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Thread: Who's next?

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Yes, but only in the summer-time: not ever in the winter; and then only when they stay in their place and refrain from blowing their tops.

Next doesn't like drinking buttermilk.
Aye you're right. I prefer old plain milk.

Next likes to drink miklshake
Yes, no matter how it's spelled: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, etc.
Sorrry for the spelling mistakes Orc Grinning Smilie

Next likes to tell Grondy: Do not forget to write your question after your answer.
No, but he doesn't mind being the butt of those reminders; someday they may take. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next likes chili, as long as it isn't too hot. Jumping Flame Smilie

Next enjoys watching the games in Beijing.
I watched a few minutes of swimming last night on CBC, but I'm not that interested even though a male swimmer from this city won a gold in the relays the other day and a female swimmer from the county won a silver. We also have another local female swimmer who got left off the team because she was 0.01 seconds behind the next best place in the final trial heat; and because one of those ahead of her failed the drug test, but it was never reported until after the deadline for naming team members was past, even though the authorities had the results long before. Who says there is no politics or justice on the Olympic Committees. Besides which, they want us to rename the mountain range, peninsula, and National park that lies just to the west of me even though the name was supplied by Capt. Vancouver in the 1700s, go figure.

That being said, at least we aren't subjected to yet more figure skating this summer. And I hate watching the young gymnasts subjecting their ankles to horrible stresses, trying to "stick" their dismounts, even when sometimes they already have a broken ankle or bad strain or sprain.

Next like watching the uneven parallel bars and the rings,
Yes, I like the equestrian events best but gymnastics is good too.

Next likes dogs with long hair better than dogs with short hair.
Not really. I had three dogs and two of them had long fur an the third very short fur. Unfortunately short fur died recently. I really loved him!

Next things everyone should have at least one pet
Well, at least once in their lifetime, but some can not have one due to their current life conditions; though they may be able to later.

Next doesn't much like their job/studies and would rather be doing something better with their lives.
A bit correct. I just entered university and sometimes in the lectures i ask myself what i'm doing there! I hope i'll get over it!

Next liked studying when he was at school/high school/college/university/whatever
Studying was a pain, but the older I got the easier and more important it became. My final Senior year at Uni was a breeze, because I was finally able to use some of my previous courses in those classes. Those Uni Sophomore classes in Physics for Engineers and Scientists were a pain, because they were the wash-out classes, which if you couldn't pass, you had to take up English, Sociology, or Psychology.

Next learned how to cook their own meals from scratch, like without using a micro-wave and frozen entrees.
Yes. I think my mother thought it was some sort of sin to use cake mixes and shortcuts like that so I learned baking and some cooking beginning at age ten.

Next had a terrible time deciding what to have for dinner tonight.
Not yet, for it is just pushing 4 PM as I write this.

Next can't wait for school to start next month.
Nope. My first university term started on the 11th of this month. I'm studying BA Hons Law & Management.

Next like listening to Enya's music
Not very much, but then I like instrumental music over vocal.

Next likes football of either type.
Yes i like playing and watching football (soccer for those confused!).

Next likes cycling
Not anymore but I did once upon a time!

Next prefers beef to chicken.
Nope, I rarely eat meat. I prefer vegetables though i'm not a full veg!

Next goes fishing often
Not anymore though when I lived on the beach I fished most everday when it wasn't snowing.

Next wears sandals in the summer whenever they can.
Yes, though i would walk bare foot most of the time if my mom did not keep shouting at me!

Next likes summer more than autumn
Yes, the sun shines more in the summer.

Next sees in their mind's eye, what picture when they hear the words, 'stageringly small'?
Yes, I do. Wink Smilie

Next likes coffee more than tea
So true Smile Smilie)
Next is soon going on Holiday
Nope, my holiday will start as from the 20th of December as that's when my university semester ends! Smile Smilie

Next is just back from a great holiday!
Nope, I haven't left yet.

Next saw/will see a movie tonight.
Not really. The TV programes really are boring in here. And they're not even broadcasting the World cup qualifiers!!! Mad Smilie Mad Smilie Mad Smilie

Next watches at least five movies per week.
Naw, I probably watch only one a week, if even that. Computer games take too much of my time to allow for more movie watching.

