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Thread: Who's next?

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No, I had a massive collection of Barbie Dolls when I was younger...I loved those dolls...I have no idea where they ended up though...Angry Elf Smilie

Next likes to eat sunflower seeds.
Not very often but they are good if you make breadSmile Smilie
Next is going shopping today
Nah, I went shopping yesterday, first time I've bought new clothes this year! Got a pair of jeans, a jersey and a jacket. So much fun... it was a public holiday (Women's Day).

Next only feels comfortable when wearing trainers/sneakers/takkies.
Yes I love trainers !!Next went to the movies today
Not yet, as it is 8:10 am locally, but I was thinking of seeing Miami Vice!

The next is gladly eats breakfast every morning.

Next is very pale and burns rather than tans.
Nay! Not this summer it's been marvelous so everybody I see around is tanned!

Next is joining a party this weekend!
Alas, no.

Next knows more than one alphabet.
English and Spanish, though I must say, I'm not as proficient in the Spanish speaking-wise as one might hope. (And some might say the same for my English at times Orc Smiling Smilie )

The next has two middle names.
None actually. Unless you count my First name and my Last name as my Middle names. Which would leave me with no name at all. Am I nameless? Or just a bit paranoid?

The next person hasn't got a 5-day weekend starting today.
Umm...i have a weekend whenever I want! lol!

Next likes dancing
yes I hates tomatoes
Only in their unmolested form, I’m a great fan of Heinz Ketchup’

The next owns a Tolkien-esque T-shirt.

tell us what it's like Orc Smiling Smilie
Well, I have a great hooded grey sweatshirt with a double-entry hand-warming pocket and our old PT logo (the map of Middle-earth surrounded by The Ring with 'Planet' above it and 'Tolkien' below it) on the front. On the back was the same logo plus 'One Site to Rule them All!' and ''. Taz/Tarrant sold them here about three years ago.

Next doesn't wake up in the middle of the night worrying about the monster that lives under their bed.
Nope never do SirHappy Elf Smilie
Next is making a cake today
Nah... but I wish I could get to eat one.

The next person isn't into gun sports.
The closest I've been to handling a gun is when I play Halo2... Sports wise, I'm more in to Soccer.

The next doesn't eat eggs (if they can help it).
uh, yup, that's definitely me...i eat junk food w/ eggs in it but that's about it.

next loves watching football games.
no....i don't like watching sporting events...especially on TV. the only sport I'll watch in person or on TV is hockey.

Next likes Pirates of the Caribbean
Sure do Smile Smilie My children are watching it right nowHappy Elf Smilie
Next likes turtles
Only if they are fast enough.

The next person is not bald.
True, and I'm quite happy with my hair. But I think bald men can be sexy Wink Smilie

Next has never been to the city of Paris
true but i would like to go there someday though

next has to go shopping soon
no, i dont think so............ 'milk, eggs, bread............. Pixie Smilie i left the baby!!!!' Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next has forgotten something, like eggs, milk or a baby before???
Actually it was the money. I hadn't brought enough, but a nice man in line behind me gave me a twenty. He said that I could do it for the next person in my predicament and it let him get home faster if I accepted the help. I'll never believe it when I'm told the entire world is corrupt.

The next doesn't care about the raw eggs while they eat their cookie dough.
You got that right - mmm cookie dough! I Love You Smilie
Though I'm normally quite squeamish when it comes to unusual food and would never eat something like sushi.

Next has eaten sushi.
Unfortunatelly no, but I wish I did. I like fish. When I was younger I didn't. I still remember those dinners:
Mum: Eat the fish, please.
Me: No!
Mum: Eat the fish!
Me: No!
Mum: Eat that fish!!!
Me: *cries* Muueee!!!

So, anyway: Next hates steamed vegetables
I don't actually hate them but I think when they are done properly ;aldente. they're goodSmile Smilie
Next is going back to school in a few days
Nope, I have officially finished my schooling (for now) and officially graduated from college! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next doesn't have a driver's lincence
True true ..I know I'm 37 and maybe I ought to have one but I have never been interested in doing so..I travel by bicycle or bus ( or Rafael ) and I walk a lot !
Next have likes to go camping
I do like to go camping...I just don't get to go very often anymore because the finace’ doesn't like camping....he says it always seems to rain whenever he goes we don't go!

Next likes to write stories.
I do but noone wants to read them so I don't!

The next person would rather get shot then drown.
Would ? Shooting..
Next is watching C S I
Nope, I'm more of a 'Law & Order' fan. The style in which they shoot/edit the show suits me better.

The next eats leftovers.
all the time...Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next likes some sort of RPG game
No I don't at loves horses
I like to see horses run wild and free in the fields,like Shadowfax and think they are lovelySmile Smilie
Next likes swords
of course, id love to get one but i dont think that the law would permit it, they are very hard with replica swords and knives Sad Smilie

Next feels that they belong to another planet??? Big Smile Smilie
Sure Loss Smile Smilie Planet Tolkien that is Big Laugh Smilie
Next often mess up in the threads ( like I just did )
I'm very glad the 'Edit Post' button exists Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

The next saw the movie before reading the Lord of the Rings.
Nope, read them all before the movies came out!

Next likes to wear sunglasses, even on really cloudy days!
Nope Wink Smilie I don't even have sunglasses Orc Grinning Smilie Maybe I should buy them, because the sunlight is so strong these summer months...
I know - strange, but I simply can't get used to have someting on my nose Cool Smilie

Next once did something stupid in front of his family
Nothing more stupid than what they've done in front of me ;-)

Next loves to climb - be it mountains, trees, walls, whatever.
Not if there exists an open gate or some way around the obstacle.

The next person doesn't like Dido.
I can only deal with Dido in extremely minuscule doses Very Mad Smilie

The next has built a Star Wars themed model.
Yes, I built Han Solo's starship, whose name I can't come up with: my mind says 'Maltese Falcon', but we all know that ain't it, don't we. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie How about the 'Millennium Falcon'. Happy Elf Smilie

Next has played a Star Wars computer game.
Nope, but I have played LOTR computer game Tongue Smilie

Next likes to play the PlayStation
It depends what games you're offering me to play! lol Elf With a Big Grin Smilie I'm very picky about my video games...i think I much prefer the GameCube to the Playstation.

Next likes green tea with jasmine
I'm not sure. I do love tea though, especially if it is cold, and I know Green tea with lemonade is scrumptious Orc Smiling Smilie

The next has read Beowulf.
no i havn't, *closes eyes ready for a slap from somone who is shocked at the fact i havn't read it*

Next has often wished that by a push of a button, all their problems would be solved???
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