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Thread: Who's next?

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I have taken an oval weekend, from Thursday to Sunday! We have used our car and seen much of our county. This autumn has been marvelous; colour-wise and it's still Indian Summer in our part of the country.

Next is eating a steak of lamb this week! Wolf Smilie Wolf Smilie Wolf Smilie
Nope, me don't like eating young or old sheep.

Next doesn't like crunchy peanut butter.
I do like it though I don't eat it very often Smile Smilie
Next likes to read poetry
Why yes, sometimes.

Next drives a car.
if drives a car doesn't mean crashes it most of the times, I do.! If drive a car and crashes it frequently, a friend of mine does. If driving a car means being a copilot and telling one every next move to do, my wife drives a car too. ( But she doesn't have a licence).

Next is going to get herhim-self a driver's licence!
Nah;I don't think so Smile Smilie
Next is reading for an Exam
Ahhh, no.

Next will be recieving something in the mail today.

nope....mail already came, and I got nothing...Sad Smilie

Next is frustrated.
yeah, with my parents, teachers and guyfriend who is being really clingy and can't seem to get the message i don't like him!!!!!!!

next is eating ice cream.
Nope, but I'm starting to think about dinner as it is just past 4 PM here.

Next has difficulty patting the top of their head with one hand while simultaneously rubbing their stomach in a circular motion with their other hand.
Nah..That's hard Grondy but ,If I don't to it to fast I may be able too..

Next is listening to some soft music while working
No, I'm listening to the talk radio program Open Source via, where they are discussing Edna O’Brien’s new novel The Light of Evening.

Next has their full complement of fingers and toes, but has only two eyes rather than the more normal number of three.
yes which is really a bit of a shame....three eyes would be wonderful, especially since i'm acting as a surrogate mother to my siblings while my parents are on their anniversary trip. I've now decided that motherhood isn't for me, too hectic.

Next has a stomache.
Nope Smile Smilie
Next has recently been to the hairdresser
Well, uhm, if you count a roommate with a curling iron... Big Smile Smilie

Next wants mail...of any kind...just for the fact that it is mail and therefore is special! Smile Smilie
Sure It's always nice to get e-mailsSmile Smilie
Next is going to the swimmingpool today
nah...too darn cold here, and too expensive to go to the indoor public ones...and I don't really trust the other people swimming in know, with the whole peeing in the water thing...GROSS! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next is reading Harry Potter!
(I just started reading it for the first time ever...already on Goblet of Fire LOVE IT!
No, but I am again listening to Jim Dale read the first book on tape at bedtime. He does a wonderfull job. I have read all six of the books and have Dale's unabridged rendition of them on either tape or CD. Much fun. Happy Elf Smilie

Next has read all five books of Douglas Adams's trilogy series The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Nope I haven't read any of them .sorrySmile Smilie
Next wish that the weekend could last longer
Well, I already am having a 9-day weekend so i don;t think I could ask for any more.

The next person has seen the TV series Prison Break and likes it.
Sorry, haven't had a chance to see that yet...I'll look into it when I get the chance, tho. Everyone agrees it is really good!

Next has heaps of homework that they are avoiding diligently... Ha Ha Ha Smilie
yeah, which i really shouldn't be since i'm already almost a year behind everyone else in my grade, but oh well.

next is eating a muffin.
No Smile Smilie I just had a boiled egg
Next has been working outside their country
nope...just Canada...Sad Smilie I wish I were outside my country...cause I never travel anywhere. I love Canada, but would love to travel somewhere new for once!

Next is reading a really old book.
Yes, one book named The Return of The King, by some English Professor, can't remember his name...................

Next just loves Disney films???
Sure Loss, I do like to watch them with my children
Next is joining a birthday-party today
Just went to a birthday party last weekend, and will be attending a baby shower this Sunday. (That's sort of like a birthday!?!) Any reason to get together and have fun is worth it.

Next, woke up to a rainy morning, like I did!
Oh yeah ,This day the rain hasn't stopped yet
Next likes to take pictures
First it was picture of the bonny lass I married, then it was four beautiful daughters growing up, but nowadays I prefer pictures of grandchildren in school, in sports or whereever I can catch them.

Next is preparing for winter! Snowman Smilie Christmas Smilie
OH YA! it's threatening to be a long cold winter already! we've already had snow! EEP! lol...good thing I like snow eh?

next likes to read out of an encyclopedia every once in a while.
no not really

next has a party to go to sometime soon
Tomorrow nite actually, a halloween one. I"m going as little red riding hood tramp-style! its so cute!

Next is freeezing!
Yes I am, I'm cuddling my pillow as I slightly shiver Snowman Smilie

Next has broken their toe??? - I think I have, stubbed it right against a door yesterday, WOE IS ME!!!
Yes I have but that was 3 or 4 years ago .It was my pinky toe Smile Smilie
Next doesn't like to shop
To be quite honest, I don't even enjoy sitting with a book or my paper, when some daughters of mine are burning their credit-card with their mom in a Supermarket. And I'm a patient bloke!

Next are training with herhis choir for an annual Xmas concert!
Nope! I'm not in the choir, though I am in the musical!

Next has just watched the LOTR movies again after months of not watching it
no...i haven't watched them since new year's eve last year...great time. great way to spend a new year's eve with friends. yay! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie good thing all my friends like LOTR as well! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next has a cold
I hope that's all this is...

next has horrible stage fright...and has to give a presentation in front of about 90 people tomorrow... Shaking Head Smilie
A really stage fright may be too much, but everyone should have some butterflies flying around in one's tummy before a performance, just to be able to top an effort. Hope you calm down a notch or two! I wish you best of luck!! Snowman Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie

Next are planning a journey abroad with good friends!
nope, just a journey away from a hundred mile radius of my parents. and it better happen soon or i do believe i'll go insane.

Next is going trick-or-treating tomorrow nite!
Nope but my kids are getting ready right now Pumpkin Smilie
Next likes creepy bedtime stories
No way! I sleep better with the lights out: after creepy stories the lights must stay on.

Next had more than my quota of three Trick-or-Treaters at their door Halloween. I'm certainly glad I bought the kind of candybars that I like to eat.
i trick-or-treated, does that count?

Next ditched school yesterday.
uhm, well, I slept in late and almost missed my science lab...but I needed that class and so I couldn't just blow it off altogether, sadly...I was sleeping so nicely.

Next is craving chocolate... ...I want my Lindt truffles...
No, but I have a half-pound bar of Hersey's Special Dark Chocolate hidden in a drawer for when I have my next attack. Elk Grinning Smilie

Next has a supply of chicken soup laid in for when they get their winter headcold.
nope, personally I prefer clam chowder but I'm all stocked up.

Next just realised, like me, that a greater majority of the "Next..."s have to deal wtih food.
I have, and it's torture.
Next is getting hungry...

I love Canada, but would love to travel somewhere new for once!

There is a chance that I might be going to France for a few weeks next year, which would be nice, considering I've only seen the Atlantic, haven't even been on it. Say, is there a vacation thread or something already up?
No I'm not getting hungry , I prefer a cup of Coffe
Next has a big family
No, I have a son, daughter, and grandson; a brother and sister, both childless; one living aunt and uncle; and seven cousins spread all over the western US. My parents, three sets of aunts and uncles; and four grandparents have already gone to meet their maker.

Next forgot to tie the laces on their sandals this morning
Nope, I'm not even wearing sandals, right now it's too cold for that.

Next already has snow on the ground.
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