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Thread: Who's next?

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Um...right...if you say so... Angel Smilie
Actually, I pulled the fire alarm and had the whole school evacuated in my freshman year of high school. I just really wanted to and I DID NOT want to take a calculus test. Now, to those of you who would be foolish enough to try this tactic to get out of an unwanted test-DO NOT!!! I got suspended and my dad was fined five hundred dollars, as the fire department had come out and everything...Truthfully, it was a little funny, to see the whole school file out like that...maybe I'm just a bit sadistic, though... Very Evil Smilie

Next likes butter on their toast, instead of jam.
Yes butter, or peanut butter even.

RE: Trouble at school: Two friends and I got in trouble when we missed our band's schoolbus back to school from a parade in a neighboring town during the middle of the day. We caught a ride back with a Lincoln County Deputy Sheriff, but the principal was downright irritated with us. Jumping Flame Smilie Can you say hopping mad? At least we didn't have to do lines in blood on the back of our hands. Shucks, that makes me feel old for that was more than fifty years ago. Wiggle Smilie

Next is proud of me for remembering which thread I was replying to after the above digression.
Yup... (oh and thanks, now I have a couple of ideas to end my final year of highschool Very Evil Smilie ) lol... jk Angel Smilie

next would actually think I would do something like pull the fire alarm!
Naw, your Miss Goody-two-shoes. Animated Wink Smilie

Next doen't like to go to bed at night and hates getting up in the morning.
so true. I have the hardest time sleeping, and then I always have to get up so darn early.

Next has not seen the Simpsons movie
Next wonders where Grondy is (like me )Miss him
I haven't been here very much lately myself, but agree that this place wouldn't be the same without Grond. I hope he is ok..

Next enjoys sitting on the porch at night watching for shooting stars.
ye I do but rarely cause there's loads of clouds in Ireland

Next is from hmmmmmm Ireland?
No , I wish .. Norway ( I love everything about Ireland though)
Next enjoys sitting on the porch at night watching for shooting stars.

Sounds very romantic and cosySmile Smilie
Next IS romantic
I like to think so...I just don't get many opportunities to be romantic. I should try harder!

Next has a sore hand.
Yes, there's a small cut on one finger that stings.

Next likes sleeping on flannel sheets.
Oh yes Smile Smilie Specially in winter time . nice and warm
Next has been playing with their pet today
Yes. Actually, we got a new kitten yesterday. She is eight weeks old and tortoise-shell, black with orange, brown and whitish patches. Her eyes are the most lovely shade of light greenish-blue. She would make the perfect witch's kitty, but though I've been called one, sadly I am not. Big Laugh Smilie

Next knows whether or not Grondy is back and where he moseyed off to... (Hope all is well!)
Yes I do Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Actually I've been here since Monday; I took the weekend off to be with my grandson who is now 15.

Next know the difference between a pound of potatoes and an elephant.
Yes, I believe I do.

Next is bored.
Never! I think that if you are bored, than you are not alive, because being conscious allows for infinite opportunities to do something meaningful and highly entertaining.

Next eats peanut butter from a spoon when no one's looking...
No ...I use my finger when the kids aren't looking Big Laugh Smilie
Next has been working hard lately
Not today, but yesterday I finished Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata assembled an 800KB .d81 disk which I ported back and forth between my PC and my Commodore to add the Stereo SIDPlayer and edit the directoy and then ported it back to my PC and sent it to LOADSTAR via email for possible publication on their disk magazine for the Commodore 64 of which issue number 147 is the newest and contains one of my Bach Cello Preludes as well as one of his Bourees. Since the freak tornado in March took out most of Holly CO, LOADSTAR won't be issued until its editor can move back into his home.

Next stayed up most of last night and didn't get up until after ten this morning.
Well, I did stay up for a long time last night, and then I was up at 7:30 this morning. So you were half right!

Next prefers tea to coffee.
True; I make a pint of tea at breakfast and nurse it until the early afternoon when I switch to cola.

Next doesn't know what they will be doing next week.
True, but I'm pretty confident it will be the exact same as this week, it's always the same!

Next is thinking it's too humid
Somewhat, but still on my level of tolerability.

Next loves songs from Keane.
So true! I know that there are loads of other songs from them, but "Somewhere Only We Know" really speaks to me. It is such a sad lament for the green world, the natural world that we are killing. I just can feel the raw emotion put into that song and feel the sense of loss so powerfully in it. I think that Professor Tolkien himself would really have loved that song, in its expression of how the world has changed. For me personally, it recalls the fact that my beloved little creek, that ran at the beginning edge of the forest down the street from my childhood house, has long since dried up and the place where it once flowed is now a new housing development. The woods behind that spot now are gone as well, to make way for that housing development and the supporting roads. It really makes me so unbearably sad to think of how many countless hours I spent there, in peace, that another child will never be able to experience again.

