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Thread: Who's next?

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No, only about twice as many....

Next is looking out the window, watching the rain fall down (as I am now).

No, fortunately, the rain has stopped after a week of near continuous downpour!


Next prefers autumn of all seasons

No, I definitely prefer spring. But autumn would be 2nd for me I guess.

Next person is going to listen some music tonight.

I'm listening to some right now, and will be for the rest of the night.


Next has used the "fixed" chat system within the last week.

No, I didn't. (Gimli_man43, what an amazing avatar you have by the way!)

Next person cried watching one of the LOTR movies.

Crying would be excessive, but I remember that last year when I watched the movies after a long time, tears swelled in my eyes when the Hobbits realise that Frodo is leaving the shores of Middle Earth forever! It is a very sad event including in the book!


Next agrees with what I have just wrote

I agree with you about the sad scene and part in the book. I almost cried reading about Gandalf's fall. And of course during the corresponding moment in the movie.

Next person has a pet.

That I do. A dog and a cat at the moment but I have had countless different kinds over the years, my favorite being a deer.

ps: Indis, you can just call me Gimli. Much easier in my opinion.

pps: My avatar picture was a piece of great fan artwork for the game Warcraft III. I asked the artist for permission and got the ok and just took out a part of it.

Next actually read The Hobbit before beginning their personal journey with the Ring.

Yes! The Hobbit was the first Tolkien book I bought. Actually at that time, being a student, I was rather 'poor' and the Hobbit was affordable to me! I do not however regret this decision as it is the reason for my love of Dwarves and Moria!


Next dislikes people who randomly have trees cut


Actually, I was sadden to see my neighbour cut down a mango tree today. It was a ridiculous decision considering the tree was in an out-of-the way corner, provided shade and fruits annually! Some people are just mad!

Yes, I do!

Actually, I was sadden to see my neighbour cut down a mango tree today. It was a ridiculous decision considering the tree was in an out-of-the way corner, provided shade and fruits annually! Some people are just mad!

Oh, I will never understand that.

Next person doesn't like potatoes.

Are you kidding, I love potatoes. Mashed, fried, baked, twice-baked. I could keep going too.


Next has their birthday sometime next month.

Twice -baked?

Absolutely my friend. You just kinda mash em up and then bake them. usually with bacon and cheese in there to. Its pretty big where I live.

Oh, sounds delicious!


Next has their birthday sometime next month.

No, but close enough, my birthday is in June.

Next person likes jogging.

Not overly, though running is prolly my strongest sporty thing, I was reasonable at X country at school.

Next has read "field of blood" by Denise Mina

Gimli.... sounds tasty mate, I thought it may have been like potato bake which I'm quite partial to myself..

No I haven't


Next has read The Hobbit more than once

I have read it five times actually. Great book! Often skim through it once in while just for fun, though I would count that as reading it.

Next has a tattoo of some sort (you must tell what the tattoo is of and where it is if you do have one).

But no, I do not have one. I am only 14 and am not thinking of getting a tattoo at all though.

I have a  Celtic knot surrounded by 5 rose's tattooed on my right shoulder..... an embarrassing throw back from my young lad days.


Next likes Ben Howard's music.... 

No, Not sure I even know who he is! Sorry Sad Smilie


Next is looking forward to this year's Tour De France

Nope, but I watched some Track World Championships in Australia last month! Smile Smilie

Next person can sing quite well!

Honestly, I don't know as i never sing anyway. Which is odd seeing as pretty much everybody on my mom's side of the family can sing extremely well. My guess would have to be no though, to answer the question.


Next has taken some sort of vacation outside their current state/province/country.

I actually moved from the USA to China(You know, Asia) when I was 6 years old, and have gone on a vacation to Thailand every other winter since then. So yeah, I have!

Next loves the Silmarillion above all the rest of Tolkien's works.

Well, if we can say that I love Silmarillion AND Lord Of The Rings above all the rest of Tolkien's works I read - then yes. I couldn't choose between those two - they are equally beautiful for me, but they're so different in style and shouldn't be compared in my opinion.

Next person grows his/her own herbs.

That's a negative.


Next prefers fruits over vegetables.

Not really, Thorin is a veheterian so he likes both equally Big Smile Smilie


Next like gardening and growing plants

That would be me, yes though I haven't done much gardening for a while now.



Next wants to bunjee-jump atleast once in his/her lifetime. (you can join me if you do Smile Smilie)


Not really. Actually not at all! I just googled the term and they types of injuries which can occur even in successful jumps puts me off!


Next wears spectacles

How did you know?


Next has seen one of the "Seven Wonders of the World" (in person).

I have! More than one actually but the Taj Mahal is the one I see almost every year (trips to my uncle in Delhi)


Next has a red hat.

Does that make me Santa? o.O

Next person will look at a sword tip before the end of the week.

No, I don't think I have even seen a real one Sad Smilie


Next things that this year is really flying by quite fast!

Yes... I think I'll have to agree with that... Sad Smilie

Next: Is wishing this year would go slower?

Yes, not to long ago I was wondering about the same thing!

Next person wants to like to drink some green tea right now.

Funnily enough, I was just thinking about that last night...


Next person: wishes they had something very alcoholic in their hands?

No, I have never been a heavy drinker. I had the occasional beer or wine with dinner but its been over a year and a half since I gave up all alcoholic drink Smile Smilie


Next thinks walking is one of the best exercises and fun things to do

:O How did you know!? Then again... I wouldn't say the best or the most fun... but its definitly incredibly high up there Smile Smilie


Next: Person thinks fresh rain smells nice?

Best smell in the world


Next is ready for finals this week.

Well... luckily I don't have finals this week Smile Smilie But if I did, then I don't think I would be *chuckles*


The next person wishes they could fly

That would be awesome! But I'd have to go quite high to be free from all the air pollution of the modern world!


Next likes a hot drink before bed in winter

Not really. I prefer to have my sleeping quarters fairly cold so when I crawl into my covers its nice and toasty.


Next prefers the winter months over the summer months.

No, but it depends on the winter and on the summer. I prefer when it's too cold over when it's too hot.

Next person has a list of books to read.

Definitely... *chuckles* Too many books, too little time :P


Next person wants a bagel?

Sure! A bagel and cream cheese would be nice. Actually, any food would be nice....I'm a might hungry. Almost always am. And I eat a lot too. Though I never get any fatter, stay quite skinny. All I do is get taller!

Next is over 6'2" (though, at 14 I am not there yet...I am 5'10 1/2"Wink Smilie

No, I'm about 5'6". But I have some really tall people in my close family - over 6'4".

Next person is allergic to something.

I'm afraid not :P


Next person plays a musical instrument

I'm afraid not!


Next person is planning to do some renovation in their house in the coming months

I'm afraid I am!

Next person likes snow.

I do Smile Smilie


Next is a great cook!

I am Smile Smilie If, by great, you mean great at burning things (or simply have a taste for burnt food)? Wink Smilie


Next is likely to fire a crossbow (or any bow) at some point over the next week or so?

No, I can't really see that happening!


Next likes reading poetry

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