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Thread: Who's next?

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I'd have to say no for once.

Next likes cats
Yes - me - I love cats, I have 2 Pepsi & Max (they don't like eache other though)

The next is a Legolas look-a-like if you are!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I sure hope not, considering that I'm female...but if you find one, Maydmarion, please e-mail me with his exact location... Angel Smilie

Next has eaten peanut butter from a spoon in the past month or so...
Indeed I have! I love peanut butter!

The next person likes to wear short shorts!

P.S. Come to mention it...a female look-alike of Legolas may not be so different from the male look-alike. Smile Smilie
No Way!!! I HATE short shorts - all my shorts at least go past the knee!

Next has at some point cut themselves playing with a razor blade

Whoa! No, I cannot say I've ever played with a razor blade, and if you have, you should seek immediate psychiatric help or at least the help of someone you love and trust. I have known people that have experienced a suicide in their lives, from both an inside and outside point of view, and believe me, it is not something to play with or talk about lightly. Don't worry, I am NOT personally attacking you for what you said, but I believe you should be a bit more tactful. Besides, playing with sharp objects can never turn out well...even those guys that swallow swords professionally wind up with a sore throat every now and then... Shocked Smilie

Next is a very happy person.
I am, because I consulted a shrink and he made me feel good
Whoa! No, I cannot say I've ever played with a razor blade, and if you have, you should seek immediate psychiatric help or at least the help of someone you love and trust.

I was not trying to commit suicide, I had found it on my desk (I was using it to cut stuff up) and then i was spinning it around and it cut me.

P.S. what happened to the avatar?

Next hasn't ever shaved before
NO I HAVE NEVER!!!! Never. Not even the legs. All my mates-of-mates are like "Ew, your legs are so HAIRY!!! It disgusts me."

And you know what I say? I say "THEY'RE NOT HAIRY THEY'RE FURRY!!!"

HAHAHAHA!!! MWAHAHAHA!!! I refuse to be a slave of fashion!!!

Next gets lyrics stuck into their head very easily. (Insolent boy, this slave of fashion....)
Nooo! Not the phantom! Dang it, too late, in my head now.

Next hasn't the foggiest who I am.
Oh so easliy - only I tend to sing out loud, to the amusement of others - and I don't realise I'm doing it!!!!!!

The next will have a tattoo
Tommie - you beat me to it.

But no - I don't no who you are - sorry - I'm new.

As above - the next will have a tattoo
Yes I have a tatto... a little tribal I sketched myself... location: on the back

Ok : The next person dont like rain
It's a bit annoying generally, but a nice cool shower in the evening after a hot sticky summer day can be really nice. Personally I tend to ignore rain more than wind, because wind can make my job difficult.

The next person will have less posts than me
Oh yes! That is indeed me. I haven't even touched your number of posts.

The next person sings in the shower.
Sometimes, a little bit of Linkin Park or something, but then, I do whenever I'm bored.

Next has the ability to reproduce the effects of Baked Beans at will
Nope...but you should talk to my hubby-he has the gastric prowess of no other living being!

Next has no idea where "Pommyland" is.(Where is it? Its name sounds kind of like a rotten-fruit-themed amusement park...)
I do know, so I will tell you. It is a slang, sometimes slightly offensive way of saying "England".

Nope...but you should talk to my hubby-he has the gastric prowess of no other living being!

My mom and dad seem to be able to make nuclear war around the dinner table at night, so me and my brothers and sister are caught in it!!

Next person would like me to stop saying Pommyland. And Loni says it too, as well
No. I don't mind.

The next person believes he/she was a fish in the previous incarnation.
I was inside a fish, at least... Nah, i don't beleive in that sort of stuff anyways.

Next thinks chihuahuas are ugly.
Well, they are too small to be ugly. (According to a rule, the smaller a thing, the cuter it is. Don't ask me how, ask the girls!)

The next person is a bit troubled by something.
Yes - chihuahuas are ugly, to me. And I don't care what anybody else says, they're ugly. My new GF has one and they're still ugly.

Next knows a goth-wannabe that doesn't quite make it.
I know noone such.

The next person is a bit troubled by something.
Yes, but thats my problem

The next person has gotten lost in thier own house
Well no I haven't got lost but I do somethimes forget why I go to certain rooms - I'm sure this is a sign of something!!! Wink Smilie

The next will be a chocoholic
Pure, unadulterated choclate ecstacy is my idea of heaven, yes.

Next speaks in poetic verse.
Maybe you are right,
Or maybe you are wrong,
But whatever you may be,
I am only Lord_Aragorn!

The next person is hydrophobic.
If that is fear of water, then NO! Because I would die of thirst.

Next has no friends at all
If you think so than your understanding of the human social nature as well as human psychology is way way below par.

The next person knows how to swim.
Yep, growing up in Arizona, one has to know how to swim -- every house has a swimming pool! I could swim before I was even one.

The next person gets the chills when they hear fingers scratching on a chalkboard!
No... but i do scratch my nails on them to give people the chills.

Next has a habit of burning themselves whenever they cook.
Sorry, Aragorn Jr, not me. I've only ever done that once or twice in my life.

The next person wears glasses/contact lenses some of the time
The next person wears glasses/contact lenses some of the time

Sorry Val... Not I !

The next person... has a dog?!?
No, just a rabbit.

The next person will be younger than me (41)
Your inner eye's increasing powers amazes me!(14)

The next person has been on in the last 60 days.
yes... including now, too

next has the sense to not ask stupid questions
Wrong..I always ask stupid questions because i have no sense

Next will be more sensible than me
I don't know - how do you define sensible. I'm a mum and that should say I'm sensible but I don't feel it.

The next will be in bed with gastroenteritis (like me)
I hardly dare say no in case I jinx myself and finish up doing so. I'm fine at the minute though.

The next person dislikes part of their body
well, my knee is still sore from a dislocation

next has at some point wanted to go and learn three languages at once.
It was not a matter of wanted: I had to. 4 languages at the same time... Dutch, German, English and French. I graduated with 3 of them Wink Smilie

The next person knows how annoying a writers block can be
Yes, so much so that i'd rather not go there.

Next can explain any question very scientifically that I can give
Sorry I didn't understand the question Ha Ha Ha Smilie

The next can touch the tip of their nose with the tip of their tongue
Oooo...I can! I can!

The next person can roll his/her tongue like a taco!
Yes I can do that.

Useless bit of inforamation, you can only do this if one or both of your parents can do it. Learnt this in Biology at school quite a few years ago - wish I'd remember everything else!! Wink Smilie

The next can do Mr Spocks sign for live long and prosper
That being...

Next doesnt like/watch star trek

The next can do Mr Spocks sign for live long and prosper

Yup... I sure can!!!

(ST Fan, of olde)

Next person is debating digging into that easter egg a little early this year as it looks soooooooo tasty!?!

(As am I...)
I am tempted

Next person already has had an easter egg this year.
Yeeeeeeeeeahhh! It was yummy too.

Next will be going without easter eggs this year because they cant afford it
I'll have Easter eggs this year even if I have to sell something for it. Anyone want my left leg?

Next is allergic to chocolate.
Oh man, I'd have to kill myself. I live and thrive off of chocolate. That's a terrible thought, Tommie!

The next person hid Easter eggs once and didn't find one of them for a year. Yuck! (Not the chocolate ones...the real dyed eggs.)
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