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Thread: Who's next?

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I could eat one of those just about anytime.

Next is spending Easter Sunday with the family.
Well, I just got back from a seven-hour drive with the family, so I suppose you could say that... Smile Smilie

Next has eaten too much chocolate. *burp*
Yes, I have eaten much.

Next would have played Fellowship of the Ring and War of the Ring.
No, not much for games other than ones like these.

Next has LOTR trading cards or bookmarks or other collectibles.
I have the cards game. I do not have the complete collection as they were gifted to me. The card game has never been on sale in my country.

Next LOTR book is much worn through usage
Yes, my grandmother gave me an early edition (don't remember which, 2nd or 3rd) a few years back. It has some tape on it and I have read it before.

Next has read the Hobbit multiple times
Yes, several.

Next person in an Elf!
I am! I am!

Next would have some information to shed on where to buy War of the Jewels hardbound(as I have not read it yet, would also offer a review of it too.)
I might suggest Personally I have only 4 LOTR books, Lotr itself, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, and the Deluxe version of The Children Of Hurin which I won here. I have seen the other books on sale in only one bookshop here and they were too expensive for my liking Sad Smilie

Next likes the Resident Evil movies and games
I find the games quite fun and entertaining, but have not seen the movies

Next likes chocolate-covered anything
I'm not really a fan of chocolate covered bricks.

Next has at least once closed their eyes and pushed through to the back of their closet, hoping to find Narnia....
Going to go try that right now...!

Next is looking forward to the next movie about Narnia.
I am, though I haven't heard a whisper about it. Is there going to be another one?

Next has eaten octopus, squid or calamari (and his/her thoughts therein!)
yup, yummy yummy, I usually order squid when we go out to a restaurant, though last time we went to a different restaurant and I ordered calamari. I wasn't all that impressed, it was deep fried and came with ta tar sauce....I mean come on, I could do that!!

Next takes their Partners to a Restaurant from time to time?
He should be taking me as this Friday is our 33rd anniversary!

Next also likes venison, elk and buffalo meat.
Nope. I have never eaten any of the above and I quite dislike red meat.

Next would like to have their own farm
Always have but I don't think I have the energy now.

Next person's ideal place to live is near the water.
Of course what more could one want except a Tolkien book to curl up with. I'm thinking of buying a house by the waterside in my future.

Next would like to recommend a house as described by me.
It depends what type of "water" you're referring to; river, lake or sea. I think I would recommend once by a lake or river.

Next wishes that he would have been able to visit Brandy Hall
Yes, don't we all wish we could visit Middle Earth?

Next would be very fearful of visiting Fangorn Forest.
Not really, I love ancient things. Fangorn is a pleasant mystery to me.

Next likes [middle earth] dwarves
Yes. They seem very solid and dependable and I admire their craftsmanship.

Next likes to make things out of paper.
Not really. I am not really versed with origami.

What genre of music do you like?
Celtic and New Age, mostly although there's bits of all genres that I enjoy too.

Next person, do you know the significance of Columbine High School?
Sadly yes.

Next person: What was the last movie you saw in a theater?
Clash of the Titans

Next wishes they lived somewhere else
Yes, in Elende.

Next will tell me they have seen Train your dragon.
No, but I certainly want to!

Next is happy that Avatar comes out on DVD on Thursday.
I suppose I might be if I hadn't seen it, but frankly I thought they concentrated far more on SFX than they did on a coherent and interesting plot. But don't listen to me, Sian! It's worth watching just for the special effects.

Next was affected or knows someone who was affected by the Icelandic volcanic eruption.
Some african kids who were visiting our school.

Next is affected by the volcanoes, or lives near a active volcano.
nope Sad Smilie kind of wish i did think it would be interesting to study( im a geologist, in training anyway)

next has experienced an earthquake ?
Nope, put I almost have experienced a tornado multiple times.

Next has experienced some kind of natural disaster
Does rain count? If so, yes. Or my school getting hit by lightning and loosing power for a week. Or my school getting hit by snow and closing for almost 2 weeks. But they weren't disasters.

Next likes the snow.
Grondy don't like the stinking snow: studded wheelchair tires still can't get enough traction.

Next wishes they had a watermelon in the refrigerator.
Watermelon in refrigerator Grondy? It would go dry don't you think?

Next likes mushrooms surpassing even the wildest desire of the hobbits.
Almost! I like them more than anyone else in my household at least Smile Smilie

Next likes to eat peanuts
Roasted and salted with beer is best.

Next will be Fornac
How on earth did you know? That's very strange.... Wary Smilie

Next has seen a glacier at least once in their lifetime.
I've seen pictures, so yes. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Next has seen the remains of the Titanic in a museum.
I think they are in a museum...
They're still under the sea, and I just haven't been able to get much North Atlantic deep-sea diving into my schedule these days... Tongue Smilie

Next has read Christopher Paolini's Inheritance cycle, and is avidly waiting for the next book.

Next has read "Something in the Water" by Trevor Braxendale.
Or you haven't heard of it.
I haven't heard of it, I'm sorry to say; is it a good read?

Next person loves scented candles.

Some fragments of the Titanic are in a traveling exhibition and Husband went to see them when it was in Denver.
Hate them.

Novel based from Torchwood. Depends if you like that. It is the best Torchwood one.

Next likes 'Outnumbered'
Never liked being outnumbered except with Michael Caine at Rorke's Drift in 'Zulu'; it was a disaster with George Custer on the Little Bighorn.

Next can count backwards by ones, from one hundred in less than a minute.
Not tried yet. Let me see... Nope, can't do it.

Next would have accomplished the task set by Grondmaster.

Hey Fornac, I have read the Inheritance cycle and waiting for the next. I believe the dragon on the cover is green this time. do you have any inkling as to when it is to be released.
Wow, I don't know how you can do it, Grondy. Big Smile Smilie I got to around twenty by the end of the minute, and I was beginning to blur the words.
Oh, and by 'Outnumbered', I think Eruheran meant a comedic British TV programme, which incidentally I do watch, though I think it probably hasn't got across the pond yet.
I don't yet know about the fourth book, Undomiel! Though I'm really looking forward to it. I do feel that the setting is basically a huge rip-off of Tolkien, but the plot is good enough to ignore that.

Next might buy the new blu-ray version of the Lord of the Rings.
No, I have the set on regular DVD and that's good enough for me.

Next person is looking forward to a special event happening this weekend.
Nope, it happened this morning. See my post today under Grondy's Back.

Next doesn't exercise, but should.
Sadly, yes. I'm too busy galumphing about the house cleaning, cooking, doing laundry...

Next has been too busy to participate on PT much lately..
Sorry so sorry. I have been caught up in a storm of sessions for our project and had to be on my toes and keep my eyes and ears glued to my job for a while now.

Now that I have posted what have I missed so far. Updates please?
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