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Thread: Who's next?

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Well, no. I don't think that Jeeves has beenon a movie screen yet albeit having been acted out by Stephen Fry on the telly.

The next person hasn't tasted Evian yet.
you are correct, i have never tasted Evian, i must try that some time....

Next watched the Chelsea vs FC Barcelona match on Teusday (im so glad Chelsea got beaten!)
Nope I didnt but really , I love it !
Next plays the piano(lucky you)
well thats me (tough im not that good)
next one hates chocolate
No , cant say that I do...
Next likes burgers
not really i had food poisening from MuckDonalds Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next is a Veggie

Welcome Bambur!!
So not! I like meat. Smile Smilie

next person read something Tolkienesque before he/she went to bed last night.
Sure did ..Im reading the Unfinshed tales...
Whats your favourite kind of tree?
Weeping Willows...I used to hide in my grandmother's when I was a child.

Next is addicted to chapstick (like me!)
Nope, im not and thank you Mellon for the welcome

next one hates tomato

next has over a 1000 posts
Indeed I do!

Next has blonde hair (like me)!

Next has 3 pets
Nope . Only a black cat named Batman
Next is wearing a black T-shirt
Nope. Infact I'm wearing a pure yellow one. Not even a speck of black on it.

Next has a shawl or cloak around their shoulders.
sorry, im not

next ones lives in a city
Well...sort of...I'm in a suburb of San Francisco.

Next has seen Old Faithful erupt.
Who is he, some sort of Celeb? or a man similar to Ole Faithful Gil off the Simpsons??

Next wears a watch on their left hand?
Nope , I dont wear a watch
Next has been in Africa
nope,I never been i Afrika never had the opportunity.

next has curly hair,big ears and red eyes!
How did you know!? (Actually, I only have curly hair when I curl it, and then it hardly stays; I have normal-sized ears; and my eyes are only red in certain pictures.)

Next had braces on his/her teeth at one time.

OOC: Elessar -- Old Faithful is a geyser in Yellowstone National Park, which erupts at certain times every day, which is why it is called Old Faithful. One used to be able to set their watch to the eruptions, but recently, Old Faithful hasn't been so faithful.

Oh yeah. and a perfectionist for an orthodontist. I also went through the expander routine. utter misery, that.

Next person has had a spiral fracture, or even knows what it is...
no, and im very glad that i havn't, a spinal fracture is a where a bone has been twisted apart, not nice but my great uncle had that but it was his complete back, he was 14 at the time and was in wheelchair for the rest of his life, Bless Him, they didnt know how to fix it back then (many many years ago)

Next has been on crutches for longer than a year (present or past or even future, that is if you are psychic)
I have never needed crutches...and now that I say that, I know I will break my leg..thanks alot! Big Smile Smilie

Next likes Fruitopia!
actually i haven`t even heard of fruitopia or something like that
(what is it by the way?)

the next has glasses and likes drawing!
Don't have glasses... so far. I will likely need them in a very short time, tho, I am unkind to my eyes, cuz yes, I love to draw! And read. I have the terrible habit of reading late at night in a nearly dark room...

Next person is perplexed by the concept of tatoos.

ps- fruitopia is a bottled fruit drink. It is not my absolute favorite, tho I did live on it for two years in middle school.
That's quite alrite Lemaly Orangeflower, anytime

I love the artwork that goes into tatooing (is that a word) especially the Elvish runes!!! so yes i am perplexed by the concept of Tatoos Big Smile Smilie

Next has been to the dentist in the last 2 months
(if you havnt, your disgusting lol, trick question)
no actually not i haven`t been there for a long time

next one have seen 5 movies in a row!
Nope ... Dont have time to do so..
Next has their own homepage
i got that

next has more than 4 computers in there house!
If you count all the dead ones laying around waiting for my dad to do something to, then yes, definately.

Next person saw the season finale of Stargate... what do you think???
Nope, never really watched or enjoyed that show.

Next eats a bagel everyday for breakfast.
No, but I wish I could as I love bagels!

Next likes to listen to rock music early in the morning. depends what kinda mood I"m in that day. sometimes, I like the classical kinda music....depends how I sleep the night before! Smile Smilie

Next has a scanner
Not hardly at all; In the mornings I'd much rather listen to lively Baroque Music by Papa Bach, Vivaldi, Scarlatti, Boccherini, and their ilk; though you can't get too much of Mozart. I did grow up listening to Bill Haley and The Comets, Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, and Elvis, but I went from there to Dave Bruebeck and 'pre-rock-and-roll' Miles Davis, and ended up back with the music of the late 17th to early 18th century.

Next listens to one of Howard Shore's three LotR soundtracts at least once a month.

Oops, Lemaly Orangeflower got her post made before I finished mine, so in answer to hers:

No, I don't have a scanner, nor a cb, nor a cell phone. I'm not a Luddite, just a stick in the mud. Elk Grinning Smilie
No im not going to put it on to prove that i do listen to it, but i actually do listen to the ROTK soundtrack, and every month i mix it with loads of other songs i listen to!!!

Next will share with us a childhood memory
I remember the smell of the rain on the Arizona desert. One can smell the moisture in the air before there is even a cloud in the sky.

Next believes in ghosts, and will tell us if he/she has seen one.
idk. not really. and no, i havent seen one.

next is sick, i am

next doesnt live in Britain
true as can be.

next likes dancing.
Yeah ! I love dancing , specially latino rythms !!
Next is having any kind of fish for dinner
Hopefully... Does crab count???

Next person is hooked on Tetris!
I really used to love it, but with my new computer it doesn't work any longer... =(

next received flowers on this year's Valentine's Day (what a topical thing to ask...)
Nope Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie not a one... Oh well, maybe next year! Elf Winking Smilie

Next person has recently seen 'Spirited Away'. My little brothers have just discovered it...
OMG!!! I love Spirited Away. I was just saying to my b/f that I wanted to watch it again! It was the first full length Anim’ that I ever saw...great story, and so intriguing. The Manga is quite entertaining as well...beautifully drawn!

Next has mice in their home I do...they're loud at night!Sad Smilie
Eh, no! The only pest that lives in my room is me.

The next person didn't have such a good weekend.
I had an awful weekend!I couldn't find a free hour for entertaiment, teachers and books everywhere!

the next person isn't tolkien fan
wouldn't that defeat the purpose of joining this site?

next doesn't like heavy metal.
i dont like it at all!It is so very loud it hurts in my ears everytime i hear that kind of music(not that i do that so much)

Next has 2 jobs
Well, if you want to consider graduate school as a second job, then yes; but work, work -- bringing home money type of work -- then no. I only have one job.

Next has been in the midst of some sort of natural disaster before (earthquake, mudslide, tornado, flood, etc.) (Being in California, I've been in the midst of fires, mudslides and earthquakes...ugh!)
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