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Thread: Who's next?

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Yuk Sad Smilie Oh No Sir !! I would never eat that Happy Elf Smilie
Next is a vegetarian
No i love is a member for a long time
almost 3 years....looong time when i think about it.....tho there are lots of ppl who have been here longer than me.

Next adores Sarah Brightman's singing.
Had I heard her sing, I might adore her or her singing; however, as I haven't I must pass.

Next has read all seven books of The Chronicles of Narnia.
I most indeed have. I love them. I have met so many people that haven't though, and I pity them. Poor things, missing out on the greatness of Narnia!

Next was bitten by a bug sometime recently
There has still been some wasps around lately, but it's end of season for them so they have't got me yet.

Next is allergic to bug-bites!
yup, which is proof i'm not the ape my parents insist on calling me.

next went to a dance this weekend.
No I didn't Sad Smilie Love your avatar Arwen Cool Smilie
Next is at work
Naw,not yet!

Been a long time people!!!

Next is feeling ill today.
Yes you are right. Welcome back, I have seen a few posts of yours reading in the past. Welcome back

Next has read something that they enjoy so much, they can't wait to pick up the book again and carry on reading???
nope, been writing so much i can't stop though....but i am happy w/the way its turning out.

next has a blue toungue.
No, not blue, but dark brown with specs of green and red, no no don't worry I havn't a disease, I am eating M&M's!!

Next has red hair???
No, dark brown but it has been blue in he past.

Next is married
Used to have been, ain't no more.

Hey Rock Hat, welcome back.

Next got up early this morning.
YesSmile Smilie I have to get early up becauce the kids are going to school and also becauce I wanted to make some buns for the kids before I go to work later on Smile Smilie
Next prefers to shower every morning
Yeah, it's much quicker for me (I tend to soak for awhile in the bath) and it gets your hair cleaner than you would in bath water.

Next like strawberries with cream and lots of sugar.
mhmmm, or just plain sugar, that's great too.

Next likes the look of the straight-leg pants that are "in" now.
Sure I like them Smile Smilie
Next likes to listen to music while they are resting/reading
Like music when I'm relaxing, nice bit of Mozart, but I must have silence when I read.

If you were an animal (other than a human) what would you be and why?
I'd be an eagle or definitely some kind of bird, because I'd love to be able to fly - it must be such an awesome feeling, to just take off whenever you want to, to glide around in the air and look down at the rest of world far below. I've often had dreams of being able to fly.

Next could do with a nice big hot mug of Milo...
What's Milo ?
Next joins some sort of a choir or a band
used to be in a band, played mostly punk and rock covers. I've chilled in my old age and play relaxing, classical guitar for my own amusement.

Do you have any psychic abilities?
nope, and according to my friends, giving them to be would be the cause of the end of the world....apparently i can get what i want way too easy and without any trouble and it disturbs them....

Next is reading a biography.
No, a novel at the moment :read.
Next is working the night skift
Nope, the only time I worked the night-shift was one time when we had a submarine with a very damaged snorkel mast and had only two weeks to replace it with some worn-out spare parts. We worked around the clock and I came up with a method to build up the o-ring mating surfaces and we succeeded. The boat went back to sea on time and I got an 'Attaboy'. (it takes 1000 Attaboys to make up for only one 'Awshucks!'.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next doesn't like tapioca pudding.
So very true.

Next watches CSI (either the original, Miami, or NY...or a combination of them!)
yup, and law and order and cold case and without a trace....I'm addicted to those shows.

Next is a dog person.
Yes I am, I am completely in love with my german shepherd puppy Orc Smiling Smilie sooo cute, we got her from this place My little Puppy, and the main picture on the page is my ickle puppy, we sent them that picture. Shes also on their hompage, Videx gsd Homepage, she's sooo gorgeous

Next just adores my puppy??? Orc Smiling Smilie
But of course!

Next is actully asleep at the keyboard.
Sleepy yes, sleeping no. It will be an early nightie..; and then comes Tuesday.

Next is ever so happy to be back on PT again!
Yes, but my P-T email had also been off-line and I had 230 SPAM emails staring me in the face when I turned on my computer this morning.

Next still has sunshine at 4 pm their local time.
Yeah, well, maybe not, well I think so yeah...but I dont' think it'll last too long.

Next loves writing editorials
Can't say that I doSmile Smilie
Next do not like the sound of balloons when they burst
But, I kind of do like bursting baloons, and I like firing fire-works too!

Next have been to a birthday party lately. (With a lot of nice grandchildren involved) Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie
No, but I wished my 34 year old daughter a happy birthday today.

Next has already staked out their halloween pumpkin, from which they will carve a Jack-O-Lantern.
I'm from Greece we do not have Haloween here!! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile SmilieNext loves spageti
u forgot a question Ninerl! =P
But of course.

Next has warts
No warts on me, but witches seems to enjoy some and pumpkin time is closing in; soon is Halloween!

Next will be ready for trick or treat! Pumpkin Smilie
Yes, I ordered candy bars that I like to eat, for delivery tomorrow in case like last year, Orc Grinning Smilie no one shows up on my door step with those marvelous words:
Super Scared Smilie "TRICK OR TREAT - MONEY OR EAT!!!" Super Scared Smilie

Next can't wait for the weekend to start.
my weekend starts today!!!!! i love UEA week!!!!!

Next likes eggs.
SureSmile Smiliespecially scrambled eggsHappy Elf Smilie
Next need to cut their hair
Nay! My wife hasn't ordered my haircut yet! But one my daughters have really given a grandson of mine a haircut. That nice boy can not go outside their wc without a cap. He is peeled, poor boy!

Next is driving a lot of grandchildren to a swimmingpool this evening!
No i dont .next has many friends
I never had too many. I know a lot of people, we are helloing each other, I have some people we journey with, join ian a movie or a concert, party with but there aint more than a few intimate friends to share ups and downs in life.

Next is still bathing in the sea ,and will do so till xmast!'s already snowing here, and I live nowhere near the sea...i wish I did though, I love sea life....YAY DOLPHINS!

Next is drinking a warm coffee or hot chocolate, or some similar warm drink
I'm drinking hot coffee from Costa Rica, a new but friendly taste!

Next wish there can be a five miles border to snow and ice from che city! Snowman Smilie
Yes Smile Smilie As long as the snow stays on the mountains I'm very happyHappy Elf Smilie
Next is soon sleeping in front of the computer
Probably, but I'd rather not. Elk Grinning Smilie

Next has never pressed colorful Autumn leaves for safe keeping.
Sure have Grondy Smile Smilie Lots of them !! In the colours of green , orange , yellow, red and brown.
Next is soon off for work Smile Smilie
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