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Thread: Who's next?

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Not yet, but I prolly will soon...

Next likes to eat cookie dough....
I DO like to eat cookie dough! How did you ever know?!?!?!?

Next is....going to work, or working right now
Only if you call reading every new post since I was here yesterday work. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Next doesn't eat three square meals daily, or round even.
No, I never have 3 square, round, oval or oblong etc....meals a day. I always have a cereal in the morning but then only eat if I get hungry.....yes I know it's bad....but both times I was pregnant I had excessive morning sickness (all day long, every day - even threw up water!!!) so I couldn't eat for the 9 months or so of pregnacy with both my now if I eat 3 square meals a day - I throw up.....little and often is the best for me, if I need it!!!

Next has never thrown up
I wish...although I don't throw up as much as my older brother...

Next LOVES the Chichago Cubs!!!! (although they haven't won a world series since 1908 but 2006 WILL be the year)
umm...I don't know who the Chichago cubs are...but I do know who the Chicago cubs are...and no, I don't like them...I'm canadian, and if I don't cheer for the Toronto BlueJays my b/f would be quite upset! lol actually...I'd rather cheer for hockey....I don't like baseball! lol....GO OTTAWA SENATORS!!!!!! or....EDMONTON OILERS!!! yay! woOt! o_O

next is watching The Simpsons
Nope, I'm watching the Cubs vs. the Giants. GO GIANTS!!!

Next could care less about baseball.
True so true , in Norway baseball isnt such a common sportSmile Smilie
Next is doing housework afterwards..
I will try and do some ironing to help out abit, but then again i may not, im really a very tidy person...........

Next can remember their dream last night??? if yes... do tell Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
well....yes-ish...but I'm not sharing. lol

Next know how to make an origami lotus flower
Nope cant say that I doSmile Smilie
Next doesnt like strawberries
no way i love strawberries, especially fresh picked (and washed) then drowned in sugar Tongue Smilie

Next can do that wierd thing with the through the nose and out of the mouth thing??? or vice versa, its weird and a little gross
Actually, no I can't.

The next person isn't going rafting this weekend.'re a smart one! Elf Winking Smilie

Next has heard the new "Stadium Arcadium" CD by Red Hot Chili Peppers and LOVES it!Happy Elf Smilie
No, not yet but I really like the RHCP so will find it and give it a go.

Next can multi-task very well
My mom says that men can't multi-task, I'm a young man, and have proven her wrong many times.

Next doesn't have a girlfriend, or boyfriend
Not yet. No.

The next person is in a mood to curse his/her luck.
no, my luck is bad anyways, so i don't worry about it

next is shorter than 5'4" (68inches)
Alas, so true...but only by an inch. (My sister is 5'11" Sad Smilie. How did that happen?! I have several cousins over 6'5" too, and one that is 7feet tall! He's lovingly known as Cousin Wall.)

Next has at least one bubble bath a month.
next was a member when i posted lots.
I think I was... Wink Smilie

Next likes plants, flowers and gardening
it's true...however, my allergies start to get the best of me when I'm gardening...Sad Smilie

Next is watching a hockey game right now! Happy Elf Smilie
No getting ready for church since my oldest daugther is getting her confimation as a grown up
Next is not going to church
correct. I only go there in case of emergencies, like weddings, baptising and such.

Next person doesn't know html
What exactly is html?

Next gets on without their parents' knowledge.
I suppose that's true since my parents live about quarter-way around the globe.

The next person dislikes sweating.
ah, very much so! especially because I think I was blessed with my father's sweat glands...I can't do anything without sweating like a pig!

Next is NOT missing a toe on their right foot!
No I'm not - all my digits are in tack.

Next is a proper TV-aholic and will watch anything on the goggle box. One Eye Smilie
well..not necessarily anything, but I do watch a lot of tv's...favorite shows...LOST, Grey's Anatomy, CSI, and now, I'm really into Desperate the popular

Next has eaten squid (calamari) or octopus before
So true.

The next person is scared of heights.
Yes - but only by accident, I thought they were onion rings (which I love). Whilst eating the onion rings as I thought, I was told what they really were - you've seen the comedy sketches on tv - well that was me. Mouth full of SQUID (aaaarrrgh) not knowing where to put it but knowing I was NOT going to swallow - I will say no more.........

Next likes blowing bubbles
LA86 you just beat me....Not too scared of heights but I can't walk across bridges...

Next likes blowing bubbles
Big Laugh Smiliesometimes I do...
Next read before going to bed at nigth
i do sometimes, if i dont feel tired at all, i enjoy reading at night as i have a dream about it that night Orc Grinning Smilie ............

Next is so tired that they can hardly focus on the screen???
Oy. Definitely there right now, and I have a long night to go before my nice warm bed... Sad Smilie

Next person would need to split in half three times to be all the places they need to be tonight, on time. Juggling Smilie
Nope , I got off work an hour ago so my next place to be is :BEDSmile Smilie
Next likes to send postcards when he/she is on vacation
I've never been on Vacation before....ya...I know....I'm 21 and I've never gone anywhere. But, i do like to send people post cards and letters, so I know I will once I start travelling!

Next has received or given flowers to someone in the last few days.
Very true. I gave them to my grandmother, who is in the hospital right now, for Mother's Day.

Next colors his/her hair.
No, I like the way they are.

The next person is awfully free nowadays
Well...I don't have a lot of plans...but I'm not single. Happy Elf Smilie

Next likes the movie "Drumline"
Not seen it. God, I need to catch over my movie watching. I'm way lagged off.

The next person has never had a pet rabbit.
I haven't. My mother found that she is severely allergic to rabbits when we pet sat one a while ago. Sad Smilie oh well.

Next person is not looking forward to finals.
em i dont really know what finals are if they are exams or something then i am so not looking forward to them as i have a maths exam tomorrow

it is raining where next is
yup it is but i love the rain it is soothing................

Next loves the rain
Yes Loss, I love the rain, especially when I'm tucked up in bed and can hear the pitter patter on the window aaahhhhh Sleeping Smilie woops dropped off there. Of course in the UK we're used to the rain so haven't got much choice lol Well, no, actually we're going to have a hosepipe ban here soon so we can't get that much can we.......!!!???

Next has a week off has......

ps Is Mother's day different in the US and the rest of the world? - in the UK it's the end of March (Mothering Sunday) and did you know Mother day started when the little children who were in service were allowed to go home to visit their mothers and they picked the daffodils and other flowers, along the way home as a gift...see I'm full of useless information........ Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Ah, we have Mum's Day on an early Sunday in May when more of the flowers are blooming after the the showers of April. When I was a kid during the war (WW II) we used to gather wild flowers on May Day and present them to our favorite teachers and neighbor ladies.
Can't do that much here... My mom would love wild flowers, but she just draws the line at dandylions!

Oh, um... next person loves the mountains!
Yes, I love the mountains, but more in the summer than in the winter. I'm not a fan of snow. In fact, I was just hiking around Yosemite this past weekend. The waterfalls are AMAZING with all of the snowmelt.

Next has psychic tendencies.
Not exactly... I develop multiple personalities only when i'm geting a bit bored of myself.

The next person is not drunk at the moment.
No - it's nearly lunchtime here, plus I have to take my cat (Pepsi) to the vets later and need all my wits to try and get her in the pet carrier without getting scratched to death - she knows you know!

Next is contemplating what to do next!
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