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Thread: Who's next?

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Next is in a very warm room right now and wishing it would cool down.
Not really . I'm sitting in my living-room and the temperature is nice
Next is going on the beach tomorrow
Oh I wish I wish I wish. I'm just going to work, like usual. (*SIGH*) Very Sad Smilie

Next is planning a fun, relaxing vacation for sometime this summer.
No, I wish for my husband's sake we were because he could use a good rest and to get away from his job but we only get mini vacations, me here and him playing WoW.

Next loves sushi!
Umm, well, sometimes. I don't like seafood, so I only really like the cucumber rolls, and that's only on certain days.

Next likes to drink 2%
Almost. I usually drink 1% milk, but if the store doesn't have any (or if all the 1%'s will expire too soon) then I'll get 2%. There really isn't much difference between them anyway.

Next drinks their coffee black.
I dun't even drink coffee....

Next is NOT left-handed...
Correct! Righty here...

Next has never had an ingrown toenail (thank God, because they HURT).
No, but I had a big sliver of wood under my fingernail when I was a kid. I still remember the ache all the way back past my elbow which really ruined that Sunday afternoon's visit to my cousins' town.

Next has had a few nose bleeds.
Yes, I've always had trouble with those.

next liked to climb trees as a child.
Yes, up until I fell out that one time....painful backside is aching reminiscence.

Next prefers blue ink to black

Actually, I don't really care. As long as I have a writing utensil when I want to write, I'm happy!

Next knows someone who has vertigo
Yeah, I do.

The next person is not comfortable with sarcasm.
And I'm a purple twinkie!

Next likes to play online Texas Hold 'Em Poker, like me.
No, I'm too cheap; I'd rather give my money to charity as I don't have a poker face, which even though they can't see it online, my bets would give me away. Also, I won't play RPG games online because I know I'd become even more addicted to them than I am now.

Next likes to sleep in the cold rather than the heat.
Yup, I definitely do.

Next likes Scrabble (and usually wins).
I do like Scrabble , I play it often with my kids but I don't win everytime's fun to play with words and it helps the children to spell..great game
Next knows the name of the first film you ever saw ?
Nope, no clue, but I'm quite positive it was some Disney movie... MENELDUR!!!!!!
wanted to go back to guessing people for a bit, heh heh Big Smile Smilie

Wow! You're good!!! LOL!!!!!

Next is afraid of thunder and lightning.
No , I guess I'm to fascinated by it Smile SmilieLove the power of mother nature
Next likes a good discussion
I do indeed...

Next is currently on the phone as well as the PC...

Nope, I'm not slave to my phone.

Next needs to buy groceries again.
Nope, not even close. We have so much food in the freezer, I'm actually worried that some of the meat might go bad before we get to it. ("THEY SAY" you're not supposed to keep it frozen forever, it spoils, or destroys the universe, or something like that.)

Next does NOT usually do text-messaging on a cellphone/blackberry/etc.
Correct, I don't know how to text message or use a blackberry Smile Smilie

Next has an irrational fear of cold breakfast cereal.
Not really but I don't eat it more than once a year i think Smile Smilie
Next is having a blast this weekend
Well, I'm going to be having a blast this weekend! This weekend is the 140th birthday of Canada my home! YAY US!!!!

Next has yucky morning breath
Only in the morning Orc Smiling Smilie Nothing that a good brushing of the teeth and tongue won't fix Orc Grinning Smilie

Next is wearing an item of clothing that is Grey?
yes, yes i am. it's a grey tank.

next celebrates the 4th of July.
Naturally Jumping Flame Smilie

Next likes to watch and listen to birds.
Yes, definitely. My parents used to have bird feeders all over the yard and when I would go out to fill them up, there were all different kinds of birds waiting to get food. Some would actually fight over it and knock eachother to the ground. Birds are fascinating animals.

Next has had a crazy month!
Concidering working a lot YES Smile Smilie
Next soon has summer vacation (like me )
Am already on summer vaca.

Next is going to the beach in the next three days.
No not me; its too far away.

Next would like to have a new iphone - or whatever it is that was introduced Friday.
Nope, I have absolutely no desire for "gadgets" like that. I also do NOT have (or want) an iPod, a digital camera, a GPS, or a camera in my cellphone. It was like pulling teeth for me to finally accept DVD's a few years ago. (I didn't really have a choice, my girlfriend bought me the dvd player for Christmas and started bringing over most of her 100+ movies LOL) And the real kicker is...most people would assume that I'm "sooooooo technologically advanced", just because I'm a web programmer. But no, I'm a real Luddite when it comes to new gizmos. Elf Winking Smilie

Next is looking forward to a BBQ and some fireworks on the Fourth.
Nope, we had fireworks on the first. YAY CANADA!!!! HAPPY 140TH BIRTHDAY!!!! WOOOT!

Next does not eat fast food at all
No, I usually have something once every week or two.

Next doesn't have a lawn to mow.

Next is going to see fire works tonight. That's kind of a given, huh?

Have a good 4th of July, everyone!
Nope Smile Smilie I live in Norway ..maybe I'll see it on the news thoughSmile Smilie HAPPY 4th OF JULY Smile Smilie
Next likes the programme 60 Minutes
I watch 60 Minutes once in a while, but I like PBS's Frontline and Bill Moyer's Journal much better.

Next has no made plans for this weekend?
Not true Smile Smilie I'm going on vacation to Denmark with my family for a week
Next is celebrating a birthday tomorrow
Their not on the birthday list in the The Party Tree.

Next has not yet figured out what to add for their "Next has.....".
Nah GrondySmile Smilie
Next is starting to read a new book this eveningRead Smilie
Actually, I think I am! As long as I'm not needed to do anything else I should be starting a new book tonight!

Next rarely buys bottled water.
Very true. I am of the opinion that if I want "bottled water" I'll go get an empty bottle and fill it from the sink. Voil’, bottled water.

Next likes to barbecue.
True... very true

Next cant live without a cellphone/ipod/laptop
Nope, I just pinched myself and I'm still alive, having none of them.

Next has read The Silmarillion fewer times than The Hobbit.
No WAY!!!! I read the Silmarillion heaps more times than the Hobbit. July is so freezing cold in Australia because it's winter!

Next person lives in the Northen Hemisphere.

Yes sir-ree-bob, and locally are enjoying the first week of our true summer weather, as it came a week early this year.

Next thinks their weather this week is too hot.

I posted the above 'Next....' under the dual chain game because I again forgot which thread I was posting to, so when I got here I found my mistake and went back a gave a new question and pasted my unused question here, even though coincidently it also was about the weather.
No I don't. Today's maximum tempereture is a blistering 8degrees and the most heavy frost ever had arrived last night and the winds are North-Westerlies going from 20-40kmph. Well, I think that today is too freezing.
Remember, I live in the southern hemisphere, not the north.

Next person does not live in Australia.

Too true.

Next hasn't used an iron to iron clothes in years, if ever.
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