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Thread: Who's next?

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That has been a possability since the mid-forties; I just hope no one decides to push that button.

Next has never tasted gooseberry pie.
that's true. I don't like pie....the crust bothers me, so I don't eat it. There are some pies that I will eat the filling, and leave the majority of the crust! lol Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next is wearing no socks
True! It is about 11 pm here, so I am ready to hop in to bed. Sleeping Smilie

The next likes the song 'Flash' by Queen more than the film Flash Gordon for which it was done.
I have never heard of it!Next has just had lunch
just finished breakfast actually, a very late breakfast that you could possibily call a lunch

Next knows what cardboard tastes like??? i dont know why cardboard???
Nope Smile Smilie
Next spending the evening home watching the telly
Yes I will,it's morning here is listening to music
Yes I will,it's morning here is listening to music
Yes I will,it's morning here is listening to music
No Smile SmilieActually I'm watching a rewind of American Idol ( sorry it is music also )
Next likes to paint
I do! Not much talent, I think, but it's very good for releasing stress, ahaha.

Next wears glasses for reading
Well, I'm supposed to, but I often take them off when I'm reading in bed. I wear tri-focals: for near, for reading my monitor, and for far.

Next won't go there. Where is there?
OF COURSE I WILL!!! *leaps into portal, and is zapped out of the universe...*

next will come with me!
Ummmm - yeah, why not, sounds like fun!

Next doesn't like windy days - rain, snow, fog or sunshine, yes, but not wind.
Oh but I do like the wind !! I love watching mother nature when she does what she does best Smile Smilie
Next like to watch lightning
Indeed I do! I had a marvelous opportunity to do so yesterday evening through this morning. I love the monsoon season! Orc Smiling Smilie

The next is horrible at packing.
Quite right as far as in boxes for moving or suitcases for traveling; however, when going on a trip by automobile, I could always pack the trunk and overhead so there was ample room inside for the passengers to travel in comfort.

Next doesn't put any kind of dressing on their salad greens.
Not true Grondy : I use a bit of oil and some salt/pepper .not much coz I want to know what the salad taste likeSmile Smilie
Next feel really bad when she/he has fever
Who doesn't?

The next person is enjoying the weather.
ya, it's actually quite nice here now. Not too warm, and not too chilly. I like it! I would like it even more if it were raining though! I LOVE THE RAIN! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next has a big party to go to in the next week.
A few concerts and the yearly 'starting of school' esque bashes. I've happily got my options open!

The next pretended to be a super hero as a child and part way into their adult life.
Didn't we all?

Next would rather dry the dishes than wash them.
I would do neither if I had the option but if I had to do one of those, then yes, drying the dishes would be the one I would have chosen.

The next person does his/her own laundry.
indeed I most certainly do! lol. I also do my fiancees...but he makes up for it by doing the dishes! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie lol

Next likes movie soundtracks.
Yep, I like movie soundtracks.

Next is a perfectionist.
Nope, but I want any job done much better than 'good enough for government work' if I'm going to put my name on it. I want to be able to hold my head high and not be ashamed of what I have done, or will do.

Next likes microwaved left over frozen pizza.
nah... frozen pizza doesn't bide well with me.

Next has bought a new purse.
It was a late birthday present, actually.

Next one can dance (meaning ballet and the like)
I used to figure skate...but not dance.

Next is learning to drive
yeah, i acutally am, funny you should mention that, funny story in regards to that. Okay so my parents informed me exactly 3 days ago that i made it into drivers ed...they then proceded to tell me that the new policy is to make the student take the driving test, to get a learner's permit, so that i can learn how to drive, so i can take the driving test so i can get my license. personally i think that the school board just has issues, but that's just me... anyways so i've been driving abotu 8 times in my life and i now have until the 5th of sept to learn how to drive stick and automatice, paralell park, park on a hill, all traffic regulations and signs and somehow manage to memorise the entire 120 pg manual on driving so i can actually pass the test so i can take driver's ed. and that was really long, sry.

Next gets lost really easily.
No, I'm a map person and study one before I go into a new area.

That Drivers Ed. policy posted above doesn't make sense. What the heck is Drivers Ed. do if you have to learn how to drive safely before you can even take it. Sounds like an insurance company rule to me, towards protecting the school's teaching cars on the cheap.

Next as never flown, except in their dreams.
I've never flown unassissted although I've taken many a flights. And I'm not sure if I fly in my dreams.

The next person can act... and does it well.
No,I absolutely not.I'm awful in acting believe me!Next loves mythology
Yes, that was Bullseye, Ninerl! Myths have fascinated me most of my life (Up to now that is) Maybe love isn't exactly my phrase I use, very strong liking to it is more my way of saying it, but you hit me hard. I reckon' that is part of why also Tolkien has got this grip on me.

Next has recently been abroad.
No I wish I went with you to England thoughHappy Elf Smilie
Next has been eating
actually...i just finished eating a handfull of sour cream and onion chips! lol Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

next likes young children
But not for dessert!!!Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next hasn't roller-skated/bladed this summer.
True Sir Smile Smilie But my daughter did and she broke her right wristSad Smilie
Next do not like waiting for someone who's always late
Someone likes to make and withhold the myth that her husband always is late, but I bet it can't be true. Some myths are not to be trusted. Shaking Head Smilie

Next does not like waiting or queing! Very Big Grin Smilie
no i dont, your legs start to ache and you get bored and start singing a song to pass the time, only to realise that your singing outloud and people are staring. (not that thats ever happened to me Big Smile Smilie)

Next is Raffy??? as he is online
Nope it's his daugther mellonHappy Elf Smilie
Next is having the weekend off from work
well....true...but, I don't count, cause I don't work! lol...but I did have driver's ed all this week...finished today...the inclass part....start the driving part on the 12th! YAY YOUNG DRIVERS!!!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next has taken Young Drivers, or a drivers education course similar to it
Nope, I just had the booklet issued by Washington State that I used in 1956 for my initial drivers licence (I passed the written the first time, but had to take the driving test twice). And then in 1977, that of the AAA's so I could pass the International Driving Test for driving in Spain. (It was a snap.)

Next has yet to water ski, sail board, hang glide, or bungee jump.
I've only done the bungee jumping yet. But then, I still have a long life ahead of me (or so I hope)

The next person is not very bookish.
nope, i'm the kind of person you can find reading a textbook for fun....with the minor exception of my chemisty/math ones which i don't understand. oh and happy blurb: I just passed my driver's test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I"m am now allowed on the roads if accompanied by someone over 21....have another 6 months before i can get an actual liscense =( but its all good and the pix on those things are cursed.

next prefers not to drive if possible (like me).

Nah; I still like to drive my car too much. I know it's lazyness to drive instead of walking in several situations. I also enjoy driving around in my holydays. Some Saturday evenings it is nice to sit in the backseat.

Next enjoys flee-markeds or auctions
Ooooo. yes yes though I don't get many chances to go to one.

next is sweating's actually turned into some really cool autumn weather lately! I like it! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next likes ice
Heheh... you got me there.. Happy Elf Smilie

The next person loves olives.
Yes, I olives are my favorite!

Next loves to look up at the stars at night and wonder who else is seeing this same view around the world.
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