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Thread: Who's next?

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Next likes to eat their own food more.
No way.

Next would like to sample my cooking.

Next will be Sian
No Smile Smilie

Next wishes that we could organise a real life gathering for all PT people
That would be fun!

Next wants to learn how to make chain mail...
Yup! That would be awesome!!! I think being able to make any smithy work would be awesome!!

Next would like to be able to peer in the cold waters of Khelez Zaram.
Well I guess that would mean being in Middle Earth, so definitely!

Next person: What would you do if you found that your account had been deleted on PT?
Start another one

Next likes to exercise
No way. I'd rather curl up with a book than do that.

And, Thorin would tat be possible, a real life meeting for all these PT fans.

Next would give his/her own thought on the real life meet.
I think it would be possible although very difficult and expensive since we live in so many different countries.. Hmm.

Next person: Where do you thing this gathering should be?
Birmingham England

Next, what will we do?
Well, once we were all there (a miracle in itself), perhaps we would just talk, learn about each other... then once we parted and came back onto PT, we would all know each other, and the site would be an even better place to be!

Next has built up pictures of what other members might look like (i.e. Grondy as a distinguished old man with a pipe and casual clothes... or maybe that's just me Smile Smilie )

Next will go to the meeting, stay anonymous then ruin everything.
No, but I have a guess as to who might.....Big Smile Smilie I Big Smile Smilie (just kidding)

Next thinks we should have done this a long time ago
Oh we've been discussing this for years in the chat room, it all comes down to cost, just for me to fly to England return is prolly at least 3 grand, and that's not including hotel costs
But Rho, we are speaking Hypothetically. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

And we probably shouldn't have done this ever, because of the cost. And that it would be stupid, become an annual thing, and the website would get closed down because no-one will donate towards keeping it running because all the money will go towards the meetings.

Next would pay millions for us to make this happen.
If you say no, I will force you.
Ha ha ha. Now what do you say to this??

So what will happen to the threat Eruheran swore, I wonder?
He will wreak havoc via internet Smile Smilie

What say the event was in Oxford, England, so we could all tour sites where Tolkien lived and visit the Eagle and Child pub?

Bliss, wouldn't it be??

Your opinion on this, Thorin Oakenshield?
It would have been fantastic if we could all meet but unfortunately, the cost will be great for a lot of people including myself. The ideal thing might be for us to use an external chat tool such as skype to chat and talk to each other and discuss the books. Would be great!!

Next person has used skype before
No. Didn't the site have a chat room?

Next is Undomiel, and has minutes to live.

Next will be Cheesey

(yeah it did, was quite busy usually, but the rules are it has to have a Op present 24hrs, and that's proved difficult, Op.. chat room)

Yeah, Its-a-me.

Next is Rho.
*puts on a mask*

Well, not really. Not much of a disquise was it?

Next was around when we had the chat room
I came here not to long after it was shut doown, I believe
No I wasn't.

Next wasn't either.
Yeah I wasn't there Cheesey.
Was busy when you posted the last post, Cheesey.

So what was it that Cheeseey wanted me to talk on??
The Chat box.

Would you use the Chat Box if Tarrant returned it?
Of course, it would be brilliant if Tarrant returned it!

Next knows how much this site was bought for.
Double the Original Offer....?

Next thinks that Tarrant is a genius for buying the site back.
I sure do

Next wishes they had enough money on hand to even think about buying this site
No. I'd mess it up.

Next could possibly make the site better.

No offence Taz.
No. I know very little about site designing and server maintenance.

Next likes songs of Travis
I don't think I know who Travis is... is he a country singer? If so, then no.

Next likes cold pizza for breakfast like my son-in-law.
I don't think I know who Travis is... is he a country singer? If so, then no.

Next likes cold pizza for breakfast like my son-in-law.
Travis are a band (one of their best tracks is "Why does it always rain on me?") and you double posted somehow.
As to cold pizza... not really my thing!

Next has read David Eddings's The Belgariad.

Next is watching the Telly.
Well, it's sort of droning on in the background like an irritating relative. Smile Smilie
And I really recommend The Belgariad! Great characters and an interesting world.

Next has had an operation at some time in their life. (Someone who actually has!)

P.S: Have you read The Colour of Magic yet?
Reading it, it is quite amusing.

I've had an operation on my toe. It hurt more than the ingrown toenail that it was sorting out.

Next has had numbing injections.
I've read the whole Eddings catalog Fornac, the early ones are excellent, but as time went on it became obvious that him and his wife used the same formula over and over again, the last dozen or so books he wrote before his death were quite bad. But I recommend the Belgariad Cheesey , I think you'll enjoy it, it starts out kind of high fantasy but as time goes on it relaxes and becomes quite humorous. The Mallorean is even better, I have quite a special feeling towards those earlier books, as I had rather a bad up bringing and his worlds gave me somewhere to go and hide.

Yes I have had numbing injections, I just got "fixed" a few months ago........ say no more

Next loves Pink Floyd
There's a couple Pink Floyd songs I like.

Next drinks a lot of tea.
Yes Sian, I like tea more than coffee and I can drink as much as 3 cups in the morning alone. Smile Smilie

Next always take their breakfast in the morning
Yeah, I eat breakfast Orc Going Huh Smilie

Next eats supper.
I think Thorin meant that some people who need to get to school or work early in the morning (like me) miss breakfast. It's not a good thing to do, though, so I don't miss it.
And yes, I eat supper.

Next has a phobia of some sort.
Dogs. And Slightly heights, but I dont' mind rollercoasters/ferris wheels/etc.

Next has a pet Wolf.

Next loves the programme QI.
No. Don't watch it. It sounds good though.

Next loves Top Gear.
Yess, I loooove top gear.

Next had bacon and eggs for breakfast
No. Toast Big Smile Smilie

Next Watched the original Top Gear.

Before The Stig and Jeremy Clarkson
I've watched it a couple times but I don't know if it was the original or not. might have been, this was a few years ago.

Next likes orange juice for breakfast.
I prefer apple juice.

(The Original was until 2000.)
Next Likes Cheese sandwiches for breakfast.
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