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Thread: Who's next?

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Only when I'm working on my computer - they're supposed to cut out the glare/radiation from the screen. I spend about 7 - 8 hours a day in front of the pc so my eyes get a little sore at the end of the day. Other than that, I wear sunglasses when I'm driving or hiking or any other outdoorsy thing.

Next loves staring at the stars on a clear night?
Oh wow yes...I bought my hubby a telescope last Christmas and it's 'totally amazing' (to coin a phrase).

The next loves winter?
Yes, Wineter is great, you get snow although cold, still fun if you catch a snowflake and it melts when you try to keep it.....

Next has had a thought about something and 5 seconds later it happened???
No, I can't move that fast.

Next won't decorate their Christmas tree until Christmas Eve.
i didn't want to but i'm afraid we put ours up yesterday, it looks red-neckish and ugh, but oh well....

Next loves snowboarding.
Never tried it... due to lack of snow and high cost of going on a ski-holiday.

Next loved to climb trees when they were a little 'un.
Only tried it mum said don't climb the tree you'll fall......and I did almost ripping my stomach open on a branch....why are mum's always right!

Next has visited the UK (if you live here already, where's the furthest you've been abroad)?
Yes I have visited UK several times ( but it has been 12 years now)In fact I'm going over seas this thursday again Smile Smilie Can't wait to see London again Happy Elf Smilie
Next doesn't like to travel by airplanes
Most correct!!! I've safely landed 51 times including one aborted takeoff and one near miss. All on business as a passenger on commercial jets, except once in a military turboprop transport into Madrid. I am a white knuckle flyer. If God wanted us to fly he would have made us birds or angels.

Next can swim under water.
yup, if i have a nose plug or am swimming one handed.

turkey or ham?
Turkey just pips ham to the post - I love both.

Next likes kissing Kiss Smilie Kiss Smilie long as its not all slobbery...gross! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next likes babies.
I do, four of my siblings are practically babies, so how can you not like them. Animated Wink Smilie Shocked Smilie

Next likes to fight with swords.
Nah ,but I find most of them beautiful decorated and nice to look atSmile Smilie
Next just came home from work
nope, just arrived at school.

Next likes watching american football.
HOCKEY for me baby.

next is looking forward to the winter holidays
YesSmile Smilie Since I work most of the time I'm looking forward to spend a few days off and have a good time with my family and friendsSmile Smilie
Next has reached the final in some sort of sport event
No, alas, I had to give up my sport of Archery when I hurt my back. I was considering entering my first competition. Very Sad Smilie

Next can sing and dance
yup, although my dancing is more fit for clubs than "dancing with the stars".

Next is in college.
Nope, next year, in 11th grade, I'll do some college work though.

Next wore shorts in November.
um definitely not. Its been below freezing and I'm a complete whimp when it comes to cold weather...yet I live in a resort town, go figure.....

Next is drinking soda.
Yup, Diet Dr. Pepper?

Next isn't a 'Pepper'.
true im not

next is still in school
sorry golden red .. would have been true like ... ummmmm .. ten years back !!

neway .. next is calculating how old i actually am !! Wink Smilie
lol. i was until you said that.

next is an only child
Nope, I have a younger sister and brother. (My brother and mother loved Tolkien's books; my sister didn't.)

Next hasn't eaten dinner yet today; probably meaning they live west of the Atlantic Ocean.
nope...have had dinner...about 5 hours ago...MmmMMMm....Chinese Food! *Drool*

Next does not drink coffee
I do drink coffee but prefer Earl Grey Tea but have to admit to drinking it with a tiny splash of milk Wary Smilie

Next has sore feet due to excess Christmas shopping
nope, more like excess walking with an extremely heavy backpack at school *pout*.

Next has already had a snowball fight this winter.
Ah sadly no.. Orc Sad Smilie The weather is unusually warm for this time of year here..and so it seems is the same in all of Europe.. Damn global warming and people who just dont care for the enviroment.. GRRR!!

