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Thread: Who's next?

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no. my sister does, and she showed me a few things, which I soon forgot...
hey, what are you gonna do??

next is drinking soda.
Nope, coffee.

Next is attached to his/her cell phone.
nope, but I use it a lot
Next likes to travel
Yes! Very much.I'd like to see all the world! So now I'm just planning when to do it Look Around Smilie

Next is afraid of wasps
Next has the day off from work tomorrow
Fraid not, I have to come here and put some time in reading all the new posts, but I only have to actually answer/edit the few that break the rules. Orc Sad Smilie Those I want to answer are not considered work, but pleasure. Orc Grinning Smilie

Next has learned to tie their shoe-laces one handed.
Nope i have never bin able to unless i could use my feet im still only using one hand!!!

Next can juggle with 4 balls I CAN!!!!
Orc Sad Smilie I can't. I hardly manage to keep three balls up in the air...

next is reading a crime novel.
(not right now, of course...)
uhhhh... no. i haven't been reading anything except science textbooks. been studying herbal medicine lately...

next is coughing.
true. >(

next is a worse cook than me - I'm a lousy one.
Nah, I'm pretty good actually. I just don't like to do it that much. Desserts though...mmmm...I love to cook those! I just try not to eat them and keep feeding them to my hubby who can't put a pound on!!! grrrrr...

Next has great plans for this weekend.
Yes !!! Im going to Turkey with my husband Big Smile Smilie
Next is eating sweets
Of course...gotta love Halloween. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next has been to Las Vegas.
no, not yet.

next likes watching sports on tv.
Well,yeah, sometimes.depends on my mood.
Except Formula-1, I rarely miss it.

Next has seen a special extended edition of LOTR movies
got them all at home.

next had lego-stones when he/she was a little child.
Of course i had lego-stones as a kid they were great hours and hours and hours of gfun!!!!

Next has a LOTR ring of power or an elvish ring on their finger (coz i have!!!!!!!)
Well, I've got no rings anywhere on my body. I'm just not al that interested in jewellery and stuff.

The next person has yet to clean up his/her room/home.
Of course i need to clean my room everytime i clear a little bit away the rest of it sinks into the space i made!!!!!!!!

Next has a german shepherd dog
no, a golden retriver puppy.

next has never eaten sushi before.
Next just ate chicken
No, but there was such an intention...

Next can whistle tunes

next cant
true. I could never whistle, my tongue must be very weak.

next knows what a bittergourd is.
what is it?

next is wearing a wristwatch and is also able to tell the correct time with its help.
no and no.

next loves the way the site is looking
yea, it's a bit unfamiliar, but I like it.

next is sitting in a room with blue-painted walls.
No, they're beige.

Next swims like a hobbit Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
for a hobbit I'm a really really good swimmer... Orc Smiling Smilie

next often writes a total rubbish just because he/she is thinking of something completely different than he/she should.
well sometimes i write complete rubbish just because i have nothing else to do excptt annoy my friends on aim...i would keep writing rubbish but right now i think i sould stop before someone gets mad at me for writing all of this rubbish...

next actually read all of my rubbish
Nope! I didn't get past the first line. You have great language barriers.

Next loves Christmas carols even when it's not Christmas.
I enjoy a good whistle every now and then!! Whatever the date is!!

Next will tell us their real name Very Mad Smilie
Sure, I've said it's Anastasia.

Next eats ketchup on his/her fries.
of course!!!

next thinks soap bubbles are cooool.
I prefer when they're warm Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Next is married
maybe in ten years' time... Orc Smiling Smilie

next likes doing housework.

Next is a human being.
oh, I think so... any checklist to make sure?

next can't stand people talking nearby when he/she is watching tv.
It's not that it bothers me, its just that I usually
ignore the person, then they cannot stand me....

Next does what I do when they start to write something, like a story:
Think of characters, half a plot, a setting, and then write the beginning.
Then, you lose it and forget about it, or just unconsciously refuse
to add anything it

No, I just start writing and then I go through the thing rearranging sentences, tense, case, spelling, etc. and then hit some unknown key and lose the whole darned thing. Half the time when visiting a video game forum answering some one's question, I say to heck with it a never rewrite the answer. I've found one site where I lose my replies because it must have timed me out and says I'm not logged in, which I was. I just take a lot of time to compose my words good enough for me, let alone good enough for Gum'mint work, which is what I did before retiring. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next doesn't need a belt, suspenders, braces, or gallowses to keep their pants up.
usually...cept with some pants

next think that "sagging" (whereing ur pants low) is stupid
Well, I think it's unattractive, sloppy and messy. Is that the same thing? I
think like Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, if men dress like that, do they really
really expect us to swoon?

Next is avoiding homework.
I have no homework today. Yay! Done all my projects and there's a science test tomorrow so the teacher decided to give us a little break to revise.

Next has a stuffy nose.
it's getting better.

next often needs a dictionary.
Nope! i almost never use it, which is why I know many words by sight but don't really know what they mean... Tongue Smilie

Next loves diving
I will only do it if i had the right feeling maybe if i could be pushed!

Next enjoys a good 'ole 80% whisky!!!
well, I think you could carry me home if I tried a sip of it...

next is going to the theatre tonight.
I actually might be!

Next is terrified of speaking in front of an audience.
No,not terrified in general,but it depends much on the audience.When I remember myself a couple years ago having a good amount of maths professors listening to what I'm saying...that could be called terrifying...

Next has long hair
Not at the moment, the length at the back of my neck is only about 1/2 inch long; I usually wait until it gets one inch long before a pay my barber to sheer me and 'trim the beard while you're at it'.

Next never needs to trim their nose or ear hair.
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