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Thread: Who's next?

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next is married
not yet people .. but soon .. very soon In Love Smilie heheh !!

Next person was very good at academics in school Shocked Smilie
Oh yeah! Ever so married; we've even got us four daughters by and by!

Next has a lot of traditions to fulfill this time of year! Snowman Smilie Christmas Smilie Snowman Smilie
Not really.

Next has read the 'Trilogy' by Henryk Sienkiewicz.
nope, but I'll definitely check it out.

Next has read 1984 by George Orwell.
Yes I have read 1984 a couple times; I was disappointed with the movie.

Next has read the 'Trilogy' by Henryk Sienkiewicz.
No, but I have read and loved his Teutonic Knights. I loaned my copy to my mother, who died before I ever got it back, so I had to buy a replacement copy.

Next is ambidextrous.

Not actually.

The next person isn't much of a sportsperson.
No, due to bad bad...but my sport wasn't really active (archery). Not really into sport, as not too good at sporty things. Although, when at school I was in the Netball and Hockey teams!!

Next loves to curl up and watch a good film.
Not so much "curling", being overweight and "under-tall"; I prefer to watch movies in the cinema, where any person can cough, sneeze and throw popcorn at persons in front! Angry Elf Smilie Moderator Smilie Disturbed Smilie

Next is playing friendly cards with grandchildren this weekend. Angel Smilie
No I'm not,I'm not even married!next is listening to music
No, I'm listening via headphones to a recording of a July thunderstorm in the Adirondack Mountains (Eastern USA). It was recorded with a binaural microphone that captures 3D sound and with the headphones it has front to back depth as well as side to side. I got the recording from who also produce many fun original radio plays on CD and tape, like serials about the travels of Jack Flanders, and another about Ruby the Galactic Gumshoe.

Next recognizes the names of neither 'Rat-face Kapour' nor of 'Mojo Sam the Yudo Man' who are some of the side-kicks in above two serials.
lol .. youre right grondy .. i don't. but sounds funky .. "Rat-face Kapour" Very Big Grin Smilie

Next knows what my nationality is .. hehe !!

Next person can tell me what I want for dinner tonight...
Um, I would venture a guess towards the possibility (I'm being way too verbose, ugh) of something simple and familiar; something you're used to having but like. (Trying to reduce the possibility of being wrong here). Since I don't know where you're from or what you like, I'll go with the universal mac & cheese, though that makes a pretty sad dinner.

Next person has listened to either Blind Guardian, Within Temptation, Nightwish, or Children of Bodom? (Or even heard of them...)
CoB rock .. and im not sure but i think ive heard a couple of Nightwish songs too. cheers to all metal lovers Wink Smilie

Next is in trouble and doesnt know what to do about it
Yeah, I sure am... I went to the hospital yesterday because I've been so sick that I've been absent from school for two weeks (or more, my memory's hazy) and I'm likely not to graduate. The wonderful doctors made up their own minds about what was wrong with me... they had their own theories, and if the evidence contradicted their theories, then the evidence was wrong. Exploding Head Smilie So, here I am, a day later, with a prescription that will 'cure' something I don't have and cause (as side effects) the things I have desperately been trying to tell them are the real problems, the ones that are keeping me out of school and so sick I'm practically imprisoned within my own home; I can't leave! But noooo, they "know what's going on", and if I tell them otherwise (how would I know what's going on with my own body? they're the experts... *cough*) then I must be wrong.

The next person has had an incompetent doctor before?

Edit: help, it's all bolded, but I didn't bold ANYTHING! ???
No, don't think I have.

Next never gets headaches.

(I never do! Big Smile Smilie )

No, but I have read and loved his Teutonic Knights.

I didn't even know about those; have they been translated by W.S. Kuniczak? The edition of the 'Trilogy' that I read was translated by him.
Awkward coming from an avid Tolkien fan, but I think Henryk Sienkiewcz is one of the best authors I have ever read. The LotR is the best in it's genre (fantasy), while the Trilogy is best of it's, historical fiction.

Help! Something is wrong here. I think it might be Finrod's post, didn't close the bold at the end, resulting in...

(Where's a CM when you need one?!!)
Moderator Smilie I PM'd Finrod a couple days ago asking him to close the tag ends of his posts, but that obviously didn't take as I am still having to do it for him. All on has to do is add a "[ /b]" (without the space) at the end of their post to turn off the bold. Moderator Smilie

I have had only one headache since I retired in 1993, before that I used to get a migraine just about every Saturday, due the stress of work being off.

