to get lost.

next had toast for breakfast
Suprisingly I did...

The Next Person likes chickens. (And keeps one up their nose.)
Yes, I like chicken and no I do not have one up my nose.

Next likes the Beatles
No, they should go into a yellow submarine, and have some form of crash in it.

Will you be my fwend?
? What is next ?
Next feel left behind by a world moving too fast
Oh yes, things are changing and not for the best in my opinion.

Next has a hurricane racing through their house, tearing it apart and scattering half digested food behind the form of a small child!!!
Yeh, My Sister

Its a-me, awesemo.

Correct, I am not awesome, but I am content Smile Smilie

Next has occasional delusions of grandeur.
Moi moi like the Feanorians

Next would explain why?
You love the things you do too much?

Next miss his school/college/university days
*thinks back and remembers wedgies, my arms pulled through my jersey and tied behind my back, hung by the legs from the library balcony ..........NOOOOooooooo*

Next owns a car older than themselves

Next Prefers Faramir to Aragorn.
Nope, like them both Smile Smilie

Next, and I am hoping for a negative answer to this, has ridden in a car driven by a heavily intoxicated person.
No and never would do such a thing. How can you Sian???

The Maker..
What maker??

Next hates to stand next to people who are smoking
Not particularly, I'm an ex-smoker myself and I used to show respect to non-smokers by going away from people.

Next is enjoying watching JAMES MAY'S TOY STORIES on TV
Yeah, I watched it at Christmas and it was brilliant!

Next has been to the Natural History Museum in South Kensington, London (if not, it's amazing!)
No... honeymooned at the Kensington Hilton many long moons ago and went to the British museum where the Rosetta stone is/was.. Loved it and wish I could go back!

Next has visited the Louvre in Paris..

Undomiel, it was another thing that happened many long moons ago and the intoxicated were allowed to drive then... unfortunately...
Not yet but would love to... (wistful)

Next has had a go at the LOTR strategy game .
I do not know which one you are talking of but I do posses some of the LOTR card game and a map of middle earth which came with it.

Next collects/collected the LOTR trading card game cards
Sadly no but maybe I should Big Smile Smilie

Next prefers spring to summer
Who doesn't!!

Prefer Elrond to Galadriel??
Yes, have to say I do like Elrond a tad better...

Knows and loves the indomitable Reepicheep.
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