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Thread: Who's next?

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Um Yeah right when I read your thread. Paranoid Smilie

Next has had lunch today
Not yet, its only 10:30 in the morning you know.

Next just finished chewing gum.

Haven't eaten one in months!

The next person likes spoofs and parodies!
that is my lunch period and that would mean you are also in the eastern time zone in US, correct?
Not the last time I looked. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Next likes loads of butter and salt on their popcorn.
Yes, I do. Makes good for all those heart-wrenching sob sob movies they make here in India anyway. I always concentrate on my popcorn during such movies and let the people who've brought me there (generally my parents or some girl) do all the sobbing.

The next person hates emotional, romantic movies.
Yup because my sister and Mother are big sob sob people. I think I will try concentrating on my popcorn next time.

next likes/liked running in their youth
No. Always hated running (as a sport, I like a bit of running around just for fun).

Next is going to the movies tonight.
Probably not. Most likely we'll stay in and watch a dvd with the kids. The cineplex here has twenty-four theatres, so every time I have gone there, it is like a circus minus the clowns and the fun. You literally have to wait in line at the concession stands for a half-hour or more before you can get your darn popcorn and Raisenettes, and it just isn't worth it when you're towing around three children. We generally don't see any movies until they come out on dvd-but the popcorn just isn't the same...

Next has an affinity for butter-rum-flavored-anything!
Oh rum flavoured things are good - yes

The next has got some piercings appart from ears and you don't have to tell us where One Eye Smilie
nope and hopefully never will. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie I have never thought that piercing on guys are cool.

next has had surgery before
I performed surgery on myself. I dug a thorn out my finger. And ripped open my skin to do it. don't do that if you play the piano. It gets all pussy and it hurts whenever you press the keys. Oh, and don't play th epiano before you dig it out. It rams it right in and then you are requried to rip the skin open. Or, you could just be prudent and get the tweezers when you first find that you have a thorn in your finger. But I don't often do things like that. It's un-Loni like.

Next is wondering why I am so stupid to change my location twice. (I'm a hobbit, did you notice?)
I NOTICED!!!!!!!!!!
No I am not wondering because you had said before that would would change locations again.

Next is wondering about me and my excitedness about I noticed.

next is an axe-wielding, greedy, yet proud dwarf with a drinking problem
Nope I am an elf Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Next is another elf
never ! Smoke Smilie

its gonna be stonehelm
Though I'm very fond of old Stoney, I wouldn't say I'd go so far as to start calling myself by his name...So sorry, it's just me this time.

Next will find themselves very happy about something in the next twenty-four hours...
Yes - my hubby finishes nightshift.............(so I'll get my tea cooked when I come home from work)

The next is addicted to PT
Who? Me?

Next do not chew their fingernails.
No I am not wondering because you had said before that would would change locations again.

Ah good, I hammered the point home, then. Just making sure. But I'm still a dwarf at heart.

Yes, Grondy. I do NOT chew my fingernails. Except when there's a catch or thingy on them that irritates me. And those fingers always happen to be the fingers I'm supposed to keep long for guitar. On the other hand (in more ways than one), the fingers on my LEFT hand that are supposedc to be SHORt for guitar, flourish.

Next has noticed Grondy's grammatical mistake.
It took me a minute to find it after you said it was there but yes I noticed that it should have been Next does not chew their fingernails and not next do not chew their fingernails. Wiggle Smilie
(We are supposed to show them that Americans have perfect or close to perfet grammer Grondy shame shame)

Next person is wondering why I am scolding Grondy with my less than perfect grammer

the next person is really a giant chicken in duisgise
hehe srry I am an elf in disguise not a chicken.

Next has just eaten in the last 30 minutes
no but im really hungry

next has an idiotic name
No, I don't find my name anything close to what you've mentioned.

The next person has been hurt recently.
emotionally yes physically no.

Next is sneaking on to the computer/PT
How did you know?! That's scary...

Next is older than me (17).
Uh, no... but I am sneaking. I hope the teacher doesn't look at me.

Next person can type properly.
Yup See look up on posts and you will see me say that.

next is on a lot during the week
That we'll know only when the week will end.

The next person murdered his/her imaginary friend in its sleep.
murdered loads of imaginary people... ha ha hah Bad King Smilie

Next doesn't have to vork today... *envy*
Nope. But I have something even worse... SCHOOL!!!!!

Next is having fun right now
Yeah quite especially considering my country lost the cricket match.

The next person would rather have a chauffer (or however its spelt) then drive the car himself/herself.
right now yes because I cant drive...

Next has someone annoying by them like me right now
I'm getting annoyed by your double posts. Does that help?

The next person is planning to out of town in the near future.
Why yes I am! This Saturday I will be going to Germany and England for two weeks...yippee! (So don't worry about me for not posting for a couple of weeks, k?) Smile Smilie

The next person doesn't understand how Americans can eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
It does seem rather strange. I wouldn't do it myself.

The next person has split up with a partner in the past year
Yes, quite true.

The next person is listening to the radio.
first of all srry LA86 I thought I had gotten rid of the other one... and what is wrong with PB&J sandwhiches!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? they are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next agrees with me about Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwiches
If jelly means jam to the Brits - yuck. Ido like toasted cheese with jam on though, no-one in my house understands Very Mad Smilie

The next doesn't like their feet to be tickled
I am american so jelly is jelly. jam is jam.
no i dont.

Next is a parent
Nope, and I don't plan on it.

The next person had read the Sandtiger series by Jennifer Roberson.
I have sympathy for you if you haven't.
Well, then pity me, because I have not. But I am content in knowing that I also cannot experience every great thing out there in my short life, so even if I do not get a chance to read those novels, I'll be alright...I think. What if not reading them keeps me from entering the gates of heaven? Oh no, now I'm scared! Super Scared Smilie Okay, Rue, I'll read those immediately!

Next feels like having a huge slab of meat for dinner(sorry, Veggies!)
you don't plan on being a parent? Sad. Fancy going through life without having at least ONE kid. (Guess whether I'M female or male)

PIty me. I pity you too. You haven't read ANY of the books I have under my pillow. They're all published 1910 or earlier. Doncha love it?

Okay, we've had a post mix-up. So I'll just post again to sort it out, and also because I forgot to put in a 'next' thingy.

I DO want a great big slab of meat for dinner!!! I WANT MEAT!!! MEAT!!!! Preferably lamb. Lamb... Lamb... *drools* Being a vegetarian would KILL me.

Next has actually paid attention to the google ads on this site and clicked on some of them.
ha ha i laugh at your guess because I dont care about them so ha ha

next likes chinese food
No. And its because I don't like soya sauce and also because I can't pronounce their names. Who would want to eat something called "Cheaowmeaow"?

The next person has to search out the letters on the keyboard to type.

The next person likes the Patriots.

And responding to other comments, I'm not good at staying in one place or doing one thing, so I wouldn't have time for even the relationship, let alone make a very good mother.
Um... I am a patriot(american) but not a fan of the football(american) team no

next is not an american
True, I'm not, but I'd rather Britain become your 53rd state (or however many you have) than join Europe.

The next person owns a red baseball cap.
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