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Thread: Who's next?

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Can't say I'm all that fond of em no, the cows always come into the shed in early summer covered in ticks, all up their bums and between their udders, leave nasty scars.

Next is listening to the radio right now
No, I turned it off for a visitor and forgot to turn it back on.

Next has had a sunny day with just the right amount of heat: not too hot, not too cool.
Wish that were true. It is always scorching in the Texas summer.....

Next lives in, or prefers a cool/cold area
Cool yes; cold no! When I was a kid in eastern Washington I walked a half-mile to school one morning when the temperature was -36’F, which is too darned cold for man or beast.

Next has dandelions growing in their lawn.
Naw, winter looks like she's settled in for a while, haven't seen a dandelion for a few weeks now.
Next hates shifting house more than anything
Yes! It's a dreadful business - packing and unpacking. Believe me! I have changed home many times!

Next likes tulips
Tulips are nice; however, I think I like daffy-dills better.

Next liked climbing trees when they were younger, or still do.
Yes, I practically lived in a Russian Olive tree or under our Silver Maple. Good memories Smile Smilie

Next is going to cook out tomorrow.
No, nor today even.

Next's hay fever is also bothering them; like our Douglas Fir trees are in full blossom today.
Hay fever doesn't bother me but since I've been working outside making flower beds asthma has been giving me trouble.

Next is hoping to go to the movie theater this weekend.
Prolly not, harder to do stuff like that with kids an all.
Though we'll be finding a babysitter for The half blood prince.

next loves Harry Potter almost as much as LOTRs
Not by a long shot, though I have read the books once; have listened to them on tape or CD a few times; and have seen the first five movies in the theater; and have the DVDs of the movies. But there isn't the depth to the Harry Potter stories like there is in Middle-earth.

Next usually undergoes a typical Saturday morning routine.
yes I usually do however the past couple of weeks messed up my routine

next has volunteered for an organisation
I used to, but not recently.

Next thought about laying out in the sun today, but decided it was a bit too cold.
I don't care for the sun, too much brightness gives me a headache.

Next needs to water their grass.
Nope, just enough rain, but not too much, best winter in a long time

Next has lots of pets
Nope just a couple of spiders in the corners out of the people areas.

Next doesn't have any pets either.
Nope I have 2 dogs. (At my peak I had 4 doogs and 2 cats)

Next lives near a river!
Not within a few miles of one, though I am almost surrounded by water (salt), for I live on a peninsula.

Next sings or hums in the shower.
nope somebody might hear me !

Next is not a good singer
Too true: I can sing in the high octave and in the low octave; but not the middle octave. Orc Sad Smilie

Next is double jointed.
Naw, I havn't smoked a *joint* since I was 18, let alone two of em!!

next likes pig crackling....yum yum....
Yes, pig cracklings (small pieces of pork rind, skin with attached fat, or pork fat-back fried until rendered and crispy) are good; even President Bush 41 likes them.

Next can't roller-skate in a herd of buffalo, either. - Complements of Roger Miller
Not in this lifetime anyway Smile Smilie

Next enjoys thunderstorms.
When they are off in the distance and not right above me. Here in western Washington we don't get the summer afternoon thunderstorms, like they do in the south and mid-west. It isn't hot enough nor do we have the moisture in the air then. We get our thunderstorms on a few winter mornings when the conditions are right.

Next wants to fly a house through a tornado with their little pet dog.
crikey no
We don't get many tornadoes in NZ, and up until a few years ago we never did, so, thanks to the weird weather we all get these days. But a few day before my 2nd son was born I was bringing in the cows, I came around the corner and looked up and there was this huge tornado in the paddock behind our house, at least it looked like a tornado.
I freaked out and rung the missus on my cell and as we were talking it just sort of dissipated and blew away.
Turns out it wasn't quite a fully formed tornado, but was just one step away from it. Scared me silly anyways.
While I was in the states I experienced the strange weather you fullas get on the big flat plains up in NY state, the whole sky filled up with lightning, and one night we had one thunder storm after another go over.

