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Thread: Who's next?

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Tell me did you come to find this word??????? Read Smilie

I think I saw it on an unknown facts page somewhere, either that or I saw a really long word somewhere and went on the hunt for the longest word ever Orc Smiling Smilie

I do have a 2008 calendar, I'm all prepared for next year, because if I don't have one, I'll lose my bearing for the whole of 2008 Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next is Marion?
Nope .it's me MELLLON Happy Elf Smilie
Next is tired
Oh yes.... Sleeping Smilie always after a day of being nice to people you'd be surprised how tired this can make you....l..o..l.....but really I'm nice always......I'd hate it if I thought I hurt someone. It's just hard being nice to someone who's shouting at you :o/

Next loves their job and give it their all?
Well, I love my non-job; am happily retired; and don't have to work at remaining so. Wiggle Smilie

Next still has their two front teeth, so they are not sure what they want for Christmas. I've asked for an HD radio, but now I have priced them I don't think my daughter should spend her money on one.
Yes - so I'm thinking of another tattoo for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!! Winking Smilie

Next has just had a snack
No, just a swig of Diet Dr. Pepper.

Next has yet to see their first snow of the season.
Not yet Grondy ..and I know Rafael is pleased with that Big Laugh Smilie
Next pesron wants to give some thing to the person below for X-mas ..WHAT ???

Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Peace on Earth and Goodwill Towards Men (and Women) Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie
Hear...hear...well said.

Next is about to eat a jam sandwich
Not me.

Next isn't me either.
Nope, I'm not..!

Next goes to bed with the chickens.
Don't think so, I'm a night owl; seldom get to bed before midnight and not asleep until after two.

Next ate too much this week and now must pay the consequences.
No ..I have been working a lot this week and therefor haven't ate so much ..I drank to much coffe thoughSmile Smilie
Next is planning to have a cozy evening at home
Most certainly; and I hope they don't gang aglae.

Who was that lady I you were with last night?
Well lots - I went to a leaving do at a Thai there was Millie, Margaret, Angela, Jenny, Doreen, Jill, Sue, Lari....the rest were men.

Next has just had a power nap
No, but this being Friday, I'll probably need one tomorrow, as I'll be listening to a weekly radio tonight that won't finish until two in the morning.

Next hardly ever stays up until 2 AM.
Go to bed about 11.30 but have a nature break at about 2pm Sleeping Smilie

Next has the chrissie decks up with flasing lights Waving Santa Smilie Merry Christmas Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie
No, they will probably go up the 23rd when my daughter comes, and my three foot foney fir tree will have one string of tiny colored flashing lights. I haven't seen any flasing lights; are they new this year. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Grondy nevur mis-tipes werds; o noe, hee nevur duz. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Next is planning on at least one ski trip this year.
Nope...i wish! Hopefully Scotland soon though. Gorgeous country all year round! Happy Elf Smilie

Next is freezing cold!
Nope - it's cold outside, but I'm nice and tostie......I do have a wet nose though....l..o..l.....

Next is realllllllly tir.......(yawn).....ed Sleeping Smilie

Do you live in Scotland or will you be visiting Scotland Itarilde
No, I didn't get up until ten this morning; but being Friday, I'll probably be awake until after two listening to a favorite weekly radio program, so tomorrow I'll be tired.

Next Is thinking about having pancakes (hotcakes, flapjacks) and bacon for breakfast tomorrow or the the next day.
Npoe Grondy ..but you gave me a good idea ..pancakes are Lisas facourite
Next is making cookies for X-mas
Yes, I'll start baking in the next week or two. In spite of needing to lose weight it wouldn't be the holidays without cookies.

Next has never made a mug of hot chocolate and stuck a candy cane in it for added flavor.
Yes I have, and when I haven't had a peppermint stick available, I've added a drop or two of peppermint extract to my hot chocolate. In fact that sounds nice and warming and I'm going to take time out to make some now.

