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Thread: Who's next?

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don't get that channel...woOt antennae!

Next is wearing sandals right now!
0.o 96 pages... this thread has been going on for a loooong time!! Yay.

Anyway... Yes, I am wearing my poor decrepit leather sandals right now- the ones that I wore to death last summer. I still love them, though!

Next person has seen Nickelodeon's new show- Avatar the last Airbender. if not, it is a fun show...
nope....don't get cool channels like that.

next has exams coming up
yes unfortunatly i have

it is snowing where next lives
Hell no! The snow finally melted away! No more snow yay!

The next person has a birthmark
yepp, a little one near the left eyebrown...
Next doesnt like the music of Aerosmith
i only like the Armegeddon song thats it really havnt heard anything of his really

Next had gotten sick because of eating too much Easter Eggs!!
Years ago... good times Smile Smilie

do you have any piercings?
Yep, my ears are pierced. I have three piercings in my left ear and two in my right, but I only wear the first piercing now. I'm getting conservative in my old age (ripe old age of 30) Wink Smilie. I also used to have my navel pierced when I was 20, but that didn't even last a year.

Next drinks at least eight glasses of water a day.
no, i try....but somedays i do drink 8 glasses of other'm not an alcoholic! i swear!

Next likes the rain
Only if I don't have classes when its raining.

The next person doesn't get too much free time nowadays.
Oh so true Wink Smilie I work nearly every day/evening when I have a day off I spend it with familiy and friendsSmile Smilie
Next doesnt drive a car ( I dont )
Well, if in the states I could drive, but here in sweden I don't have a license. :/

Oh, so it was yours. I don't know whether to console you or to thank you but it was really very delicious. Do you have any more?

ARAGORN! You ATE my cookiedragon?? *sob*

Next person knows everything there's to know about java

Allas, as much about coffee as I know, I konw not all there is

The next person does not enjoy the sound of a screaming baby either.
No I don't, so I'd check to see: if their nappies need changing; if they're stuck my an open safety pin; if they have diaper-rash; if a bottle or burping might work; and I'd probably end up holding the dear little thing, while walking around in circles, humming until one of us drops off to sleep.

Next never has nightmares anymore, but did when they were younger.
I actually still have nightmares, and most of the time they involve ghosts. I have quite a few waking dreams that are nightmares.

Next would rather dry dishes than wash them.
well...yes...i don't like doing dishes at all...I washed dishes at a restaurant by hand for three years! lol

Next prefers CDs to MP3s
At the moment - yes CD are for me (coz I know how to use them!!) ....I have an MP3 but don't know how to put my music on it yet...

The next sings in the shower/bath
i try to, although its not that brilliant :P

Next goes into the chat room here sometimes
nope cant say that I do
Next is listening to the news on the telly
Nope (don't like watching the news, know I should....but....)

I'm watching 'Cold Mountain' whilst on-line - you know women can do more than one thing at a time lol

Next wants to have children
Ive got 4 of them so Im VERY pleasedSmile Smilie ( dont want more....Im quiet satisfied )
Next is very healthy
I don't know if the adverb "very" can be applied to me but I'm just satisfactorily healthy.

The next person is in jitters at the moment.!?

Next is almost finished their final year of school.
Sorry no, I finished that a 'few' years ago - ahhhh the best days of your life!

Next paints their toenails
Only accidentally when painting the walls, while going barefoot. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next remembers to proof-read her last posts to ensure she has closed the bold and/or italics tag endings with a slash before the final b and/or i. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
yes i do, so i will have checked them once ive posted this one, looks like i have Orc Grinning Smilie

Next is Maydmarion??

edit: yep seems to be all in order Big Smile Smilie
Ooooo can you mind read.

Next has a red face at the moment!
No ..cant say that I have ..
Next is the only person awake in their house
no but if you asked that yesterday morning it would have been

next is wearing slippers just now all the way! WoOt! O_o

Next is considered the 'crazy one' in their group of friends or circle of influence
Uhm.. not really.. some say I'm a hybrid between the party-animal, extremly serious and study-focused person (whereever they got that idea from...), the aesthethic person and the economical person. But not crazy, no. :/

Next is Grondy
Well, no!

The next person does/did not like studying for exams and does/did so only because it is a necessity.
Don't/didn't we all?

Next won't/didn't have any taters with their evening meal this day.

Sm’agol won't grub for roots and carrotses and’taters. What's taters, precious, eh, what's taters?'

'Po’ta’toes,' said Sam. 'The Gaffer's delight, and rare good ballast for an empty belly.
it's true...I made stir fry and had rice instead! Smile Smilie I love rice!

Next plays Dungeons and me!
hmm i really never had the oppurtunity to play itl, i bet its good though if you get good, i'd be a level 1 Dwarf with an ability of hiding??? Orc Grinning Smilie

Next has played the LOTR Trilogy Trivial Pursuit Game: DVD Edition, its actually good fun Big Smile Smilie
No, but I really-really-really want to!

Next likes me...
Of course that goes with out saying....

Next has just had a tattoo - I 8th
The Tattooed Lady

Oh, we came to town to see
That old tattooed lady
She was a sight to see
Tattooed from head to knee
My uncle Ned was there
He came to gape and stare
"I've never" he declared "Seen such a freak so fair!;

And on her jaw was the Royal flying corp
And on her back was the Union Jack, now could you ask for more?
All up and down her spine, were the queen's own guard in line
And all around her hips sailed a fleet of battle ships
And over her left kidney was a birds-eye view of Sidney
But what we liked best was upon her chest
Our little home in Waikiki.

Nope, no tattoos on me.

Next has had her tongue pierced.
nope....b/f doesn't like them

Next doesn't like peircings
Nope, I don't even have my ears pierced! My friends all think I am absolutely crazy...but I already knew that! Orc Grinning Smilie

Next person has taken/is taking/will be taking AP tests to get out of future college credits.

I take my first one on Thursday. Cyclops Smilie <- the status of my brain right now...
Yes, indeed. I took AP Government, History and English, and passed them all. I was ahead by a semester because I took the AP Calculus test as well without taking the class, but I passed! Yay! (I don't like math, but alas, I've always been good at it.) It was so good to do this because in college it gave me the leeway to drop classes when I didn't like them, and when I went to school in Germany for a year, I took less credit hours so I could have more fun! (and boy did I!)

Next looks like a character in Peter Jackson's LOTR movies.
True. I have an uncanny resemblance to one of the orcs in RotK.

The next person is feeling sleepy. true....I just woke up, and didn't sleep well last night...darn allergies....Sad Smilie

Next has allergies. healthy as an ox. Except when i dont feel like going to school... Wink Smilie

Next is a former DM !! (in Dungeons and Dragons)
Nope, never played. Have seen the film and watched a children' programme - that's the closest. I would love to play it though....

Next collects things - anything

The Tattooed Lady
Oh Grondy....Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Drawings from our children Smile Smilie Ive got loads of them
Next is going to bed soon
I just woke up 3 hours ago. And I had a good night's sleep. And I have an exam tomorrow. Taking into consideration all the above facts, I should say "no".

The next person has seen "South Park".
Yupp one or twice I guessSmile Smilie
Next is going for a long walk in the sunshine
not yet...I have to find out where everyone disappeared to first before I go anywhere...and maybe change out of my pj's! maybe later!

Next has been reading my book "Fire of the Elven Moon"...if not, you can find it in my journal entries! please leave some reviews! Smile Smilie
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