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Thread: Who's next?

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I've never tried one. And I chew gums very seldomly.

The next person is not dehydrated.
Nope, just drank me some water!

Next has/had recently something wrong with their vehicle.
Well... my bike's chain fell off

The next person works in a third floor office
i dont work! im still a student!

next is annoyed right now
Not especially but I can be if you want me to be...How dare you accuse me of being annoyed...I can't believe you...leave me alone...

Actually I was very annoyed yesterday...
I was driving to work, and all of a sudden this garage sale sign came from underneath the car in front of me and hit the front of my car. It was stuck and scratching the pavement. I was very annoyed because I was already late...My mom had me move furniture 5 minutes before I was supposed to leave, and I wasn't ready yet....So I pulled over on the next side street. And took the sign from the front of the car, and tossed it on somebody's lawn. (To blow into the street and plague the next oncomer) And continued to work. I was almost their when I got into the right turn lane, and the person in front of me wouldn't turn on red (which is legal at that corner). I waited as long as I possibly could, and then I tapped on the horn ever so lightly (The use of car horns isn't unpopular where I'm from). So they finally went...but they merely idled around the corner. Being ever so impatient I passed them by when I got the chance, and got in the left turn lane (We drive on the right) And low and behold. The person I honked at comes up behind me to pull in the same parking lot. As I am looking into my rearview mirror, I can see the driver pretending to beat on the horn, getting a good laugh out of the passenger. So I got in and parked, and as I walked into work I saw them parking and getting out. The conversation was quite funny as I greeted them and explained, furniture moving, garage sale sign hitting, late for work. I proceeded to clock in and then I helped them find what they needed in the grocery store.

Sorry that is funnier when told out loud.

Next has a similar or another funny traffic story.

next has REALLY annoying parents who dont like the songs you enjoy
well, no... I mean... no, actually not. mostly. aaargh... forget it.

next doesn't like ice-cream. (what an assumption!)
whatt are you kiddin?
me love ice creammm

next is a terrible driver
me cant drive yet

next is a brunette trapped in a blondes body (a smart blonde, like me! kinda...)
Naw, my putt is worse. Actually in my first 25 years of driving I only received three tickets for moving violations: 1) for a left-hand turn (in USA) against the light on a one-way street with a cop sitting along side me; 2) for following too close on the way to drink beer in Idaho where you could drink it at 18; and 3) for doing 50 mph on a 35 mph backroad one Fourth of July. I didn't receive a single ticket in the second 25 years after that, for I could no longer drive without hand controls and the increased volume of traffic made me too nervous to even try. My drivers licence expired in 1980.

Oops, I took too long writing this.

Well my body certainly isn't a blondes; though my hair was brown before it started turning silver.

Next can't touch their elbows together behind their back.
*grunting noises* OW! Um.. that's a noper on that one, Grondy..

next has had a *strange* pet before

(I had a pet shrimp...)

i had a pet grasshopper which i named Brownie even though it was green and a pet lightening bug which i named Dark Big Laugh Smilie those count?

next person has written a 9 page essay before

(couldnt come up with a better one)
Oh, yeah, but I can't tell you about it here. Wink Smilie

Hey, Grondy, how did you get ticketed if it was a one way street? Isn't left on red onto a one way legal everywhere? Or is it like right on red, legal some places but not others? For some reason, I rarely get bona fide tickets, just warnings. Soooo many warnings, mostly I think 'cos the guy knew he was full of it. Like the guy that followed all the way down US 183 waiting for me to miss the drop from fifty five to fifty, but I've been down that road MANY times, so it didn't work. So he pulled over and said I was doing 61 in the fifty-five. Uh-huh. Last time I got stopped the guy said he smelled drugs and actually searched my car! And found nothing (of course) and gave me a warning for speeding (which was surprising, 'cos he had me nailed on that one. )

Next rambles almost as much as me.
yes hehehe

next person's lucky number is 2
Nope, my lucky number is 7 and multiples thereof.

Next burns really easily (sunburn that is).
No, I'm pretty good at just getting nicely tanned! but I do burn sometimes! Smile Smilie

next is having a difficult time registering for school.
Nope, just got withdrawn, home schooling this year.

Next is a poet.
nope cant writ poetry to sav my lyfe (aparenty i cant spel eithr)

next likes to write fiction
Not really ,but I love watching it !
Next doesnt like milk
milk is essential, especially in chocolates...

next loves rollercoasters
Yes, I do like riding in them if they involve some great thrills and chills.

The next person is not illiterate.


*Takes off the caps lock*

Next is a goblin in hiding.

no, of course not!!! *tries desperately to look harmless and nice*
ooooh, ok, I was never very good at dressing...

next can't stand chewing gum.
I LOVE chewing gum...i got detention for chewing it during skool one day.

next's email address has to do with lotr
mm no everything else does though I created my email long before i was enlightened

next does not have their shoes on the moment they read this
nope i never wear shoes unless i have to!

next just cliped their toenail and fingernails
um... no.

next doesn't recall a word that's got more than 20 letters.
i can pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis!

next knows what pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis means (without looking it up)
White Lung Disease caused by long term breathing of silicate laden air, if I rightly remember your 'Guess the Word' question.
Grondy , you forgot next ?
Yes I did: it wasn't the first time and won't be the last time. :sadorc:

Next won't have to remind me to post in Whose Next? again today.
um... true...

next has been invited to a wedding lately.

next likes American Football (go Packers!)
Sorry to burst your enthusiasm bubble!

The next person is not in any kind of physical pain.

Next like kiting
yup. I got a reallly cool Harley Davidson kite.

Next has construction taking place within a .5 mile radius of them.
Yupp , its a new road construction , very much noice but its goona look nice !!!
Next just saw a movie
no, just saw one of my fav series...

next has got a glass of water standing next to the computer.
well...a glass of chocolate milk (which is really half white milk, half chocolate milk!Smile Smilie )

Next has a blog.
yup, several, tho they're all rather random...

Next likes miso soup.
um... sorry, what kinda soup??
I don't think I know it, but if I knew it I might like it... Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

next is a smoker.
yes Im
Next is from England
Nope, not technically, but I will have a cigarette/cigar/pipe about once every six months to a long as it's with a beer or a glass of wine.

Oops...too, I'm not from England, but my husband is.

Next celebrates his/her birthday for more than just one day (like me) Smile Smilie.
usually not... a great idea, though... I could try it, my birthday is only two weeks off...... Pary Smilie

next speaks russian.
Congratulation Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Hope you had a wonderfull day !! I had mine 1sth of August .It was fun Smile Smilie Smile Smilie
Next knows how to play Dart
Sorry my answer was to late .No but I wish that I could
Next enjoys to play POKER
no, I only played that once and I don't feel the desire to play it again...

next usually goes to bed early.

next has done kareoke before
i did it once and it was very sad (my singing that is)

next can balance a large math book on their head
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