Next wants some of Eva's Crissy cookies she has made in the Khazad-d’mish Inn.
sorry grondy .. i didnt get your PM .. i have gona back and added those [ /b] to all my posts .. i didnt know they affected coming posts.

are the cookies tasty ? then ill definitely help myself to a few (well .. ok .. more than a few)

Next is thinking what a dork i am !! Sad Smilie
Sometimes I really do! But when I do feel being a dork, it's luckily never a long-lasting feeling.

Next never gets headaches
- I'm of the "lucky" kind; no brain-, no headache! I

Next has started his/her hunt for "what's in the gifts this year"! Super Wow Smilie Elf Confused Smilie Serching Smilie
yup and am now $200 minus when i started.
next is wearing a jacket.
Nope Smile Smilie A pyjamas actually
Next likes Christmas Carols
Yeah, I love them - they give me that warm fuzzy feeling associated with happy childhood memories of Christmas time. Christmas Tree Smilie

Next knows exactly what they're getting for Christmas?
Yep! Four more siblings.

Next is going to have a white Christmas.
Nope I don't think so ....the rain is pouring down and it's said that the snow doesn't appear until marchSnowman Smilie
Next likes to write X-mas cards to friendsSmile Smilie
Yes I do!

Next is sitting in front of their computer with a blanket covering their lap and a greatcoat over their shoulders.
Nope, I'm sitting behind the computer with a greatcoat covering my lap and a blanket over my shoulders. Elk Grinning Smilie
Just kidding! Snowman Smilie

Next likes to sing old Christmas carols, like Silent Night, better than the newer ones, Christmas songs I call them, like I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.
i like both types christmas songs

next wishes it would stop raining
umm .. its actually not raining here .. so nopes .. sorry !!

Next is wearing a puprle t-shirt
Nope, red long-sleeved shirt.

Next lives in the U.S..
No chance I'm a Scandinavian, living far up North! I'd like to visit U.S.A someday; so take care!

Next would like to find out where David's beer was bought!
Whose David?

Next knows why Rafael and I keep outposting each other.
As I told you earlier I live in an outpost of Tellus, can't really see Sana's workshop, but it ain't far away, I believe. So that is why.

Next enjoys watching Hand-ball games!
Is Hand-Ball a game, or just a reference to games involving touching a ball with the hands?

Next likes snow-ball fights.
never had one actually .. but id like to experience it. looks like fun !!

Next was born in July
Where are you from, Finrod?

Nope, September.

Next is in a humorous mood right now. Juggling Smilie

chelski who was losing to everton just equalised-i'm following the match from livescore
**** they just scored another one while i was writting!!!
Mad Smilie

next has never read "a civil contract".
No. What's that?

The next person is not quite a gadget freak?
Nope, I just got my first CD player (other than my PC) earlier this year. I want neither a cell phone, nor an iPod, nor a blackberry/palm pilot. But I do have a CMD Super CPU 128 accelerator which can boost the speed of my Commodore 128/64 to 20Hz from 1Hz which along with my 4 Mg RAMLink made disk access and computations faster than the old 286 PCs. I'm not a Luddite, I just see no need to upgrade to the newest thingy the market is pushing in the name of progress. Though I may opt for a new Dell 520 series PC so I can play the modern games. Orc Grinning Smilie

Next either hates eggnog or has yet to try it.

a civil contract is a novel by georgette heyer

next has never played Saga: Rage of the vikings (a pc Game)
yeah...never even heard of it......

next has played the Wii Legend of Zelda.
No i havent .. i dont even have a Wii Very Sad Smilie .. and fionwe .. im from India.

Next isnt a very big fan of movies !!
No chance, I love movies.

Next puts an angel on their Christmas tree.

and fionwe .. im from India.

Another reason why I like this place, one meets people from all over the world. Where else could you meet people from so many different places, and have fun doing so?
Many actually Angel Smilie
Next has been On-line several hours today
Nah, just about one or two.

Next has recieved mail that is not from their bank or the government.
No, sadly I only get bills Sad Smilie.

Side note, My birthday was the 14 Smile Smilie
Next is Excited, For any reason!
I'm exited because of my nephews birthnext is feeling awsome
Not exactly .. down with fever and a terrible cold !! Sad Smilie

Next can tell me why the common cold is called common ??
cuz everyone gets it no matter ur social class....

next is eating ice cream!!!!
NO ...I'm drinking coffee
Next is working tonight
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