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Thread: Who's next?

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No. I am the oldest of four. (FYI-for those of you who were an only child, or the youngest in your have no idea what a pain in the heiney it is to be the oldest. There is so much pressure put on you and a lot of responsibility thrust on you that the others do not have...I'm nearing thirty and still am trying to come to terms with it! So no more griping, youngest or middle-children, okay?)

Next believes in spooks!("I do believe in spooks. I do believe in spooks. I do, I do, I do believe in spooks!"-Cowardly Lion, from The Wizard of Oz
No, there is enough bad stuff in the world so that I don't believe we any need spooks (malicious spirits) to liven things up.

Next has caught a fish this year.
Nope, I don't fish. If I tried fishing, the only thing I'd catch is a cold!!

Next plays a musical instrument (or did when he/she was younger).
Still do, occasionally. Pretty proficient at it, too. I play acoustic and electric guitar, though it has been awhile since I picked up my electric Fender Straticaster. I prefer my Guild acoustic, its sound is amazing and it is so much more expressive. If I am depressed, which is not very often, I'll play for awhile whenever I find a moment to myself and suddenly I feel so much better. I am sure those of you who play an instrument can relate. It is an irreplaceable feeling.

Next has recently rediscovered something that they had loved when they were young and realized they still love it.
Wish I could say yes, but I haven't.

Next has nothing to do right now other than be on PT. not that that is a bad thing

No. I am the oldest of four. (FYI-for those of you who were an only child, or the youngest in your have no idea what a pain in the heiney it is to be the oldest. There is so much pressure put on you and a lot of responsibility thrust on you that the others do not have...I'm nearing thirty and still am trying to come to terms with it! So no more griping, youngest or middle-children, okay?)

If you think it's hard being the oldest of four sibs, I'm the oldest of nine, and I'm going to be only seventeen at the end of the summer.
True so true
Next is feeling happy
Hmmm, I am happy that I am on PT once again Smile Smilie

Next loves rain
Yes, I love watching and listening-to the rain. I especially love hearing a gentle rain on the roof. The sound is hypnotic, which makes it hard to get out of bed on a rainy morning! Sleeping Smilie

Next enjoys watching a Looney Tunes cartoon once in a while.
YESSSSSSSSS finally someone got me with one these predictions. Looney Toons are the BEST! "You keep out of this, he doesn't have to shoot you now." "Oh yeah? Well I say he DOES have to shoot me now. SHOOT ME NOW!!!" **BLAM**

Next enjoys gardening.
Not at all. I love gardens, but I don't really have the patience to plant them.

Next thinks that whales are the most magnificent creature on the earth. Or at least one of them.
Yes, I cried in the Star Trek movie when they rescued the two from extinction.

Next laughed when they heard the Sergio Leone spaghetti western music at the beginning of the parley on the sandbar in POTC: At World's End.
I didn't laugh, but I thought it kind of a shoe in the middle of a swimming pool.

Next understands ig-pay atin-lay.
Es-yay I oo-day. (*ig-bay in-gray*)

Next understands REAL Latin (not of the porcine variety.)
Only a very few words: In vino veritas, semper fidelas.. not much more. am fluent in porcine latin tho.

The next person has fallen off of a horse (and hopefully not been hurt)
Yes I have but that was many years ago..It's name was Blueberry and all the horse was interesting in was eating apples from the trees and I fell of Big Laugh Smilie
Next is working a lot these days
yup trying to get enough money for school.

Next is stuck in a downpour.
Aw man, I wish! I love the rain. However, it would be quite sad and cold today because we are having strangly cold temperatures for this time of year and rain today wouldn't be fun.

Next has never seen a fox
Nope I haven't. Well, not in the wild at least, but I have seen them in zoos.

Next has recently considered throwing their computer out the window for some reason or another. Wink Smilie
Yes, most definitely. About once every couple weeks or so, I curse the day I thought about getting a computer.

Next has a vehicle that is currently making a really weird noise.
Yup. We have two old Ford Explorers and are wondering which will kick the bucket first because they both creak and groan like they're at death's door.

My daughter says I should ask the next person if they've ever had a dog pee on them because it happened to her today at work.
Ummm...ya, my puppy when he was really little did. He was scared, so I forgave him for it! Big Smile Smilie

Next watches/watched family fued
Not since I was a little kid. I didn't even know it was still on.

Next has fed a bottle to a baby tiger.
Nope, not unless you count baby kittens. An ex-girlfriend of mine ran an animal rescue organization, and I helped out sometimes.

Next thinks Starbucks coffee is a dreadful waste of money.
NO , I actually like the their coffee
Next believes in horoscopes
I consider horoscopes to be a bunch of rubbish. I mean, why would anyone want to look at the stars and have their life told to them, what they are going to do and all? It's almost like taking away one's freedom of will, because then, before they know it, they start doing things in order to fulfill whatever was told them, even if they are doing it on a subconcious level. a personal opinion, no offence meant if you think otherwise Personnally, I prefer to be my own helmsman, chart my own courses, with God's Hand guiding mine, not some giant ball of gas lightyears away.