Next would buy a car fueled by some enviroment friendly substance, if it was available and the price was in his limit.
DUh....everyone should. economies dunt sustain the environment, the environment sustains economies.

next is cold
mhm, freeezing and the -2 degrees farenheit soooo does not help.

Next is wearing boots.
Nope - takkies or trainers or sneakers or whatever you wanna call them. And it's a nice warm 28C over here (I'm not sure what that is in F).

Next is hungry!... nearly lunch time.
tell me arwen .. who in their right mind would wear boots when theyre sitting in front of their computer ???? neway .. im not wearing boots and my feet are cooold .. brrrrrr Snowman Smilie

next hasnt visited the site for quite some time !!
i do but they're slipper boots and they keep me feet nice and snuggly warm. =P and its been, um, 12 hours? since i was on here last =P

Next is eating a muffin!
Not too often as I have a tendency to put on some extra stones pr every muffin.

Next is happy because merchants have given us an early Christmas-start???! Tired Santa Smilie
Oh yes.....but I've been shopping since January Very Mad Smilie

Next has just read Mellon's journal entry saying she's in London - Hello Mellon :wavingsanta;

(only 30 miles from my home town of Chelmsford - if I shout loud enough she may hear me..... Big Laugh Smilie )
I was in London ..Thinking about Tolkien , Loss and you actually since you live in Sussex am I right ? Loss since he lives about 4 hours away and of course Tolkien -ENGLAND ( Rafael joined me as well, we had a great time Smile Smilie ) I
Next likes to go sight-seeing
mhmmmmm....... but i never find the time Sad Smilie

next wants cake
I was in London ..Thinking about Tolkien , Loss and you actually since you live in Sussex am I right

...not Sussex Mellon, I'm closer at 35-40 minutes by train - Essex.

Back to Elffairy......
( Sorry MaymarionSmile Smilie Anyway I'm back in Norway nowSmile Smilie)
No, I don't want cake but maybe a sandwichSmile Smilie
Next thinks X-mas is a stressful holiday ( I don't Christmas Smilie )
I do: My father died on a Christmas day; on another I wasn't looking forward to major surgery the following week. and on a third one my wife of seventeen years decided she wanted out and left me. Orc Sad Smilie

As that all happened at least twenty-five years ago, I'm starting to mellow out and am trying to once again enjoy the season. Waving Santa Smilie

Next has gone yet deeper in debt buying Christmas presents again this year.
not reli....specially bc most of me friends dunt do christmas. i think only one of my friends does it. i just have to buy her summtn. Big Smile Smilie

next wears contacts
I may be called shortsighted. I have used spectacles, but after an operation I see as well as most people. I do luckily not wear contacts.

Next prefer catsup to ketchup! Cat Smilie
catsup? cats up where? I like cats, but I wouldn't eat them with french fries or anything else for that matter - I would however eat All Gold Tomato Sauce, yum yum! I miss my cat, and my dog - they live with my parents... Very Sad Smilie

Next can quote movie lines after seeing the movie just once.
If you mean quoting senteces like :"Oh, you killed me", or "Of course I love you, Liza", then I can remember up to 5 lines. But remember I'm a man. I do not chew gum while walking.

Next likes to see the same movie at least ten times!
Very seldom, I may watch Gene Shepherd's A Christmas Story again this year, but I certainly won't watch It's a Wonderful Life this year.

Next has already trimmed their Christmas tree. (I'm going to do mine with my 14 year old grandson when he spends the weekend with me 15-17 December. I just talked to my daughter and she will drive him from Everett to Seattle and the ferry, which he will ride by himself to Bremerton and then take a preordered cab to my place.)
yup the day after thanksgiving in fact, much to my dismay....I stilll think that that was waaaaaaaaaay too early.

Next is wearing a scarf.
yess infact i m.... Smile Smilie it finaaly snowed!!!! Snowman Smilie YAY...

next wants to go ICE SKATING!!!!!!
I DO! I love ice skating.

Next celebrates St. Nicholas Day.
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