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Thread: Who's next?

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no i live in the northen hemisphere, and its soooo hot, i have about 3 fans all going at the same time

Next is allergic to Peanuts???
Next luuuuuuuuuuuves that its summer
Not very much. Its way too hot over here to be comfortable.

The next person is getting bored.
Oh no Im not Happy Elf Smilie
Next is wearing a blue hat
I was earlier today until I got back home: it was navy blue wool with a silver and a marine blue/green letter "S", a compass star, and red and white baseball. It's called a Seattle Mariners baseball cap.

Next is listening to a CD as they work the forum.
no, I'm half watching David Letterman...he's so crazy.

Next hates dentists
Yep, I do, but I go once or twice a year for a cleaning anyway. As long as I don't get any cavities, I'm fine!

Next is going away for the weekend.
Unfortunately not, but there's a long weekend coming up in September - I'm hoping to go away then.

Next is not a morning person Good Morning Smilie
Not a chance, I love the morning. I especially like being outside when the sun is just coming up.

Next likes the evening best
totally! I love it...when the sun is setting, it's not really hot, the birds are still playing outside, some of the night animals are starting to come out....perfect...Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

next listens to Michael Bubl’
No sorry, I haven't heard of him - what's he like?

Next has been off-line for a few months
Nope Smile Smilie but its good to see yah around again Smile Smilie
Next doesn't like fish'n chips
i loooooooove fish and chips, nothing better than a lazy way of finding food,

TO THE CHIPPY!!!!!! *runs to batmobile*

Next can look around the room and see a piece of fruit??
Nope :Can't say that I do..Its in the kitchen
Next is having a cup of coffee
Nope, hot lemon-berry herbal tea. It's 86’ F in my appartment and I probably should be having ice tea, but I've got a wet towel around my neck which is helping keep me cool. Elf Winking Smilie

Next currently has their shoes off.
yes i do, sat on my feet in my grey sockies!!!

Next is listening to good ole rock music???
Νο Ι don't listen to rock music now but I did 2 days ago!!Next is an athlete
Not in the least, apart from the odd squash game every now and then, I never have been very athletic. I am listening to rock music though.

Next loves pancakes!
actually, I don't. I'd much rather have a bagel or something simple....unless my mom makes them, then, I will eat until I explode...Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

OH! Maydmarion, Michael Bubl’ is a newer Canadian artist...he kinda plays some big band classics...I've got you under my the last dance....great stuff, check out his page HERE!

Next likes Sprite more than Coke or Pepsi
Actually none of them Smile Smilie I LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUVE WATER !!!!
Next love spending time at the beachCool Smilie
Not very much! There's too many mosquitos so I prefer to stay in the water if I'm beachy!

Next is a strawberry fan! Cool Elf Smilie
not really a fruit person, but i looove strawberry milk and icecream with a passion.

Next prefers wheat bread over white.
Actually I'd rather have dill-rye bread, toasted and slathered with butter. Nummmy!

Next, had trouble going to sleep last night due to the heat.
Not due to the heat. It was actually pretty cool last night. I just have sleeping troubles sometimes.....for unknown reasons, I can't sleep!

Next has played Magic the Gathering before
no i cant say i have even heard of that

Next loves the old Disney films???

Love the avatar Lemaly!!!!!!
Sure do LossSmile SmilieOld or New doesn't matter really I've bougth most of them for my kids and I also love watching themSmile Smilie
Next had their favourite dinner today ?
Not yet as it is only 4:30 pm locally; though I might.

Next doesn't like watermellon on a hot day.
You must be joking sir...Big Laugh Smilie Actually I'm more of a water person without the mellon
Next often work the nigth-shift
Nope, we don't have a night shift... though I do work overtime if we're really busy and have to meet a deadline.

Next is creative in some way, be it musically or artistically - etc, etc.
feel free to elaborate
Yes you got it!!!Next has a pet snake
no i dont, all i have is a mighty german shepherd, gorgeous she is

Next has eaten Minstrels (the chocolate) ???
Elf Smilie I kind of wondered if you were looking for kind of a cannibal eating singing people, but nay, it was just some strange chocolate. To the point then; no I haven't but I've tasted a very nice toffee named The Scottish Tablet! Does that count for something?? Dunce Smilie they tasted like heaven though!

Next is taking out his pillow, sleeping in the patio this summer! Sleeping Smilie Snowman Smilie
Sounds like a great idea but I'm working during the nigths so well.....
Next is feeling very tired at the moment
yes, i am....i didn't sleep well last night, and I'm in a bad bad mood right now.

Next is hoping the weather will be nice on the weekend
yes and no really, its too hot here, so id like a bit of cool in the air sometime soon, gotta enjoy the sun while it lasts though.

Next is Mellon???

R'el: I suppose that Scottish tablet would count for something, but really you have to compare Minstrels to it, to see which is better.... but i love chocolate......
Nope, it's Eruwen!

Next talks to dead people.
Only when....wait a minute??!?! DEAD PEOPLE!!!! AHHHHHHHHH *runs out of room shielding eyes and whimpering*

Next plays baseball
I played softball, and still wander down to the batting cages every now and then. I just went to my husband's softball game tonight. His poor team has only won one game in the last three years Sad Smilie.

Next loves the feeling of the wind on his/her face.
Next went to an Irish consert last nigth ( I SURE DID :happyelf Smile Smilie
I wish!

Next is thinking of someone they love.

Next has had a stressful day
Not really :i've been busy but I like having much to do Smile Smilie
Next likes cornbread
Yup, with butter and honey, or even just accompanying chili-con-carne with beans; though I don't remember to make cornbread very often.

Next has a sink full of dirty dishes.
No..thank God for the washdisher ..
Next often has deja-vu's
All the time! But when I start to get them more in a certain period of my life than in others, I really feel assured that I am on the right track...

Next has rhythm (and can dance on beat)
Sure can Wiggle Smilie I love to dance when it's a goooood rythmHappy Elf Smilie
Next is a newbie
Not exactly a newbie in Tolkien's world, but very new to many things in life still. By the way I joined a marvellous Irish consert with Andrea a few nights ago; and with people I love and enjoy. It was an evening to remember.

Yes, Loss; Scottish Tablets do indeed count for something, they are really my favourites!

Next has been celebrating a birthday lately! Birthday Smilie
no not since the middle of june

next has tried green and blacks dark chocolate ?
Nope can't say that I haveSmile Smilie
Next likes celtic music
Yup, as long as it is toe-tapping music; but I don't like laments about the boy/girl/dog I left behind.

Next likes flamenco music.
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