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Thread: Who's next?

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I never do Smile Smilie
Next likes the SNOW
I like looking at it and playing in it; but i don't like traveling in it.

Next has a plum pudding on the Twelfth Day of Christmas.
I have to admit that I still haven't had the opportunity to taste the plum-pudding. I have read the receipt and it looks delicious, but till now, no plum-pudding.

Next have started preparations to celebrate the next holiday, Easter!
Naw, first we's got Marty Luther's King Day (you know, that gentleman what had a dream and forty years ago was assassinated for it) followed by Presidents' Day (George and Abe); then Valentine's Day, and St. Patty's Day, and sometimes Income Tax Day, afore we gits around to Easter. Not to mention tomorrow being the twelfth Day of Christmas called Epiphany in these parts, when we celebrate the three gift bearing kings/wise men/magi. "Beware geeks bearing gifts," from whence cometh the saying: 'Don't take any wooden nickels' or horses even, unless you have one of those elusive round-tuits.

Next wishes the snow would go away until next year. We got another inch last night and I'm tired of it.
snow snow snow! i wish if we have snow here...... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next haven't still removed Xmas decorating ones hanged on walls or xmas trees?
I will remove them when i get around to do it Big Smile Smilie!

Next gained weight during the holidays (I know i did Big Smile Smilie)
For sure.

Next read at least one book during Christmas vacation or winter/summer break. Read Smilie

Next is wearing odd socks today (though may try to deny it)
Yes they are quite elderly, and though I've purchased replacements for them twice, the new ones aren't long enough for me to pull myself up by my bootstraps.

Next had a green salad as part of their last evening dinner.

Next is online this movement?(stupid question)
'Stupid is as stupid does'; but to answer your question: I think I was.

Next wished Grondy a happy birthday today in the Party Tree?
really i did but not today .......yesterday........ Orc Grinning Smilie

Next like Spring than Summmer?
Yes, if it isn't cold and wet. Some Summer days are too hot.

Next has already finished their homework today, except Thinker who is probably still on Summer vacation.
We don't have summer vacations Orc Grinning Smilie but in April we have holidays for New year festival(Sinhala new year)Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie.then in August for religious festival called( Perahera). lastly in December for Christmas........ and i haven't got homework for i didn't go to school these days... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next is Grondy and he will teach me about there school system?
Okay, our five days a week school year runs from early September to early June with a week or two off at Christmas (called Winter Break), another week off at Easter (called Spring Break), plus a couple days or half-days off for teacher conferences with parents. And a then sometimes a few days off when the snow or flooding makes our roads too dangerous to be transporting children to and from school. Those snow/flood days are usually made up by tacking their replacement days on in the middle of June. In my state's public schools, I believe the children must be in school for 180 days each year in order for each school to receive a certain amount of tax payer funding per child per day. Teacher Smilie

Next can carry a tune (sing satisfactorily) and/or play a musical instrument.
no good in singing and no good in playing..........

Next have played a musical instrument in their school band?

Next builds model cars, boats, airplanes, or trains, or does fancy needlework like crewel or embroidery.
No Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next vote PT everyday?
For sure, well almost daily; sometimes I can't get to the links.

Next likes floppy-eared rabbits.
yeah i like rabbits specially floppy eared rabbits

Next's so sad about Gollum and care about him?
(i care about Gollum sometimes the names he call to things are sweet like Yellow Face)
No, I'm not sorry for murderers, unless they are very young and didn't get the word that real people, when killed, never pick themselves back up from the floor, to get on with their lives.

Next often wears a ribbon in their hair.

only for school days........

Next have mithrils more than 5000?
A bunch of times more than that even. Happy Elf Smilie

Next didn't go swimming today.
You are correct sir!

Next had a date for Valentine's Day? Making Out Smilie
Not the romantic kind, just a visit with my daughter and grandson.

Next did/will do something exciting/really enjoyable this weekend.
Sure ..playing Dart with friends but I'm also working
Next look forward to Spring
If you mean those days when it doesn't snow and it gets warmer, and the flowers start blooming, then yes, I'm looking forward to Spring,

Next won't eat pizza tonight.
Already had beef soup.

Next is planning on coloring Easter eggs.
Not unless my daughter comes over and she was here two weeks ago, so I'll play it by ear.

Next remembers the green cellophane fake grass with which Easter baskets were stuffed prior to the layer of all the goodies: Cadbury eggs, chocolate bunnies, yellow peeps, jelly beans, etc.
Oh, yes. When my children were small that stuff would be all over the place for weeks after the Easter Bunny's visit.

Next is going to eat ham on Sunday.
No, but I might make hot-cross-buns for Sunday breakfast.

Next stayed up too late last night.
Nope. Went to bed early. Got up early. I'm such a goodie-goodie.

Next hates it when they get raindrops on their glasses (or if you don't wear glasses... too bad, you're missing out on myopic fun)
Yes and living near Seattle, my glasses get more than their fair share.

Next has more than three pairs of footwear.
Sure Grondy..I'm a girlie Smile Smilie
Next is feeling happy !
More sleepy than happy, but not unhappy.

Welcome back Lady Mellon.

Next will bake something this week.
I'm thinking about it !

Next is enjoying the smell of spring in the air.
Yes, but not the Texas heat that it drags along with it! Big Smile Smilie

Next dislikes the bees that come along with spring and flowers!
Only if I get to close to them, for bees do have a major positive impact on agricultural crops.

Next likes to dance.
only if I've had too much to drink
Next is a Bob Dylan fan.
Eh, sometimes.

Next likes hot biscuits (American ones) with butter and honey.
Yes I do, especially flaky biscuits; the more solid buttermilk biscuits I can do without.

Next likes sweet cornbread, and banana-nut bread, and even zucchini bread.
No. I like plain old bread!

Next likes to drink tea every morning
nope I dont like tea or coffee

next likes white chocolate ?
I'll never turn it down, but I like dark chocolate better.

Next is going to skip buying tickets to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver BC, that went on sale today.
Yeah, too much money. Not like I have a job to pay for it, yet. And you get a much better view at home.

Next wakes up early in the morning (I do only on Fridays....)
Yes, but being retired, I can go back to sleep, sometimes until 10 am. One of the perks for hard work in earlier decades.

Next is tired of X-Men films.
Yes! Three movies are enough and frankly who wants to watch an X-men movie without the professor? (Its like reading the Lord of the Rings without someone called Frodo in it! I wonder where they got the idea to kill Xavier in number 3)

Next still uses Windows Xp instead of Vista
Aye, the missus finally got it registered a few months ago so we've been able to update it.
But We're getting a new computer in a few months, this one is getting ridiculously slow.

next is an ex smoker like myself
Nope! I've never smoked a cigarette in my life! I once tried and nearly chocked but that was long ago! I'll be 20 this year and I'm very proud that I'm a non smoker! By the way even you you did a great job to stop smoking! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

Next likes the fact that Manchester United has won another league title!
Um....yeah sure. Not really! I don't really know who that is! (My guess is a soccer team)

Next dislikes ticks, or any blood-sucking animal.
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