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Thread: Who's next?

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Yes, I am terrible for hoarding things that have no value, but all have a memory or story to smile about...

Next has heard and liked the song from Mika, Grace Kelly
Sorry, I have not! Do I miss much?

Next was watching the Super Bowl this weekend!
I only watched part of the third quarter for a few minutes and saw that Chicago great defence wasn't, and that their offence stunk. I quit when da Bears had it second and one and their line proceeded to let their quaterback be sacked twice in a row for losses of about ten yard each. I don't need to subject myself to such ineptitude. Thank heavens my Seahawks missed their game winning field goal in the last second of their playoff game allowing da Bears to move on. The Seahawks would have done worse; they were bad enough in last years Superbowl when they were beaten by the New England Patriots who didn't even make the playoffs this year. Ho Hum!!!

Next can't wait for Spring Training (baseball) to start next month.
sports were never really my thing, so not so much...more excited for all the snow to melt and it to get warm here, not sure why I live in the mountains.

Next has seen one of the new Sundance movies.
Not me, but I seldom go to the flicks.

Next has not yet seen the Rankin-Bass animated movie of The Hobbit.
Nope, heard it's horrible.

Next is getting a heat wave compared to recent tempatures. -20 degrees average for over a week, -45 windchill; 10 degrees now.
Rather cold here by us these days! -12C but it is by the sea and windy. We do not lay on the beach to get a tan these days! Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie Snowman Smilie

Next is sitting by the fire these days!!
Yep its nice. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next has chopped wood today.
No , we do that during the summer Smile Smilie
Next likes to watch CSI
Not any more, I used to watch it when it was limited to Las Vegas and Miami, but it styarted getting old when they expanded.

Next saw Hiro get his face smashed by the leggy dancer who ran off with his friend and the pink bag Monday night in Heroes.
No , I haven't seen any of it
Next has recived a card from his/her VALENTINEIn Love SmilieI Love You Smilie
Nope, I don't really have a Valentine.

Next person's parents are going out tonight.
No, they're not.

The next person either got or gave flowers today!
No ...but I got flowers on Saturday from my beloved husbandSmile Smilie
Next drinks lot of water during a daySmile Smilie
Drinks more coffee, but swallows some water in the shower every morning!

Next is celebrating an Anniversary this weekend!
yup, 2.5 months since i last had a drink and 1.5 months since i last smoked.

next gave someone a singing card for valentine's. (mum gave dad one and i'm about ready to burn it.)
I didn't even gave my loved one a regular card; I'm sorry! I may give her flowers this weekend!

1.5 months since i last smoked.
Congrat's Arwen! I know how hard that is! I wish you ever so much will, stubborness and luck! Nicotinia will never again master my mind and body!!

Next will try to live through this weekend without starting an answer with: BUT!
I think I didSmile Smilie
Next likes to read about scienceRead Smilie
Yes. I find it a very interesting subject, though not as interesting as history.

Next likes to watch Animal Planet.
Yes! I love Animal Planet! I'm totally addicted. ^^

Next uses Dove shampoo.
Nah . I use any kindHappy Elf Smilie
Next is freeeezzzzing
Well, I was about five minutes ago, bringing the garbage out without a coat on.

Next is warm now.
Quite! Canadian indoors are always quite cozy.

Next is feeling drowsy because they've just stuffed themselves with candy or other foods and watched more than three hours of TV.
Yes and no! As always my wife served a marvellous dinner which I again ate too much of. But I've been reading so the TV has been mostly dark.

I think I did
- but?
Next is waiting for springtime!
No.. not yet Rafael
Next has been reading a lot lately
No, I'm bogged down in Eco's The Name of the Rose; I'm only reading about ten pages per night instead of a hundred. This is a reread and they have just decypered the libraries indexing code.

Next has never gone ice fishing: through a hole in the ice, rather than for fish shaped ice cubes. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Nope, I've never gone ice fishing though have fished for cubes in the freezer! Pary Smilie

Next is seriously in love.
Nope, I'm not even in love yet, much less seriously in love.

Next just got a HUGE snowfall. It started snowing Saturday, snowed all day on and off, all night, on and off Sunday, again during the night, and then snowed some more today. I think almost two feet of snow, with snow banks over four feet. And they were saying that we were going to get an early spring.
Yes..finally it's wintertime...Today I made a big snowman that was 2 meters high with my kids..lots of funSmile Smilie
Next has tried to build an Igloo once
We built an igloo the very first year we moved to this part of the country! It was another of the winter with large snowfalls. As far as I remember even my wife took part in the building.

Next means that 30 days winter-time is enough call it a proper winter!
I like winter second only to fall and only thirty days of these beautiful seasons isn't enough for me.

Next is someone who can ride a horse.
Can't really say that I do Smile Smilie Last time I tried I was a child and It was a pony Big Laugh Smilie
Next is from UK
That would be a greater surprise, so I am not. But I have been there!

Next have seen a Winter wonderland today!
No, it is cold outside with bright sunlight at the moment, but hasn't been any snow here for weeks. There has been new snow in the lowlands about 50 miles to my northeast and in the mountains to my west and east.

Next want's a good cup of hot chocolate right about now.
yes, its below freezing!!!!!! (although i wouldn' say no to a big cup of coffee either.)

next has used Tempura paint before.
Yes, it tastes nasty! Exploding Head Smilie We painted some Easter Eggs with tempra right after WW II in my first grade class, it's yucky flavor went through the shells and ruined the eggs. They did look pretty though.

Next looks at a newspaper at least once a week.
Yes, I have to clip coupons from the Sunday paper and put the classifieds in the bottom of the birdcages. That's about all I find it good for, though :-)

Next is someone who's really tired after a very long day
Wow. That describes me perfectly.
I'm in the pit orchestra for our All-County Musical Production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, and we just had our opening show tonight. So, it was a very long day.

Next knows at least one foreign language.
heh...I'm blundering my way through french right now, you might say...I haven't even completely mastered English yet, and they're making me move on?!? hah. You'd have to have heard me speak in person to realize the humor of this situation... Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

next likes oreos and milk.
Oreos yes, but not milk. I hate the milk part. It's all soggy and bllleeeeeeaaaarrrgh!

Next bites their nails out of boredom
Not a chance!

Next has had the same weather as myself. I already posted about last weekend's weather, it snowed Saturday, Sunday, Monday, stopped Tuesday, snowed Wednesday, Thursday, and we're supposed to get another big snowstorm in the next few days! Super Scared Smilie I'm kinda watching the weather channel right now, and it's saying another storm today! I haven't seen the sun since last Thursday!
I'm from the desert, and all of this snow has me permanently frozen! I sympathise greatly Orc Sad Smilie

Next has had a California Burrito.
No, I just had TacosSmile Smilie
Next has no plans this weekend
My wife has told me that I would like to sing in a concert wih her choir tomorrow, and on sunday I'll be watching a granchild of mine playing hand-ball! Very Big Grin Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie

Next is hoping for some cream-cake during the weekend!
yup, or just any kind of junk food for that matter, i do believe i shall go pick myself up a biiiiiig latte on my way to work today...
Missing the next part of your thread, Arwen! Angel Smilie
Next is hoping for some cream-cake during the weekend!

I'll make sure you get some dadSmile SmilieStill waiting for Arwens' NEXT
Next will also assume Arewn won't be back for a while and will answer this one of mine. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
sowwie, i was sick.....
Next loves Gumby and Pokey!
I hope you're better now, Arwen! Glad you're back!

Sorry, I love animation but dislike Gumby and Pokey intensely.

Next practises meditation
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