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Thread: Who's next?

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Naw, nothing wrong with 'em.

Next is not me.

Nah, just a cheap imitation! Dunce Smilie

Next has been ferociously bitten by the Christmas-Spirit-Bug! Merry Christmas Smilie
No. Not been bitten yet!

The next person is sick of the color blue!
Nope, but I'm blue that this poor little thread has been neglected for over a month!

Next bears a strong resemblance to Christian Bale!... So what time should I come over?
Well, no. No resemblance that I can see. But you can still come over at 11 pm tonight if you want to

The next person will have cold fingers!
Why yes I do and toes too!

The next person will know me, or know of me!
I know of you.

Next will be Grondy.

Aw shucks, you peeked!

Next prefers to wear at the same time, both suspenders and a belt to hold up their trousers.
I have the belt, but I am lacking the suspenders (if I had suspenders they would be like Mork's on Mork and Mindy!) Smile Smilie

The next person does a darn good impression of Sean Connery.
You mean to shay that I shpeak like Shean Connery? Shorry, no!

The next person would like to go for a swim.

Next is the most fantastic person of them all!
Ooooh how sweet! Nah, it's just me Elf Smilie

Next has a serious chocolate addiction.
Oh yes! That's definitely me!

The next person will be a North American
Yep, thats me Lord_Aragorn. I live in the one called Iowa to be precise. Sort of in the middle of the U.S. and toward the north.

Next is someone who would like to ride the space shuttle if given the chance!
Not just yet...maybe I will in about thirty years-by that time, maybe the shuttle will go someplace interesting, like Pluto or Uranus or something. The moon holds no interest to me. The view of Earth would be nice to see, though...

Next has indulged in a mud bath before! (Yuck!)
If you consider being pushed into a puddle by force, tackled so as to fall face down in it and then hit with mudballs as taking a bath, yes I've taken a mudbath.

The next person will be yawning!
yeah..yr right..i am yawning...i should really go to bed early Sleeping Smilie

The next person will be about to do a Bungee jump
Er... no. Actually, I would like to see a person go bungee jumping with his computer and typing along with it. Sounds like an interesting prospect.

The next person has the foot-in-mouth disease.
i kind of do if you call getting someone elses foot shoved in your face foot-and-mouth disease, but otherwise NO!

Next is someone who writes their own books
Well, no. I would rather read someone else's books since I won't know the storyline from before.

The next person loves to pretend he/she is a monkey.
i used to, but not anymore. I am too heavy for trees now, i break them lol.

next person is a gym addict and will do anything to get his muscles up I don't like the idea of straining the body just for the sake of getting a few bulges.

The next person is not afraid of heights
Liar! I cannot even stand to be on the top rung of a six-foot ladder... Chicken Smilie

A person with blue eyes the color of the sky will be next...
AS IF!!! my eyes are completely brown and nothing blue. but my brothers eyes are blue.

The next person will always carry a packet of tissues or hanky with them.
(P.S. i don't know if 'hanky' is one of those terrible Aussie abbreviations but anyway, its a hankerchief)
You spelt it wrong. It's hanDkerchief. RRRR!!!!! I don't know if it's an Australian abbreviation, but I wouldn't be surprised. WE use it in NZ, at least. NZ is a little copycat-Australia country.

I DON'T carry one. BUt my brother does. HE's a weirdo.

NExt person can spell handkerchief. (BEFORE I said how)
hey!! are you making fun of my spelling?! ok -- HANDKERCHIEF!! Happy
nah, joking, but remember, who won the cricket...
Wait for it...
AUSTRALIA!!! and btw, NZ is a little country that does try to copy us but will never be equal!!

nah i'm only kiddin, but anyway:
Next person will have a six-inch long beard
This question should get some razors shaving. lol
Sorry but I'm clean-shaven.

The next person is a gaming addict!
Sure! At lenght Wink Smilie

the next one is really not a morning person
True. Dead Smilie Good Morning Smilie

Next is a Russel Crowe look-alike!
Shocked Smilie
No - I'm a maiden!!!

The next will be an archer - a good one
no... but i make little catapults that shoots small rocks a fair way (one about 30 cm long can shoot a small rock about 30 metres!)

Next person will be an extreme optimist And if you don't know what that is - it's a happy person lol
Actually, I think It means being very positive, and if it does mean that then I'd have to say no, i tend to be a glass half empty kind of bloke.

Next has an irational fear of belly button fluff
AARRRGH!! my worst nightmare!!
only kidding - what exactly is belly-button fluff or whatever?

Next person will have over ten pets of any kind
Sorry Aragorn_jr but I don't have over 10 pets of any one kind. What I do have running around our place is: 5 guinne pigs; 4 cows; 3 dogs; 2 minature goats; and....a partridge in a pear tree! (Can't you just hear the tune in your head?) Christmas Tree Smilie

Next is someone who can't wait for summer vacation (summer break from school studies)!
In my world of housewife servitude, there is no summer vacation... Very Sad Smilie In fact, the closest thing to a vacation I've had in the past year is a three-hour trip alone to the grocery store!

Next has no desire to bicker or cause strife among friends.
Thats definitly me because all my friends are bigger than me and they would smash me if I annoyed them too much

Next will be someone who eats more than two plates of dinner every night
If the food is good, yes. But sadly the food ain't that good every night,!

The next person will have something stuck between his/her teeth!
Yes, I happen to like mango and other stuff, so I always have something stuck in my teeth. I do brush my teeth though.

Next will have eaten something that he/her thinks noone else has I rather refrain from eating anything that has not been tested before.

The next person has no artistic strain in him, whatsoever!
I'm sorry, but I have some artistic skill - scribbling!

Next has a wart on their nose
NOOO!!! I do NOT have a wart on my nose. I had one on my thumb a couple of times, though.

Next person knows how old this thread is and isn't surprised.
This thread is 20 months old and no I'm not surprised.

The next person has long hair (goes below the shoulders)
Nope. My hair is layered above my shoulders and very wild. I just got it cut a week ago. Before then, I would have answered yes-my hair was halfway down my back. But I cut it so my little son can't pull it quite so much anymore, and so I could have a cool Rock-Star hairdo(hahaha).

Next thinks they are a Rock Star in disguise!
Only in my car late at night.

The next person believes in ghosts, fairies, and love at first sight.
Nice trick to get a person to answer yes. But then I believe only in ghosts and not the rest.

The next person bites the fingernails off!
Of what, LA? Shocked Smilie

Next was also freaked out by that post! Super Scared Smilie One can easily imagine that Lord Aragorn86 has a dead body collection in his backyard...
YES!!! That was wierd

Next likes to dance when music is being played
It depends on the song.

Next person should've been asleep a long time ago. Smile Smilie
Yeah well, slept for 12 hours last night. Looks like I won't be sleeping tonight at least! *Quake III*

The next person is a somnambulist!
Yes, Lord-aragorn I used to be a somnambulist (sleepwalker) when I was a kid but thankfully outgrew it. My forays around the house are a family legend, so my siblings are just as happy that I outgrew those nocturnal excursions. Fast Asleep Smilie

By the way, Grondy would be proud of your use of words. I had to actually look that one up first before I could reply!

Next is someone who has a cold. Cow Sleeping Smilie
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