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Thread: Who's next?

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I did as long as I remembered to make a lot of racket to scare off the bears, we had black bears where I used to berry. They wouldn't bother you if you didn't surprise them or too get near their cubs.

Next can tell the difference between blueberries and huckleberries.
Sorry, I wouldn't have a clue (berries aren't indigenous to these parts and can only be found in a select few farms).

Next has a wonderful talent for mimicking bird sounds.
Not that I've discovered one in me yet... but I should give it a try.

The next person has too much free time on his/her hands.
No, everyone finds after they retire, that they have even lesss free time than when they were working; though they can then prioritize where they spend most of their time.

Next has heard the cry of the Kiki bird from out of the Great White North.
You know, I live in Canada, so you would assume so, but I'm goign to have to say NO i haven't

Next made/bought pizza for dinner tonight.
No such luck. Had to force-feed myself with some random veggies.

The next person prefers archery to swordfighting.
definitely, but maybe that has to do with the fact that it seems i have a smaller chance of dying fighting someone from a larger range....and the fact i'm pretty good at archery even if it does hurt my arm after awhile from the arrows hitting it upon release.

Next loves Egg mcmuffins. (i'm eating one right now, minus the egg.)
no I hate loves food
My weight and my wife say I do love food, but she's to blame, I can't say no to her or her meals!

Next was participating in a Quizz this weekend!
hmmm, well, i was asked a couple of questions by some friends and that could count as a quiz but not a pub quiz or something like that.

Next can name all 50 states of America??? (just to see if anyone can remember them off by heart, well most of them then Orc Smiling Smilie )
I can, but don't ask me to to do Africa, Europe, or Asia, for to many of their countries have changed their names. I can do South America except the three old Guianas have changed their names and I'm not sure which is Guyana and which is Suriname and which didn't change its name.

Next can't wait for the shops to start putting up their Christmas displays next week. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

and the fact i'm pretty good at archery even if it does hurt my arm after awhile from the arrows hitting it upon release.
Arrows aren't supposed to hit your arm when you shoot them from a bow, I think she meant the bowstring hits her arm. The counter for that is an arm guard which right handed archer wear in the inside of their left arm between their elbow and wrist. Otherwise the skin in that area breaks down and red welts are raised, speaking from experience.
Yeah, I love Christmassy stuff... though I do think the stores start a bit early. So long as they don't all start playing carols before December - that's just too much! I once had a job as a cashier in a department store, it was during my Christmas holiday just after I'd finished high school, anyways, they only had one Christmas album (Boney M) which they played over and over again - 6 days a week at 8 hours a day, that can really get to you.

Next has never worked during their school holidays.
nope, tho i am doing an anatomy project today, bleh.....i'd much rather spend the day chatting w/ ppl i havent' been able to see since the witch made me go back to public skool

next already knows what they're going to be for halloween.
I don't dress up for Halloween but my kids do.And they are mostly Witches or Ugly creaturesSmile Smilie
Next has the flue
I do not have the flue, but I tend to be man-sick and that a near-death-experience, I do not suffer in silence. Shaking Head Smilie

Next do enjoy flee-markets and are constantly looking for one.
they don't bother me, but I haven't been to one in years. There aren't any good ones in this area, and I don't like travelling far for one.

Next likes pie.
yes and no, it depends on whats in it, or on it, but yeah i do, on certain occasions

Next person has messy hair???
Only on very windy days. Super Scared Smilie

Next has been to a Tree63 concert.
nope, havent even heard of them.

next just failed a test at school.
No Smile Smilie I finished school years ago
Next likes motorcycles
Well I like the looks and sound of the Hogs (Harley-Davidsons), but I never wanted to ride one.

Next flames their roasted marshmallows and then picks off and eats the charred layer and repeats with the center; sometimes getting three layers to eat out of one marshmallow.
well....I do like burnt marshmellows....but I never peel the burned part ff...I definately just eat the entire thing. lol Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next watches Regis and Kelly
i love that show and i did watch it until mum and dad sent me back to school, bleh.

Next loves sausage.
I like the slight anise flavor of Italian sausage. I fry Jimmy Dean country style sausage two or three mornings a month. I also have kilbasa polish sausage every once in awhile. However, were I to watch how sausage is made, I probably would never eat it again; so I just don't go there.

Next always washes up the dishes after each meal, rather than letting the dirty ones gather and procreate in the sink or dishwasher’like I do. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
i dont wash my dishes, i fill up my washing machine and once its full at the end of the day, i then turn it on

Next can hear rain upon their windows???
Yes I can and I love it.

next hass never heard of the word imam.
Not true Smile Smilie
Next has been to IKEA and done some shopping
No, but I have paged through their catalog.

Next would never swallow a live goldfish, let alone a dead one.
True Smile Smilie I wouldn't even swallow a dead one Sad Smilie
Do you prefer original wood or painted ?
hand rubbed oil on original wood, though I wouldn't say no to a little walnut or or light oak stain and a clear protctive top coat if it is over plywood or Douglas fir.

Next likes a little butter on their bread.

Oh yes I don't eat bread without butterSmile Smilie
Next always eat dessert on Sundays
There were dessert more often when my daughters were kids. (Their father always ended up with more than his share).

Next bites nails during a certain football game.
nope, and what kinda fotballl, usually i'm too busy freezing my arse off.

Next is a radio DJ.
No, but I did a couple hours' worth on my dorm's short range radio station back in the late fifties at uni; I decided it was too boring.

Next slept in this Sunday morning.
Nope I didn't Smile Smilie I got up early preparing dinner and dessert for my familySmile Smilie
Next often travel by train
nope, tho i do use the trax system when i go shopping downtown.

Next adores designer clothing.
yes I do, that's when I can get hold of some money that is. Although I may not have the best fashion sense. I could do with some new designer clothes anyway Orc Smiling Smilie

Next can roll their tongue???
Yes, about its long axis, but I can't fold it back on itself without using my teeth.

Next can easily wink with their left eye, but doing so with their right isn't as natural as it takes more effort.
Yes I know how to do it with my left ..But I can't with my right eyeSmile Smilie My youngest can , indeed !!!
Next is feeling a bit sleepySleeping Smilie
ya, i just woke up after a long night trying to didn't work too well.

next is hungry
uh-huh and craving lasgna...with spiniach...stupid ecoli breakout!!!!!!!!!!!

Next speaks another language besides English.
I used to speak most of French, back when I was young, but I never kept it up, I can still remember some, but only a few words.

Next loves dogs???
Yeah they are lovely creaturesPuppy Smilie but actually I prefer cats more Cat Smilie
Next likes to swim
dad calls me a fish, i'm the only one of my siblings who can actually beat him racing and my cuz and i have lap contests, great if only i wasnt' so self conscious in a bathing suit i'd be okay.
Next is watching the news
No Smile Smilie I'm on PT Happy Elf Smilie
Next doesn't like to wash/clean up after themselves
True, but as I live alone I must keep some semblance of cleanliness in my Oink Smilie pigsty. Elk Grinning Smilie

Next likes to take long walks to enjoy the colors of the autumn leaves.
nope, waaay too cold outside...i'm more of a observe nature from indoors while nursing a cup of coffee and choco chip cookies.

next likes to write poetry.
Not so much! I've tried somewhat of he kind a couple of times, but I do not compete with Shakespeare or Ibsen. I'm a reader!

Next welcome spam in the email??!! Super Scared Smilie So Angry Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie
No !! Smile Smilie My husband either
Next doesn't believe in Santa
Nope, he was invented by Coca-cola; I believe in Kris Kringle Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next likes to eat raw oysters, snails, and slugs.
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