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Thread: Who's next?

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Just an earthquake.

The next person hasn't tried paragliding yet.
Um, no. Not yet, at least... hehe. My parents would have heart attacks, so I should wait until I am living independantly... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next person has been base jumping! Pixie Smilie
Nope, but I have been bungee jumping, parachuting, paragliding and parasailing (bungee was definitely the scariest).

Next is an only child.
And all this time I thought unique, the craziness of my ex-roommate at Uni, who was a clinical psychology major working toward his masters degree. Craziness must go with the field. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

No, I have two siblings a sister four years younger and a brother fourteen years younger.

Next can chew gum and think, both at the same time.
of course I can...

Next knows who Bernie Mac is.
Nope does that answer your question, lol um isnt he some sort of actor/sports dude

Next is Eruwen?
Nope....tis Me!

Bernie Mac is an actor/comedian. He had his own tv show a few years back, called the Bernie Mac was watching it when I posted the last one! Smile Smilie

Next watches the Price is Right daily.
Nope, I haven't watched that show for a hundred years. Elf Winking Smilie

Next, on Saturday night, will eat popcorn while watching a movie at home or in a theatre.
And all this time I thought unique, the craziness of my ex-roommate at Uni, who was a clinical psychology major working toward his masters degree. Craziness must go with the field.

OOC: Tee hee...a little craziness is definitely necessary in this field Smile Smilie. Yeah, I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie. Luckily, my husband is too.

Well, I won't be having any popcorn or watching a movie unless I get going on my writing for today! I have to finish five pages. I don't usually eat popcorn though...gotta watch the figure Wink Smilie.

Next has been told he/she resembles a particular famous person.
umm...i did a face recognition thing, and it said I look like Liv Tyler...however, I am a lot larger than her...and any other famous person at I haven't been *told* that I resemble someone famous

Next plays or has played Dungeons and Dragons.

The next person is feeling a bit tired.
Considering I just got up and I have to write an article on artcriticism that was due last friday, yeah, I'm a bit tired. :P

Nest person is at a place where it DOESN'T %&/)% rain all the time!!
Yup, I live near Seattle; it is just after 5 PM locally; and it hasn't yet rained today. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next likes to feel the squish of mud between their toes.
well...most times...unless it's like...clay...then Idon't like it....too slimy!

Next likes Cereal
Yep, I like cereal, just had some Cheerios in fact.

Next can't wait for summer!!!
No i can't so i have decided to speed up the year with my amazing powers (cant you feel time moving in seconds as we speak????)

Next can smell smoke???

next loves it when it snows
Nope, not really, I'm not a big fan of the snow, must be the Arizonan/Californian in me. Give me the beach and the sun!

Next likes to sing really loud when no one is around.
ehem... uh... yeah, I must confess, I definately do. loudly. but it really isn't that bad!!! heh.

Next person is completely tone-deaf...
nope quite the opposite actually, well most of my family, im not too bad, although partly that is true, some people in my famlily are nearly deaf, but not tone-deaf.

Who's Next???
An angry otter with a coconut cream pie!!! Very Evil Smilie

Next person has been following the 'let's play...' thread.
If not, you should be!!!
Nope, I have not!

Next has over 1000 posts!
Next has recently bougth a DVD
No, I have not.

The next person isn't in a hurry.
nope im as slow as a slow thing?

Next is a maniac Otter with a pie in its hand (by that i mean Laurelome) be me, Lemaly! why does no one guess that I'll be next?!?!?!

Next is not me
WOW howd you do that???

Next is.... Lemaly (coz i's nice!!)
Missed me by one! rar. I come bearing pies!!! Very Evil Smilie

Next person is... well, Iwould say Lemaly, but she's not online, so I'll say... Starhawk!!!
If you say that this is Starhawk then this is Starhawk, i have taken over Loss's account and posting on his behalf Disturbed Smilie

Next is someone that has taken over Laurelome's account this time guys are nice...Smile Smilie *Blushes slightly* Big Smile Smilie

Next is Eruwen
You're good! Smile Smilie

Next is someone who likes to wear make up.
hmmm....I don't mind, except I have to be really careful about what kind of makeup I put around my eyes, because they get really puffy, and kinda swollen if I'm not careful.

Next is of the masculine gender.
Aye, the last time I looked. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next likes walnuts in their chocolate chip cookies (biscuits).
mmmmm....i love walnuts...and almonds...especially almonds

next likes sleepovers
I used to..but these days our children does it every weekend and I think they have as much fun as I hadSmile Smilie
Next has seen a lion close up
Indeed I have! I have a picture of me with a lion cute!

Next looks best in the color blue.
well...i know that it really makes my eyes 'pop' (they're icy/baby blue) so I like to wear it because my eyes are my favorite feature! Smile Smilie

Next likes the Celtic Harp
I don't remember that group; did they have any hits on the chart? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Okay, yes I do.

Next wears shoes that don't squeak when they walk.
Yeah, my shoes don't squeak when I walk. The mouse who lived in there died last week (due to bad odour, I think). Anyways, the next person is scared of mice.
Nope not really, now rats are the freaky ones, but only outside, mice are inside Orc Grinning Smilie

Next can raise their one eyebrow then can make the other one go up and down while the other is up?, it sounds like im asking if youve got 3 eyebrows but its not what i mean eyebrows move in unison....Big Smile Smilie

Next can type without looking at the keyboard (and still make sense!)
yws ican only of i rslallt xonentersx pe[rdfrer;y
(yes if i can really concentrate properly)

but i guess that means no Orc Grinning Smilie

Next can turn there eyelids inside out Moderator Smilie
bleh! no!

next can touch their eyeballs
um, yes, but it usually results in my introducing some allergen and looking like I have advil capsules for eyes... how do I know this? maybe that should be the question... I am not feeling particularly creative right now...

Next person knows what to do when being attacked by a bear!
Uh, yeah, you play dead. If ya' run, you're playing a game of cat and mouse.
Hope you don't mind my joining in.
Next is someone who likes to eat squid.
To be quite honest ive never tries it

(Finwe: newbies to the threads is always fine)

Have you ever gone into water thinking it's too deep and slightly drown and then realise that it's shallow???
Yes i have actually and i'v hurt my leg by banging into the side as i'm panicking!! Ouch!

Next has tripped over and fell head-first into a sandbucket???
Nope, actually, I haven't!

Next likes to eat Chinese Food
Well, i like Chinese people but i don't like the food!!??

Next loves vegetables...??? Smile Smilie
Grondy likes broccoli and cauliflower, but hates brussel sprouts, weird huh?

Next doesn't chew gum, so they can't blow bubble gum bubbles.
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