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Thread: Who's next?

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Actually I don't... They are not verry popular in central Europe...
(Luckily we dont dicuss political topics here ( Moderator Smilie ), otherwise I would have to step in and defend EU...)

Next probably isn't (central) European Very Sad Smilie
Nope, I'm an American.

Next has a job.

Let's see. Technically, I have many. They are:
1. Mother
4. Nanny
5. Secretary (to my husband)
6. Laundress
7. Landscape Maintenance Specialist (for our home)
8. Educator (to my children)
9. Intimate Partner (to my hubby)
10. Girl Scout Leader (daughter's troop)
11. Amatuer Poet
12.Community Volunteer
13. Free-lance Part-Time Art Instructor (in my daughter's class)

I think that qualifies me as being employed, don't you?

Next will be a champion of putting their foot in their mouth!
Gee thanks.

Next will have visited south america at least once in their life.

hehehe, Pulky, that entree sounds like it involves fried kitty Wink Smilie

the next person thinks the eating of cats and dogs is disgusting or immoral.
So, I'll answer both -- I have NOT been to South America, only Central America (Mexico); and yes, I think eating cats and dogs is disgusting, but not necessarily immoral.

The next person likes to act (enjoys being on the stage).
Oh no - I did it once when I was leader of a Brownie pack (they are little girls between 7 and 12, not a group of animals - well no they were a pack of animals) I will NEVER go on stage again, don't think I will ever live it down.

The next will have just run out of the kitchen as their cat Cat Smilie brought in a gift of a little mouse - aarrrgh
sorry no cat

next likes to eat chicken
Yes, but I perfer beef Jerky.

The next person plays a musical insturment.
Nope. Not really, anyway.

Next had cornflakes for breakfast.
Close - Special K with red berries.

The next person will have a day off work/school/housework tomorrow - Friday
Uh... no, not Friday (today) but yes tomorrow!!! TIS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL TODAY!!!! And we're going on holiday for the first itme in a MILLION years!!!! We're going to some weirdo person's bach. And they only mow the lawn once a year. And so we're going to make a maze. And Mum, out of the blue, bought me a discman!!!! (She thought I was depriving my brother of the family CD player to listen to my Phantom CD too often) I can't believe she bought me a discman!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! I'm so happy.

Next is sighing because they have to go to work/school on Monday, and alas, do NOT have school holidays tomorrow.
You are out of school!?!?!?!?!?!? I have school for another 2 months :'(
yes I do have school
next also has school for a while longer
No, it's me again!!! Yes, I'm out of school. I"ll tell you why. I have longer terms than you. This term was 11 weeks. NOW do you feel sorry for me?

Next does.
nope it is me... I have 4 quarters of nine weeks each. every school year.

next doesn't feel sorry for Loni
Nope... The only people I feel sorry for at the moment are the local fishermen who today I had to inform there would not be a cockle fishery this year.

The next person does not feel sorry for the plight of my local fishermen
Not much more than I feel for our local fishermen and lumbermen who have over harvested their stocks of salmon and old growth trees rather than stewarding a self-sustaining population for their future livelihood.

Next caught a fish as a youngster.
no, but an eel bit my line and I handed it to someone else who reeled it in!!! And they wer egutting it when I was eating my breakfast.

nope it is me... I have 4 quarters of nine weeks each. every school year.

Uh-huh. I'm being hard done by!!! I thought we all had something like 40 weeks a year!!! I have 11 week and 9 week and 10 week terms, but it always adds up to 40 weeks a eyar!!! And you only have 36!!!! RRRR!!!!! So I'm feeling REALLY sorry for myself. Oh, well. I suppose it's cause your country starts school at 4 or something weird like that.

Next is like "Who cares about school term lengths?"
I do they need to be shorter. My school day length is from 7:05 AM that is when my bus arrives till 2:30 when my bus leaves but my day is from 5:30AM till 10:00 pm or later

next thinks loni and I should stop talking about school.
Yeah...aren't you up past your bedtime? Big Laugh Smilie

Next looks very nice in the color red.
Yeah...I look amazingly smart since only by wearing red and black do people know my real identity .... I'm the Devil Himself!

The next person likes football (soccer for the Yankees)!
No. I'm not really into football anymore.

Next is from somewhere in Asia.

The next person never got pimples/acne/zits.
Not many, although I really miss sqeezing the little blighters that I did get against the mirror.

The next person kills spiders they find in the house rather than feeding them or putting them outside
How did you know I feed the spiders I find in my house?

The next person is wearing black today!

Next likes swimming.

The next one is in Luuuv!
Nowhere near it!

The next person has a middle-parting on his/her head
I guess I could call what I have a "very wide middle parting", although what I really have is a crew cut with a polished top.

The next person has said something they wished they hadn't today.
Yeah...aren't you up past your bedtime

um no i wasnt because it was 9:27 where i live

next wants to visit antarctica.
Maybe someday...with global warming the way it is, it might be a nice sub-tropical place soon enough!

Okay, sorry, Robbin, I was only joking. No bedtime for you. Big Smile Smilie

Next has no clothing that is made from alligator skin.
and you'd be right

next is human
Nope as i posted before I am an elf in disguise. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next is a dwarf in disguise.
I'm perfectly human.

The next person is an avid movie watcher.
Yes ... I love films, but not scary films Super Scared Smilie

The next person will have given someone a big hug to day

The next person has had his/her head chopped off sometime in a dream.
almost... it was one of the scariest because I was with a friend and running from a butcher in an apron covered in blood with a cleaver with blood on it chasing us. and in the end we were in a closet in my room and it was my dad in the end but... I thought he was going to kill us both.

Next has over 500 posts.
Wish it was so. I'm still aiming for 100....

Next might be Laurelindhe..
Wrong guess!

The next person likes tomatoes!

Next is... a community supporter!

The next has a great voice
Not at all... it's terrible.

The next person prefers hot baths to showers
yes but i never have time. teenage homework.

Next would be a gentleman
Big Laugh Smilie No.

Next is a female woman of the opposite sex.
A female woman of the opposite sex? What is one of those when they are at home, Tommie?

I'm not a female, but I am of the opposite sex so I guess you are half right.

The next has had difficulties posting today (Sunday)
Um it is Monday here and I am in class sio you are also half right.

Next has not been to a renaissance fair
Wrong, my friend! I have been to one, and I was not impressed at all...rather felt like the vendors were taking advantage of all of our interests in the period and sucking up money, rather than honoring and celebrating a great age in human history...then again, I tend to be over-critical and somewhat of a cynic, so don't let my say-so stop you from checking one out if you get the chance-it is quite the experience.

Next requires perfect quiet to slumber...
Actually a little quiet background noise helps me to sleep running a fan in the summer or a humidifier in the winter. That way I don't hear all the odd creaks and groans of the old house I live in.

Next is someone who likes to look at the stars at night.

Next has posted a journal before
Yes - just the one

The next has blue eyes
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