Next wishes they could join me in the drinking of some of the above.
Oh Grondy Smile Smiliethat would have been so nice Happy Elf Smilie
Next has decorated their house for X-masSmiling Santa Smilie
Just a little bit.

Next has hung their stocking in hopes that Santa will bring more than sticks and/or lumps of coal.
Smile Smilie We have three stockings hung by the fireplace but they're just for decoration. One is the one my mother made for me when I was a child; its of wool felt and moths have made holes in it. The others are the ones I made for our children but they're too old for Santa to bring them anything.

Next recieved a gift this year that's very special.
Chocolates and scarves and jewelry.... Nah... not particularly special...

Next is drinking lemon tea.
Nope ..water actuallySmile Smilie
Next got books for X-mas
Only that I purchased for myself.

Next has yet to decide what to do New Years Eve.
I know I'll be sitting at home, watching the three EEs all in one sitting... Smile Smilie

Next has been stuffing himself/herself with chocolate.

Not yet though I did get a tin box of chocolate from my daughter for Christmas. The box is special too as it came from Boing and has raised pictures of their new 787 Dreamliner and the Space Needle on it. The chocolte is of both light and dark types and is solid slabs with impressed printing some of which read 'thank you'. I suspect this was part of the company's Christmas present to my daughter who contracts with them.

Next won't watch more than one American football college bowl game tomorrow, New Years Day, if even that many.

I won't sit and watch myself but Grandpa will watch as many as possible so I'll hear all about them.

Next still has lots of Christmas cookies to finish (Chomp, chomp, munch...)
Oh yes....mmmmmmm

Next has indulged too much....but hey....enjoy
That's the way to live!

Next is pleased because he/she just found something very desirable for a very low price
Well a coupon that I can use to get the new curtains I'm wanting just came so Yes!!

Next is enjoying a snowy winter.
Well we had some snow, but it is gone again and as it didn't mess up my existence: Yes, it was enjoyable. Snowman Smilie

Next has over one-thousand pieces of mithril.
Yes....but don't know what to do with it??

Next has had the cold over Christmas (I got it boxing day and still got a
not this year thankfully had the flu or something similar the last two christmases which was not fun

next got a lot of chocolate for christmas
Yes, but I'm using my will power to save it for a less rainy day.

Next has yet to take down their Christmas tree. Never do today that which can be put off until tomorrow.
No, I got mine taken down shortly after new Year's. It had been up for a long time and was pretty dry.

Next has the after Christmas blues (I hope not..)
Not too much, perhaps a touch of cabin-fever. I've been looking through the seed catalogues and wishing for spring. I can't wait start to planting my garden! Big Smile Smilie

Next is also wishing for spring to arrive.
Yes, spring is a much better season than winter. imho.

Next plans on growing vegetables as well as flowers.
Of course! Last year we grew peas and carrots. Nothing tasted better than the soup we made from our meager harvest. But this year, I think we will be blessed with more fruit.

Next keeps a diary.
No, nor a blog or Facebook page.

Next likes to sing in the shower.
Once in awhile Smile Smilie

Next dreams of being a rock star!
No thank you.

Next likes dumplings with chicken or peaches, but not both of the latter at the same time.
I like Chicken and dumplings but prefer peaches with cottage cheese and salt..

Next is afraid of snakes.
I used to be afraid of snakes, but I've gotten older and out-grown that phpbia, or maybe I now live in an environment where garden/garter snakes are the only indiginous ones. When I lived in eastern Washington we had Diamond Back Rattlers, Blue Racers, and Bull Snakes, of which only the latter was non-poisonous.

Next can get old fashioned cottage cheese without all the soupy butterless buttermilk, so that you can form a ball of it on a pinapple ring. All I can get here has the curds swimming in cultured buttermilk.
Uurrrgh... Cheese! Why would I even try? I hate most dairy (the only tolerable ones are yoghurt, pizza cheese, certain types of ice cream, and extra sharp cheddar). Mozarella, cream cheese, milk, McDonald's ice cream, cheesecake, milkshakes, cream puffs, milk tea etc. all make me puke.

Next smells of coffee.
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