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Thread: Who's next?

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Fire good. Cook meat, burn wood, keep warm...

Next has been at PT for a while.
Mhm, a fair while yes

Next is Grondy
I am going through a severe identity crisis-each time I want to post in this thread, the person before me thinks I'm someone else-it has gotten so bad that I have forgotten my name here and will now answer to any name. So yes, I am Grondy. Good guess.

Next is someone I like very much.
Um... well I don't think I've done anything for you not to like me, so I'll say yes.

Next likes to write in the RPG's
THE SPOTTED DAISY... is an idiot. Not only do I like playing in the RPGs, I particularly enjoy playing idiotic characters. Makes a change for the usual 'noble' types.

Next agrees with me that the SPOTTED DAISY is an idiot.
Unfortunately I am not sure what that means. . .but I guess I will agree.

Next is Stony.
At your call I appear!

Next is Loni.
Nar, she'll be at least she better be!!!!!

next is Grondy
WRONG Tongue Smilie

Next goes on Planet tolkien WAYYYY to much
Here here!! Oh well, ask anyone in the chatroom about me!!

Next likes to talk about techie stuff!!

Next has a vampire in the familly.
I have a ninety-eight year-old great grandmother, I think she honestly qualifies.
I myself have very long and sharp incisor teeth, and I can be very grumpy sometimes, so does that mean I'm one, too? Crikey, that would mean a lot of people are...darn vampires!

Next used to watch the original Speed Racer cartoon when they were a kid.
OMG yes, hehehe, I'd forgotten all about that, what was the baddies name?, the one with the dog that sniggered?

Next loves M*A*S*H
Hey, that's that show that is always on instead of, come to think of it, I don't like it at all.

Next has a new computer.
Nope (though I sure wish I had).

The next one will be just surfing through threads.

Aren't you?

Next does not have an ear infection.

Next is Vee.
Awwww. No.

Vee's not here. Please leave a message after the beep. *BEEP*

Next hates television
No, there's a few good shows still on.

Next is........ummmm........Grondy?
Tuor_iambpentameter? Elk Grinning Smilie
I'm sorry whatawhata in the where now?

next is munching on nuts and dried fruit like me>(but unlike me I'm sure you're not packing them in your cheeks for a midnight snack.......what can I say?, I get hungry gad namit)
Nope, not chomping on nuts and twigs.

Next has mud on their nose.
Actually no...but there have been days like that.

Next is someone who is REALLY looking forward to the weekend!

I am, because I just finished one set of finals, and will have one weekend with no homework before the next term starts on Monday. Yippee!! Pary Smilie
My weekend just started!!! Woohoo! But I have to do the Relay For Life tomorrow, but, I don't mind!!!!

Next is enjoying the simple pleasures in life
(like the PC! Ha Ha Ha Smilie )

WELL, a PC is not a SIMPLE pleasure. It's COMPLICATED!!!!! But anyway..... it's sAturday. I had Subway for breakfast. I went to the markets. AAAAAh. BUT MY BROTHER IS TRYING TO GET ME OFF MY PC!!!!!!! WAAAA!!!! So I am enjoying these pleasure, but not for long, thanks to BRO here!!!!

Next person has a sudden urge to dance around with a bin on their head and cluck the theme song for their least favourite TV show!!!! (just like me!! Very Big Grin Smilie )
I've had a bin on my head for about twelve years and I don't know the theme song to Survivor, so I'm only halfway there, I guess Loni.

Next wishes lobster was a main food group. Smile Smilie
Don't know the theme song? MAKE ONE UP!!!!! Anyway..... I've never tried lobster. It's a big red thing, right? EEEEww..... it looks too LIVE, if you ask me.

next is someone who HAS FINISHED THEIR EXAMS FOR THE YEAR!!!! (Friday was the last day; tis Saturday!)
Just when you thought you got rid of me! Nope, still lots of stupid tests to study for, luckilly, none til tuesday. Next is STONEY!
NO!!!!! Although being a dwarf, I am rather 'stony!' HAHAHAHA. *no one laughs. Okay. You're right, that wasn't funny.

(And I must admit, I still have an internal exam to sit, but it's only an hour-long one. Just an essay. It doesn't count.)

NEXT IS A DWARF!!!!! least that is what it says beside my race.

Next needs to calm down.
Really? Oh, man...I was on a roll!
What a buzzkiller. Alright...

Next played the instrument called the recorder in Elementary School, like I did.
hey i played tried playing the recorder in elementary school too!
Well, we don't have elementary school over here. But I did play the recorder in primary school. And then I played the alto recorder (a really big one) in Intermediate school. But no more. Alas! the days of the recorder are over.

Next is someone whose country does NOT have elementary school.
Well, we do have them over here!

The next person is a geek!!
Not at all!

But next is!

Mmmmm sorry Stoney, but I'm not. Wish I was a computer geek though, then I'd understand this darned contraption a little better.

Next is someone who'd rather be alone instead of being in a crowd.
Yup. Leave me with a nice computer, a guitar, a music system and lots of music cds. I can spend my whole life that way.


I don't need no arms around me
I don't need no drugs to calm me
I have seen the writing on the wall
I don't think I need anything at all
Oh no
Don't think I need anything at all
All in all you were all just bricks in the wall

Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (Part 3) from The Wall

Next likes to be the centre of attention
No... Not really....

Next would like a lollipop! (Yes you DO!!!)
Yes, I would love a lollipop. Actually a grape flavored Tootsie Roll pop to be precise. Its been ages since I've had one of them.

Next is someone who likes to surf!
The answer's NO if its water you are talking about.

The next person has a large friend circle.
I'm friends with everyone, but I'm not sure if everyone is friends with me... so I'll say no Sad Smilie

The next person is married
Hey, you're pretty good Andrea! And I'm sure that those people are friends with you. Smile Smilie

Next hails from the beautiful United Kingdom.
No, but sometimes I wish I was!

Next is someone who likes rainy days. (Its been raining here for a few days and I miss the sun.)
Rain, ah yes. You can't ignore it in Mumbai. I don't like a drizzle though. I like thunderstorms. This year was awesome in that sense. Used to rain for a whole week and I mean rain hard. Couldn't see the sun for a whole week....

Next doesn't like RPGs
That's true mate!

The next person can't bear apple crunch pies!
Aye that is me... no please no pies with apple for me! Yuk. Cherry pie, yes. Mjum.

The next person is someone who has never rode a bike in his/her entire life!
How can you possibly say that? I still have many years to live. I still have quite a chunk of my life still left. I can't say the statement to be true or false right now.

The next person is in the twenties.

Aaaaaai, I'd hope that. I mean, if I were 21, I could get married right now, but oh well, I'm not in the 20s yet.

Do you feel that people in their 30s are oldies? Very Big Grin Smilie
No. Just big kids!

The next person disagrees with me.
No I don't! You're always saying that and it isn't true. I usually agree with you, but on other topics. Wait, what were we talking about?

Next is someone who likes to sing in the shower.
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