Next wants to travel overseas oneday
Rho, did your semi-tornado reach into actual storm clouds, or was it merely a dust devil like we experienced in eastern Washington on hot sunny days? Ours were just dust filled vortexes that often traveled across the wheat fields singularly or in groups of threes. They could tower hundreds of feet high or as little as a few tens of feet. We used to run through the little ones and even the big ones caused little damage other than ruffling the feathers of a chicken or two, and of course any papers that had been left outside were spread out all over and sometimes shredded.

If my health was better I might want to travel overseas; as it is now, I don't even want to travel across the sound to visit Seattle anymore.

Next likes lemon in their ice tea on a hot day; and in their hot tea on an icy day.
Nope. During hot days I prefer water or cold juice.

Next prefers cool or cold to hot/warm weather!
Yes, but 50’ F (10’ C) to 80’ F (27’ C) is my comfort zone.

Next has never been skiing.
Nope. Never have, never will either with arthritic knees. Ridden the lifts, though!

Next likes lime flavored gelatin.

Rho, is New York State all you saw of the USA?
Yes, especially with crushed pineapple and cottage cheese.

Next likes eating neither jalapeno peppers nor anchovies.

Next thinks this year has flown by too quickly
As always. Elf Winking Smilie

Next would like a piece of chocolate layer cake and a glass of cold milk.
Very much!

Next is going to relax the rest of the day.
Sounds good to me; except I'll have to make my supper sometime this evening. But then that can be done in a relaxing way if I just use a can-opener and nuke the contents. Orc Grinning Smilie

Next didn't watch or listen to a single sporting event on Saturday or Sunday.
Nope! I watched the Man utd vs Spurs game which United won 3-1

Next is a fan of NHL
I seldom watch the NHL anymore, even though I could watch 'Hockey Night in Canada' via Vancouver's CBUT on cable. When I was a kid in eastern Washington, I was a fan of the WIHL's Spokane Flyers, who lost the 1956-57 Allan Cup Final to the Whitby Dunlops.

I lost interest when all the expansion teams from the southern US were added, the league was no longer fun, like it was back when the teams from Edmonton and Calgary still had great players and had an even chance to win the Stanley Cup. Like back when the league only played where their fans experienced snow and ice every winter.

And now, just as in European Football, there is too much money held by too few NHL owners, who just like the owner of New York Yankee's baseball team, can afford to buy the best players to the detriment of the rest of the league.

Next hardly ever watches TV anymore. Days go by when I don't turn it on: 500 channels and nothing to watch.
Yup! I only watched football (european) every now and then and CSI on Wednesday!

Next would have liked to live in the 1800 era
Not in this body, for I wouldn't have even reached a tenth of my current age. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Next has played croquet; though without any flamingos and hedgehogs.
Nope, but if I ever do, I'll be sure to have plenty of flamingos and card-minions available.

Next has yogurt for breakfast routinely.
nope have not actually had yogurt in a while

next wishes that the next two hours will go by quickly
Nope, at my age I want time to slow down so I can enjoy life longer, because time now flashes by so speedily. :elfwink"

Next has already started assembling their Halloween costume.
No costume for me. I offered to take the granddaughter shopping for one but she said she had hers already and is going to be a witch Smile Smilie

Next is absolutely exhausted.
Not exhausted, but quite sleepy. I need to get to bed earlier.

Next makes popcorn whenever they watch a DVD.
nope havent had popcorn in ages actually Sad Smilie might get some when i go to the cinema soon (hopefully)

next misses someone or something just now
Yes, I miss a whole host of our members; we are having trouble staying on top of the Tolkien Top 100 list over at the Tolkien Library via our VOTE FOR PT thread. More importantly I miss some of the lengthy discussions we have had in the past.

Next no longer visits Planet-Tolkien on a daily basis; but they always remember to vote for us on each of those occasions when they do.
SO true Grondy ! Though I'm not here every day I always vote for PT Smile Smilie
Next person are on Facebook
yes i am I use it to stay in touch woth people i dont get to see on a regualar basis

next has been to a university
I'm currently a second year university student Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

Next is a person who prefers to spend the night in than out!
Yup, been that way since about my thirtieth birthday, not sure why. Maybe it was because it made getting up in the morning easier. Orc Grinning Smilie

Next isn't looking forward to this winter, with its lack of light, its snow, coldness, and swine flu.
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