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Thread: Who's next?

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Not rigth Smile Smilie I always chew gum so Im a very clever girl
Next woke up to the birds singing and the sun is shining
Eh? I woke up when the alarm went off and currently the moon is shining.

The next person is not sweating currently.
I should hope not! It's freezing in here! lol!

Next owns a Nintendo any of nes, snes, 64, gameboy, gamecube
very true. only ever owned a 64. Never a gameboy or anything else. only just got my first potrable cd player.

Next person has an enormous zit somewhere on their face
No not today Smile Smilie
Next eats lunch everyday
I eat just about the same lunch everyday, pbj sandwich and fruit, day after day after day after...(you get the point)
Next is someone who's had jalapeno pepper jelly and likes it
(I've had it before, it's good, not the best, but good nonetheless.
NO!!! Spicy foods does a lot of damage to my stomach, and I end up with massive heartburn. A few of my relatives have Chrones Disease, and I have a pretty big chance of getting it if I'm not careful!

Next doesn't know what Chrone's disease is
no i dont, but thats because its spelt Crohn's disease, ive heard of that, its a disease that gives you pain in the digestive parts of your body, so more then likely the stomach and intestine Orc Smiling Smilie

Next has been in hospital for major surgery
Sadly, numerous times; though the outcomes have all been positive. Happy Elf Smilie

Next has never gotten an ice cream headache.
That is true! And I LOVE ice cream!

Next has never been to Mt. Rushmore.
So true.

The next person has never done any figure-skating.
ive never done figure skating but i have been ice skating Smile Smilie

Next knows a good shrink (uuuuum its for a friend Elf With a Big Grin Smilie )
nope...I despise those kinda of people!

Next ate a bagel lately.
Not for a couple weeks; I like them spread with creame cheese and sprinkled with sunflower seeds.

Next can read music.
If you mean notes YES Smile Smilie I played the trumpet for 9 years
Next cant sit whenever they hear a good rythm /song
very true, I dance to all good music I hear, mostly infront of the mirror. ^.^

Next person has never been to Sweden
ah, very true...I never have travelled. Sweden is a place I'd like to visit in the future though....along with Japan, Africa, Phillipines, Spain, and most of all, IRELAND! I've been in love with that island for years now, and I want to go, but I'm so poor...maybe one day...when I win the lottery! Big Smile Smilie

Next likes cats over dogs.
I will go to Irland with you any Time !!!
Im not sure about the cat versus dog...I think both of them are special....

Next is sleepy
Not really, I'm at work, got up several hours ago and have already had my second breakfast. Big Smile Smilie

Next person consideres him/herself to be smart
No, I'm more of a wiseacre than a smart-arse. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Next can't add up to 139 on their toes without making a mistake.
So true. I could just count upto 127 when my concentration ran out.

The next person does not have to go through exams this week.
Absolutely right! Hurrah for meh!

Next is/was in their high school band...
Does singing count ? I used to sing all the time whenever we were gathered in the livingroom during my early years in schoolSmile Smilie
Next doesnt watch TV very often
So NOT true! I watch tv like, all the time! The only time I'm ever not watching tv is when I'm sleeping or writing my book! Smile Smilie fave shows?: Lost, Grey's Anatomy, CSI, and somedays, Desperate Housewives.

Next becomes highly frustrated when TV shows start going into re-runs
yes very very very fustrated, especially when there is nothing else to watch and that is all there is!!

Next can remember the name of their second year, 1st ever school teacher?? mine was Mrs Crompton, Malvern Link C of E Primary School
Mine was Mrs.Kohut...for grade one...Mrs.Kirby for kindergarten

Next likes cake
Depends on what kind of cake, I hate the ones that are loaded with lotsa frosting.
and most of all, IRELAND!

Same here!!!
...when I win the lottery!

How funny, my dad has talked about what he would do if he won the lottery, going to Ireland was one of them, same with me, only I'm still a bit too young to play the lottery, 15...*teareyed*, haha. My grandma was going to take us(my family) to Ireland about four years ago, only we couldn't go because there was a little baby in our home at that time, and we couldn't to leave the country.
Next is under 20 years old
yes im 16

next has not watched tv today
Well....that's true...however, I was watching previews for Lost online a few minutes ago! Smile Smilie

next is listening to the LOTR soundtracks right now
No, but I'll put one on before I submit this and then I can say yes I am; it's LOTR: The Two Towers.

Next is barefoot at the moment.
yup I am....I despise socks and shoes....SANDALS ALL THE WAY!!! WOoT!

Next just woke up
Yes, actually, and that is not a good thing, as I am in class at the moment! It is kind of to be expected- it was a statistics lecture... Let's just hope I can make it through the biology test next hour! Sleeping Smilie

Next person is left in the dust when math comes into the scene...
Naw, I've studied Al Zebra, George E.O. Metree, Cal Q. Lus, and D. Fir-Ent Al Quay-Shuns in Secondary School and at Uni; of course as that was over 40 years ago so I've forgotten most of it. :roleeyes:

Next is hungry like me. (It's after six and I haven't yet started dinner.)
Yessir! almost 10 and haven't had breakfast yet

the next person is a jemini
Nope. I was born way too late for that.

The next person is an adrenaline junkie.
hmmm to what extreme??? i kinda would be one i supose but i draw the line at skydiving Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Next is wearing something on their head?
ummm.... hair? no no- give me a moment.... ok, now I am wearing a black felt cap with three foot long red and yellow streamers! Ha! I win!

Next person has that feeling that they have forgotten something important...
um wait a sec, um ...................... um.............. no i remember dont tell me.......... the fish!!!! i havnt fed them for weeks *rushes off to see them but the tnak is too misty with dirt to see* Do i win now???

Next has seen the film 'O Brother, Where art thou?' Starring George Clooney and John Goodman, directed by the Coen Brothers??
Yesbox I did! And I recommend it as well, I really liked it! Smile Smilie

Next person has found my cookie-dragon that flew away last week. (please? I've been looking EVERYWHERE for him, but he's gone! Someone said he is now in cookie-land where he found himself a cookie-dragon-lady to marry, but I'd prefer he waited until he's old enough)
Oh, so it was yours. I don't know whether to console you or to thank you but it was really very delicious. Do you have any more?

The next person is not happy with the state of the world.
that's true...but I shouldn't complain...i can't change

next cut themselves somehow this weekend
yeah, I was shovling snow and got a really good splinter, so I had to get it out. My hand hurts.

the next person has a wek off school this week
no im back to schoool tomorrow

next has listened to the ROTK sound track today
Nope, sorry, I have been stuck on the Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack for the last couple days...

Next person is trying to debug a website. (and can help me!! Orc Grinning Smilie )
Nope, can't help ya, Laurelome.

Next believes that dogs will one day evolve to the level that they can talk to humans.
Nope I do not believe so ..
Next thinks theres a "life " after death
ya...I don't know in what form, but I do believe there is something.

Next is eating a sandwich right now!
Nope , Im having a smoke ..just came home from work Smile Smilie
Next can paint ?(art)
Um, technically. I am much better with a pencil. I am working on this really awesome glass still-life on black paper! Well, the still-life is awesome- I'm not even talking about the actual drawing yet... Orc Grinning Smilie

Next person needs chocolate...RIGHT NOW!
I don't, already had a ton of it today, uh, or yesterday.Elf Confused Smilie The time is mixed up here.

Next likes to watch Jeff Corwin on Animal Planet.
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