Next will pass along a family heirloom when they leave this world...
Probably not, other than my share of the farm land. My sister got the family silver; my brother got the town house, and I got my father's Pendelton sweater and my mother's rolltop desk. Actually the distribution was fairer than that sounds. Oh and my daughter got my mother's collection of Cracker Jack prize toys: a gallon jar half-full of them. Still, my grandson may get my father's L.C. Smith 12 ga. double barrelled shotgun and his Springfield 30-06 if he's old enough when the time comes.

Next doesn't know who will be next after them.
That's for sure!

Next is having trouble with one key on their keyboard.
Next likes dancing to any kind of music
Used to, Elk Grinning Smilie can't dance any more or even tap my toes; but I can sway Wiggle Smilie and snap my fingers to the beat.

Next uses sawdust to brush there teeth.
Oh yes, it leaves a wonderful aftertaste in the mouth. Elk Grinning Smilie

Next is excited and anxious about something today.
Hmmm, today I'm taking a break from the busy holiday doings and preparing for the next two weeks of more holiday Orc Smiling Smilie

Next is showing signs of madness...
oh yes, definately...i'm definately going insane, and i'm angry at the same time.

next bit their lip recently
Hint don't sneez, and cough at the same time... Yes that hurt!!!

Next, actually remembers who I am (I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one.)
Rumour has it that I'm known as Grondmaster around these parts. I hope to shout that's me, else an impostor has been wasting his/her time making all these ridiculous posts. Orc Grinning Smilie

Next is either a big wheel in a small pond or a red herring out of water.
umm...the first one?

Next plays WoW
I wonder where my head was when I answered Zephrah's previous 'Next' post. I can remember Zephrah's name, but I can't remember his/her gender. Sorry Orc Sad Smilie

No, I refuse to become addicted to online gaming, play RPG games on my PC by myself for hours on end, which I do, is bad enough; I'm not going to take that next step.

Next wanted to sleep in this morning.
Yes Grondy, I did want to sleep later this morning. I didn't get to bed until late last night, and it was hard to wake up this morning! Sleeping Smilie Good Morning Smilie

Next, is looking forward to the cool, dry, and colorful days of autumn! Jumping Flame Smilie
Yes, but I'd appreciate a few more warm or even hot dry days of Summer. We had hotter days in June than we've had in July and August. And June is normally a cool month, where Summer doesn't start until 12 July, but this year it started about the first of June and ended the middle of July.

Next is looking forward to school starting again.
I was, it felt like the night before Christmas, until classes started Wednesday. The professors were especially boring. My first 3 classes are all in the same room which has no AC. But I'm sure it will get better as we move into substantial material and the weather cools off.

Next skipped breakfast this morning.
Nope, I had a glass of spicy V-8, cheezy-eggs, two slices of buttered hazel nut toast, and topped it off with a pint of English Breakfast tea.

Next is glad the weekend is here.
Don't really care, I work on weekends too.

Next reads their horoscope often.
Once in a while but it seldom tells the truth
Don't really care, I work on weekends too.

Me tooSmile Smilie
Next read the news every day
I usually skim the front page and read the editorial page daily and normally I skip the rest unless there is something that catches my eye.

Next walks at least a mile or kilometer every day.
Not in the weekends, but from Monday to Friday i do Big Smile Smilie

Next has a bad habit of meeting late to work/school! Shocked Smilie
Never Smile Smilie I prefer an early start no matter what I'm doing school/work
Next like is a writer
Kind of...I have been trying to put together ideas for a few books for a while now, but I can't ever seem to come up with a plot that I don't get bored with. Maybe I'll never finish any of it...

Next eats chocolate while reading.
No while reading I may nurse a lemon drop; I usually eat chocolate only if I'm watching TV. Also Cracker Jacks in the same venue.

Do you remember Cracker Jack, have you ever eaten them, or even know what they are?

"Take me out to the ball game,
Take me out with the crowd.
Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack,
I don't care if I never get back,
Let me root, root, root for the home team,
If they don't win it's a shame.
For it's one, two, three strikes, you're out,
At the old ball game.".
Actually, I have lovingly nursed many a box of Cracker Jacks and gotten quite a few neat little trinkets from them...but you forgot to say who's next! Animated Wink Smilie It's okay, I forget what thread I'm writing in all the time and have to cancel my post just to see what thread it is!

Next has also gotten a prize out of a Cracker Jack box.
Quite a few, though every one now a days is printed matter; back in the good old days they were metal or plastic.

Next has already finished their homework and can play this weekend.
currently dont have homework as i have finished school Smile Smilie

it is sunny where next is
Yes, Golden Red (I really like your name) it is sunny here right now but tomorrow night its supposed to change and get cool and rainy.

Next likes to go swimming.
I used to, but no longer can.

Next doesn't like to work/study on Saturdays.
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