Next didn't get sunburned or frostbite this summer or winter, depending on whether they live in the northern or southern hemisphere.
I'm a bit sunburned from working outside Smile Smilie

Next is an avid collector of small things..
Nope, the nearest thing which can be said I collected is LOTR trading card game and even then I do not have much. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next likes to play badminton
I used to, when I could.

Next likes to play crochet?
No and I have never played it precious!

Next is an expert cook
Nah..but I do like cooking Big Smile Smilie
Next is reading a scary book ( I'm not)
No, I seldom read those, because I do my recreational in bed before I fall asleep for the night.

Next, except for Thorin, wants to postpone winter's arrival; Thorin wants to hurry it along, because it is almost spring.
Absolutely correct Grondy. You must have a palantir at home I guess! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Actually there's only two season where I live, that is, summer and winter. Though we are supposedly in winter the weather is more like to summer! Elk Grinning Smilie I would really like to live in a country where there was all four of the seasons. Smile Smilie

Next is an avid nature lover
Yes, I've hugged a tree or three.

Next wears a necklace of some sort or other.
No. I wear no jewelry and that include necklaces as well as rings.

Next likes silver more than gold
Yes, excepting silver tarnishes, so you must polish it in order for it to remain shiny.

Next doesn't like crawling in tight places.
I can cope alright with very tight spaces, but only if it doesn't start to get hot... If that happens then panic and being uncomfortable as well as hot air coming into play will soon change my mind! No thank you! I'd prefer to suck in some nature in wiiiiiide open spaces, take in some mountains... *drifts off to Taniquetil...*

Next is wearing something red Moderator Smilie
*drifts off to Taniquetil...*
Nazguls are wanted dead or alive there Loss. Beware! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

No, its yellow shirt and brown shorts!

Next knows what U-235 is used for
Not anymore, I had my last Uni course in the then so called 'Modern Physics' course in 1963-4 and have forgotten the different uses between that and U-238. One can be safely harnessed for its energy and the other only for its destructive Exploding Head Smilie boom. Both when used, create hazardous waste products that require centuries to become safe for living creatures to be around. Here endeth the sermon. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next Is glad this week, they don't live in Texas. Sounds like Hurricane Ike caused as much devastation as did Katrina and Rita in 2005 to Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.
That is correct, I do not wish to be living in Texas at the moment for the very same reason you stated above, I sincerely hope that majority of occupiers there will be able to return safely to their homes, and that their homes remain safe after it hits...

We are neither dead nor alive Thorin, so it wouldn't matter if I were caught or not... But one can dream though... One can dream... *Drifts back to Taniquetil... Orc Smiling Smilie*

Next is Thorin?
No, sorry!

Next likes beer and pretzels.
e are neither dead nor alive Thorin, so it wouldn't matter if I were caught or not

True Loss, I forgot this detail! But beware they could still bind you and make you listen to elvish songs concerning the fall of your master all day and all night long! Knowing how terrible elves sing beware!!! Orc Grinning Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Elk Grinning Smilie

Yes, I like beer very much even though I'm a casual drinker. Unfortunately I can't remember what pretzels are? Are they like nuts? :confused:

Next is going to tell me what pretzels are!
Pretzels are snacks that come in hard or soft, in straight sticks or twisted with more twists than a figure eight; the hard ones have a slightly sour coating sprinkled with salt; I haven't tried the soft ones so I'll leave their explanation to someone else.

Next has eaten soft pretzels. I think they may be called 'boiled', but didn't bother googling them.
It's me again and the answer is no.

Next likes Italian wine more than french wine
oh no
Next love Bicycles Pary Smilie Elf Smilie
Yeah. I bought one 3 weeks ago and have since been practicing about 3 times a week. I fell in love with cycling in 2002 or 2003 when I watched the Tour De France of that year and watched Lance Armstrong win it. I then watched all of his other victories till he retired. I found the tour boring after he's departure and now i'm excited after hearing he will be back next year.

Next is bored by what I just said
you are wrong this time too
i love cycling.
next like adventures?? Elf Smilie
I like quiet adventures. Health doesn't allow things too physically demanding.

Next would like to explore outer space.
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