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Thread: Who's next?

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OK.. i know iv just posted but,..yes i do!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Same with the moon when its bright.

Next loves to go outside in a lightning storm and watch the thunderbolts.
Oh yes I do Smile Smilie But where I live we don't have much of that kind of weather though
Next often look at the weather for cast
theres really no need to look when living over here (England), its a 50% chance with weather, either it rains, or it doesnt Elf With a Big Grin Smilie (my grampy's famous words)

Next has seen Emporer's New Groove??? so funny
Nope.What's it about ?
Next is a joker
Emporer's New Groove is a Disney film, cartoon, and about this snotty emporer who gets turned into a Llama and tries to get his crown back, learning how friends can help eachother. A feel good film, and soooo funny

Of course im a joker Orc Grinning Smilie i did the award Most Wittiest.............

Next can smell food in the air???
(OH ..Sorry Loss I've seen the movie and yeah it's funny)
Next likes to read from the World War( the second)
I've never been one for WWII. I'm more of a fantasty/action/romance person myself.

Next person is a band geek
Yea sure im a band geek definitely
next person likes final fantasy
i enjoy watching it...i have the worst coordination/ability to stay alive on those kind of games ever, DDR is more my style.

next smells like horse manure or that really weird farm smell. (which can i just say is really gross and next time i think i shall refuse to attend the event.)

"My dog doesn't have a nose."

"How does he smell?"


Next likes similar silly jokes.

Sure SirSmile Smilie I love simple jokes Smile Smilie
Next wears a leather-jacket
Nope, I do not own a leather jacket, or leather pants for that matter (which I must say, only look good on rock stars and only a few of them at that).

Next has sported a mullet hair-cut at some point in their life.
Nope I haven't
Next likes Wrestling
Urrgh. Can't stand it.

Next can speak Arabic.
No, I can hardly speak American English. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next doesn't wear rubber waders when fly fishing.
I do not go fishing at all I'm bored.Next has seen the film Alxander by Stone
no i havnt actually, ive seen King Arthur, Troy etc but not that, *puts on to-do list*

Next can juggle???
Nope I can't Smile Smilie
Next is "working " at the moment
Only if you call moderating this forum as work. Elf Winking Smilie

Next only listens to music on the radio, never to talk-radio.
Nope! I listen to Air America every now and again.

Next has a passion for seafood! (Yum...)

Hi everyone! I'm baa-aack! Smile Smilie
Oh yes It taste so goooood Happy Elf Smilie (WELCOME BACK Waving Hello Smilie )
Next is feeling VERY tired at the moment
Actually, I just got to work, so I'm feeling very awake and ready to start the day. (However, I am definitely looking forward to the weekend!)

Next, is looking forward to the onset of autumn! (I love the cooler temperatures and the beautful fall colors on the trees!)
of course, the walks amongst the leaves, the breeze on your face, not a care in the world, then you realise that you walked into aload of leaves and doggy doo doo is hidden underneath, *shudders* Orc Smiling Smilie

Next has had a dart hit them by accident??? (or on purpose)
I believe that's a question is for both Rafael and me ...We've been playing darts with my hubbie .sometimes we hit the
board sometimes the floor or even somebody in the same room.but it's great funWiggle Smilie
What's the best lyrics in your favourite song ?
"I saw you there so unaware those hummingbirds all in your hair..."

it's from "Wet Sand" on disc one of Stadium Arcadium by the Red Hot Chili Peppers....great album!

Next likes McNuggets.
Love them!

Next likes Nike more than Adidas.
Just did it!

Next will go mushroom-hunting this weekend!
Nope, the woods are too dry to take a chance. That's my part in preventing forest fires this month. We only had 0.08 inch of total precipitation in July and August.

Next won't ever swallow a live goldfish; or eat a dead one even.
True ,so true Sir Grondy Smile Smilie
Next likes looking into photo-albums
Looking in family albums, can be fun. Looking at family or friends movies or clips from holidays we indeed envy, are supposed to be boring. You have to look through your fingers, though!

Next are going to call long lost friends, this weekend.
i brought home a longlost guyfriend to meet my parents...and they actually approved of him yet they hate my not understand that....does that count?

Next adores Panic!at the disco.
Nope, I don't go to discoes, so wouldn't know what Panic! is anyways...

Next will dress as a shaman this Halloween. I don't dress up for Halloween. But if I did, I would be an elf...cause I love pointy ears! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next has been away for a week.
I just spent some days in England. We were in the Darlington - Whitby area. We were abroad four days, so I'm not sure you'll count it as week.

Next will vote for P.T. this evening!
Been there and done that!

Next wishes Christmas would come three times a year.
I do really enjoy Christmas time and the true spirit of Christmas, but most people have lost that (mostly due to commercialism I think) and generally tend to be very cranky because they've spent too much or so-n-so didn't send them a Christmas card in over 3 years or some or other garbage like that. So in some ways yes, but in others no.

Next loves getting presents, no matter what it is.
Yes I do like to recieve presents ..Who does not ? Often I get things that my kids have made for me and it is very special to see what work and effort they've put into matter what it is ..Sometime I don't even know the present is suppose to be/look like..But I'm always smilingSmile SmilieSmile Smilie
I love to give away present alsoSmile Smilie
Next likes candles in the night
i adore candles period. =) unfortunately i almost managed to lite the house on fire a couple months back so i've been banned from the matches til i can learn to keep my pyro tendencies under control.
Next has dyed their hair a weird colour (eg. pink, green, blue, purple) before.
I' have had RED , then BLACK and now I have blond stripes among with my original brown Smile Smilie
Next "have to " read everyday
Yes that comes with the territory, both being here daily and reading myself to sleep nightly.

Next has never eaten fried worms or even seen a giant Palouse earthworm.
Yak Smile Smilie No ..Grondy I think they look awful Smile Smilie Are they any good ?
Next is saving money for a trip
no, but i am saving money but not sure what for, anything that catches my eye

Next has Tinnitus??? I have and its not nice
not that I know of...

Next has read Eragon
Nope I haven'tSmile Smilie
Next likes the autumn
I like early Autumn = Indian Summer; I hate late Autumn: we usually have three to five months of windy, rainy, miserable November.

Next likes red licorice, but hates the black kind.
nope, quite the opposite in fact, i despise red/chocolate licorice but adore the black stuff...which is really a pain when one has braces like i do.

Next has had braces (while we're on the subject.)
nope...i don't like dentists, and my teeth are surprisingly straight!

Next has read Life of Pi
Nope, never heard of it... but I have had braces.

Next has been bridge swinging.
As far as I know, I have not. Haven't been bridge-jumping either!

Next will swim in the ocean this weekend!

We love Indian summer, people are still bathing and enjoying the weather in my part of the world!
Nope but maybe I will go with my kids to the swimming pool Big Laugh Smilie
Next likes to pick blueberries
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