Next has been quite happy this week. I went to take my driver's exam, and I passed!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie And then, to top it off, my parent's gave me my very own cell phone later in the day, a flip top one. Orc Grinning Smilie
Hmm, time to go out there and tear those roads up!!! Good and Evil Smilie Very Evil Smilie Elk Grinning Smilie
Actually, for the most part Yes, I have. Lots of partying and great music. We've got a bunch of performances coming up with our's all good! Big Smile Smilie

Next has heard of the Canadian musician K-Os.
Haven't heard of him? Check him out HERE
Nope can't say I have. But I am a big fan a Rush, and they're Canadian! Do I get 1/2 credit?? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next likes going to the beach.
Yes ..I love being around the beach when it's hotCool Smilie
Next has been quite happy this week. I went to take my driver's exam, and I passed!! And then, to top it off, my parent's gave me my very own cell phone later in the day, a flip top one.

Next is selling lottery tickets today
No, I usually don't even buy them.

Next has a cat.
I do. His name is Milo and he is a grey striped tabby. We've had him since he was a kitten and he is really living up to the mysterious cat role, becoming more and more demanding and stranger every day. We are really attached to him, though, and he is another member of the family, though I will say that he is the hardest to please...typical cat... Cat Smilie

Next lost his/her first tooth when they were six.
Look Mama, it wiggles. I don't remember if I was six, but it was about that time; though it wasn't lost, for it had a thread tied around it to a door-knob. Easiest two-bits I ever made. The Tooth Fairy left 25 cents per under-pillow-tooth at my house. Wiggle Smilie

Next didn't hear about the Tooth Fairy when they were young.
Nope I definitely heard about her. But I only got to enjoy it for like 3 or 4 teeth -- I learned The Tooth, er I mean The Truth, when I was about 8. Of course I then extrapolated that to figuring out "Ohhhhhhh I guess there's no Easter Bunny or Santa Claus either, huh?!" LOL yeah as if they all belonged to some fairy-tale club or something.

Next saw last night's "finale" of The Sopranos on HBO.
Nope, don't have that channel and have never been interested in that show.

next is wishing for a thunderstorm
No way Jose! Today is a nice spring day without heat or humility (alright humidity) and we don't need a thunderstorm to cool it down. Thanks anyway.

Next saw last night's "finale" of The Sopranos on HBO.

No, I have HBO and have chosen not to watch the earlier shows, so why should I watch the finale? Besides, there is enough bad stuff in the world without watching anymore of it in dramatic show. That doesn't mean I haven't heard how it ended, which I thought was apt. Shades of Michael Corleone and Capt. Mark McCluskey's dinner date.

When is the movie coming out that will tell the fans what happened when the lights went out, for they will never kill this cash cow?

Next has more than one toothbrush.
Yes, I have two Smile Smilie Only one set of teeth, though.

Next person, did you know that rabbits have two sets of teeth, one row inside the other?
I had never heard that before. Why do they need two sets of teeth?

Next is going camping this weekend!Big Smile Smilie
NO I'm celebrating my husbands' 40th birthday with lot of family and friends
Next is going to the hairdresser
Not anytime soon, fortunately a family member can do it for me, so it's free and no sitting in those uncomfortable chairs while waiting... oh yeah, no waiting!

Next has gone completely deaf in their life time, both ears or just one? Hopefully it has been sorted by now Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
No, thank heavens. I'm pretty fortunate in that respect, though I daresay that there are worse things to happen to a person. I do not mean to diminish the experience of any of our hearing impaired friends, however, by saying that, I just tend to be annoyingly optimistic.

Next likes tuna fish sandwiches on either sourdough bread or rye.
Yes, on rye! I love tuna salad, I make it with diced onion, some dried dillweed, and a dash of freshly ground black pepper. Oh and usually a light sprinkle of Italian-flavored bread crumbs.

Next enjoys reading the comics section of the newspaper.
No . I read the headlines and then later on what interest me is some of the articlesSmile Smilie
Next is actually at work Smile Smilie
Well, you could consider this my day job. Orc Grinning Smilie

Next, just like Sargent Schultz, 'don't know nuthink'.
Yeah actually sometimes I do prefer to keep it that way...especially like if something went wrong at work...the less I know, the better off I am, LOL!!!!

Next likes math (or did when he/she was in school)
Aye, which is why I spent the time to figure out how that Phone Number trick worked; see today's post on it for my proof.

Next doesn't like doing dishes and learned by getting the floor wet he could always do the drying and putting away.
Hmmm no, I don't really mind doing dishes. We usually use the dishwasher anyway, and I'm the only one who knows how to load it "right". Actually I think my fianc’e knows darn well HOW to, but she does it wrong on purpose so I'll do it instead...

Oh and yes I saw your math/phone number post, I just replied to it a few minutes ago. If you didn't post the solution then I would have! I love math too. Cool Smilie

Next hates balancing the checkbook.
Haven't had to do that yet, but hey, why not? I'm good at math...

Next is trying to figure out the lyrics to a very unintelligeble song...
No, I gave that up with Louie Louie.

Next is having or had Chinese for dinner.
Nope, we went over to my parents' house for a BBQ. Burgers, dogs, etc. And tons of Italian pastries & cookies for dessert. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next loves Italian pastries.
Nope I don't
Next is going on a school party ( Not reunion )
Nope. Neither.

Next practices martial arts
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